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Notable futurologists include:

Name Birth Death Field Reference
Adrian Berry 1937 living writer, journalist Adrian Berry
Aldous Huxley 1894 1963 writer "Brave New World" (1932)
Alvin Toffler 1928 living technological singularity
Andrey Korotayev 1961 living mathematical modeling of global future Macromodels of the World System Growth
Anne Lise Kjaer 1962 living Future Trends, Consumer Mindsets and Mobile Technologies Anne Lise Kjaer
Archibald Low 1888 1956 space
Arthur C. Clarke 1917 2008 writer The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation
Arthur Harkins 1936 living innovation studies Arthur Harkins
Bertrand de Jouvenel 1903 1987 economist Nature 0f Future
Bill Joy 1954 living technology dangers profile on TED Why the Future Doesn't Need Us
Bruce Sterling 1954 living living design, information technology [1]
Buckminster Fuller 1895 1983 architect, cosmologist Who is Buckminster Fuller?
Carl Sagan 1934 1996 astronomer
Clem Bezold living healthcare Institute for Alternative Futures
Dandridge M. Cole 1921 1965 space colonisation Dandridge M. Cole (my grand-hero-pa)
Danila Medvedev 1980 living transhumanist Danila Medvedev
Darla Jane Gilroy living futurist, trendspotting Darla Jane Gilroy
David H. Holtzman living technology David H. Holtzman
Deane Hutton living communicator Deane Hutton
Dennis Gabor 1900 1979 holography Dennis Gabor - Autobiography
Dirk HR Spennemann living space heritage Cultural Heritage Management
Donald Prell 1924 living venture capital, Strategic Foresight
Douglas Engelbart 1925 2013 hypertext, mouse Douglas Engelbart
Faith Popcorn 1948 living popcorn report Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve
FM-2030 1930 2000 transhumanist
Fred Polak 1907 1985 social studies
Freeman Dyson 1923 living nuclear engineering, disarmament Freeman J. Dyson's Homepage
Gaston Berger 1896 1960 cognitive science
Gene Roddenberry 1921 1991 Creator of the Star Trek franchise.
George Dvorsky living transhumanist Sentient Developments
George Friedman 1949 living geopolitics
George Gilder 1939 living society Gilder Telecosm Forum
George Orwell 1903 1950 writer "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (1949)
Gerald Celente 1946 living trend forecaster Gerald Celente's Trends Research Institute
Gerard K. O'Neill 1927 1992 space colonization Life of Gerard K. O’Neill
Grace Hopper 1906 1992 women in computing We Build a Better World
Graeme Codrington 1970 living Generational Theory, megatrends Graeme Codrington home page
H. G. Wells 1866 1946 writer, historian World Brain, "The Shape of Things to Come" (1933)
Hans Moravec 1948 living robotics, AI Hans Moravec home page
Harlan Cleveland 1918 2008 diplomacy The Late Harlan Cleveland on Leadership
Hazel Henderson 1933 living economics Hazel Henderson home page
Herman Kahn 1922 1983 military strategist Hudson Institute > Herman Kahn
Hugo de Garis 1947 living AI Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis
Isaac Asimov 1920 1992 Writer of science and science fiction Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis
Jacque Fresco 1916 living architect, resource economics, model maker The Venus Project Future by Design
Jamais Cascio living ethics Open the Future
James Hughes living ethics Dr. J. Hughes
James Lovelock 1919 living environmentalist James LOVELOCK's web site
Jason Ling 1975 living Social Networking, New Media Technologies and Mobile Technologies
Jean Fourastié 1907 1990 economist Site Jean Fourastie
Jennifer M. Gidley living psychologist, educator President, World Futures Studies Federation
Jeremy Rifkin 1945 living economist, Science & Tech. Foundation on Economic Trends
Jerry Fishenden living Microsoft future Jerry Fishenden
Jim Carroll (author) living futurist and trends and innovation expert [2]
Jim Dator living politics Papers by Jim Dator
Joanne Pransky living robotics World's First Robotic Psychiatrist
Jody Turner living brand anthropology [3]
Joël de Rosnay 1937 living living molecular biology [4]
John Naisbitt 1929 living megatrends John Naisbitt
John Smart 1960 living acceleration John Smart Bio
Jules Verne 1828 1905 aviation, spaceflight, submarine travel
Kevin Warwick 1954 living robotics Kevin Warwick - Home Page
Krafft Arnold Ehricke 1917 1984 space colonization NASA
Leonardo da Vinci 1452 1519 engineer, inventor, scientist Science and Inventions
Lidewij Edelkoort 1950 living fashion Edelkoort
M. G. Gordon 1915 1969 social studies
Magda Cordell McHale 1921 2008 painter, educator
Mahdi Elmandjra 1933 2014 economist, sociologist Site mahdi elmandjra
Mark Pesce 1962 living inventor, writer, engineer Mark Pesce's Website
Mark Satin 1946 living political theory Radical Middle website
Marshall Brain 1961 living robotics, transhumanism
Marshall McLuhan 1911 1980 communications The Official Site of Marshall McLuhan
Matthew Simmons living peak oil Simmons & Company International
Meredith Thring 1915 2006 inventor
Michael Crichton 1942 2008 writer; implications of progress in science
Michael E. Arth 1953 living urban design Michael E. Arth
Michael Rogers living New York Times Futurist; MSNBC commentator [5]
Michael Vassar 1979 living transhumanism, technological singularity
Michio Kaku 1947 living string field theory Explorations in Science
Nayef Al-Rodhan living transhumanist, sustainable history, singularity dignity, future geopolitics Sustainable History, St. Antony’s College, Oxford University
Nicholas Negroponte 1943 living OLPC Nicholas Negroponte
Nikola Tesla 1856 1943 energy Nikola Tesla’s Amazing Predictions for the 21st Century
Orrin H. Pilkey living critic of environmentalists Nicholas School Faculty
Patrick Dixon 1957 living business Global Change
Peter C. Bishop 1944 living Educator - Strategic Foresight University of Houston
Peter Newman living sustainability
Peter Schwartz 1946 living China, Climate Change, Business, Technology Global Business Network at the Wayback Machine (archived September 27, 2007)
Phil Salin 1949 1991 cyberspace and the Internet
Ray Kurzweil 1948 living AI, transhumanism, technological singularity Kurzweil Technologies
Raymond Spencer Rodgers 1935 2007 telesphere, food-chain

Reed Richards

Renzo Provinciali 1895 1981 anarchist
Richard C. Duncan living peak oil Minnesotans For Sustainability
Richard Feynman 1918 1988 physicist and inventor of nanotechnology
Richard Moran 1950 living social scientist
Richard Neville 1941 living author, reporter
Richard Slaughter living sociologist Foresight International
Robert A. Heinlein 1907 1988 writer Heinlein Society
Robert Anton Wilson 1932 2007 psychonaut Who "is" Robert Anton Wilson?
Robert Jastrow 1925 2008 NASA scientist, author, spaceflight
Robert Jungk 1913 1994 journalist
Robert Theobald 1929 1999 economics
Robin Hanson 1959 living prediction markets, singularity, transhumanism Cato Institute, Future of Humanity Institute
Ross Dawson 1962 living futurist, speaker, author Ross Dawson website
Sohail Inayatullah 1958 living political scientist
Stanisław Lem 1921 2006 writer Official site for the author Stanislaw Lem
Stephen Euin Cobb 1955 living transhumanist Stephen Euin Cobb's
Stewart Brand 1938 living cognitive science Stewart Brand
Sydney Jay Mead 1933 living visual futurist Syd Mead
Terence McKenna 1946 2000 philosopher, psychonaut, speaker
Theodore Modis 1943 living business, physics
Timothy Leary 1920 1996 psychologist, psychedelics enthusiast, transhumanist, space migration, life extension smi2le-the-futurism-of-timothy-leary
Vannevar Bush 1890 1974 analog computing Vannevar Bush
W. Warren Wagar 1932 2004 historian Futurist W. Warren Wagar Dies
Walter Greiling 1900 1986 chemist, sociologist
Warren Ellis 1968 living writer Warren Ellis webpage
Wendell Bell 1924 living sociology Wendell Bell webpage at Yale University
William Gilpin 1813 1894 politician William Gilpin
Willis Harman 1918 1997 sociocultural evolution
Ziauddin Sardar 1951 living Muslim thought Ziauddin Sardar website

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