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Middleware for games is a piece of software that is integrated into a game engine to handle some specialized aspect it, such as physics, graphics or networking. Game middleware is designed specifically to work for games.

Commercial game AI middleware[edit]

  • AI.implant – from Presagis, a multi-platform artificial intelligence (AI) authoring and runtime software solution
  • AiLive - a suite of game AI middleware
  • Artificial Contender - middleware for behavior-capture
  • Cyntient AI - customizable, full scope AI middleware
  • DI-Guy – software for adding lifelike humans to realtime simulation
  • Gameware Navigation (previously Kynapse) - Autodesk® Gameware Navigation® is an artificial intelligence middleware providing automatic NavMesh generation, pathfinding, and path following in complex game environments
  • MASA LIFE - one-stop middleware and creative suite for artificial intelligence in games and simulations
  • RAIN - from Rival Theory. Available on Unity, RAIN is a complete artificial intelligence character engine that provides solutions for behavior creation, automatic navigation mesh generation, and animation control.
  • SimBionic - create behaviors for agents and objects using a graphical user interface
  • SpirOps Products - a middleware on all artificial intelligence issues
  • xaitment - customizable and modular game AI software for navigation mesh generation, pathfinding, character behavioral modeling and more

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