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The FX television series Sons of Anarchy revolves heavily around a number of fictional gangs, the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club in particular. A number of other criminal organizations are also featured. These include crime families, terrorist organizations, white supremacist gangs, street gangs and also other biker gangs.

Motorcycle Clubs[edit]


The Calaveras Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle gang based in Lodi, California, whose membership is mostly Hispanic. In season three, the Mayans MC hired the Calaveras to provide extra muscle during drug shipments and to perform a drive-by during the wake of slain SOA prospect Half-Sack. Marcus Alvarez, the leader of the Mayans, promised to patch-over the Calaveras. Their leader was Hector Salazar.

The Calaveras are shown to be largely unreliable, such as when they botch the drive-by during Half-Sack's wake and when members of SAMCRO easily steal a Mayan drug shipment from them. When confronting Salazar after the drive-by, Clay Morrow kicks him in the face and tells him, "I don't recognize your bullshit MC."

Using the stolen drugs as an example, Clay and SAMCRO are able to convince Marcus Alvarez to replace the Calaveras' role as Mayan muscle with the Grim Bastards MC, another Lodi, California-based motorcycle club. This creates a truce between the Mayans and the SOA. An enraged Salazar orders the murder of a member of the Grim Bastards, which has extreme repercussions for the Calaveras. During a confrontation, the leader of the Grim Bastards kills the Calaveras lieutenant who murdered his friend and a disgusted Marcus Alvarez kicks Salazar out of his own club.

Devil's Tribe[edit]

The Devil's Tribe Motorcycle Club (DTMC) is a motorcycle gang based in Indian Hills, Nevada, but also active in Las Vegas. Their insignia is Satan's head on fire, and their rockers are written in blackletter. Their President was Jury, John Teller's Vietnam War pal whom Jax fondly refers to as his uncle, and his Vice President were a man named Needles.

Most of their revenue is made through prostitution and running security for strip clubs. When the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives began investigating the Sons of Anarchy, their brother club, they helped them by allowing their weapons to be stored on their property. They were eventually patched-over by the Sons of Anarchy, as the Mayans frequently taxed them because they were not a large club, with only 18 members.

Grim Bastards[edit]

The Grim Bastards Motorcycle Club (GBMC) is a motorcycle gang based in Lodi, whose membership appears to be exclusively African American. Their patch is a laughing skull and a fist, and their colors are orange and black. The Grim Bastards are loosely based on the existing motorcycle club, The East Bay Dragons. They are portrayed by members of an actual MC out of California, called 1DOWN MC,[1] which uses the same colors and whose president, Goldie DeWitt, resembles actor Michael Beach's "T.O." character. In addition, 1DOWN MC's active president plays a sergeant-at-arms of the Grim Bastards, while other members of 1DOWN MC play members of the Grim Bastards.[2]

The MC is allied with the Sons of Anarchy and an enemy of the Mayans. The alliance between the Grim Bastards and the Sons of Anarchy is left on uncertain terms during the fifth season when key members of the Sons of Anarchy pursue and subsequently kill a murderer who is related to the president of the Grim Bastards.

In the final episode in the series Grim Bastard President T.O. is patched-over by the Sons of Anarchy ending a long-standing unwritten rule prohibiting African-American members of the Sons of Anarchy leaving the Grim Bastard president job open.


The Mayans Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle gang that controls parts of California and all of Nevada. The President of their Oakland chapter is Marcus Álvarez, who is also the club's National President. All of the members of the Mayans seem to be Hispanic, most likely Mexican. Their insignia is a Mayan tribal symbol and their cuts bear the phrase "Los Asesinos de Dios" which in English means Assassins of God. The gang's main business is the heroin trade and they are also involved in prostitution.

At the beginning of Season One, they stole the Sons of Anarchy's guns from their weapon storage and burned down the warehouse, prompting a turf war over the right to rule the San Joaquin Valley. They planned to use these guns to hijack a One-Niners heroin shipment. However, the Sons of Anarchy located the guns in an industrial storage warehouse in San Leandro and retaliated by stealing the guns back and destroying the building, as well as killing three Mayans members in the process. The Mayans then allied themselves with the Nordics in an attempt to break the Sons of Anarchy's iron-fisted control over the town of Charming, as the SOA supply their competition with weapons. They also provided muscle for the Nords' drug pushing in exchange for 20% of the profit. The affiliation was ended, however, when they tried to kill Nord leader Ernest Darby. The Mayans and SOA eventually made a deal in order to stop a war; every SOA-Mayan dispute club-wide would end in the Sons' favor, and the SOA will begin selling the Mayans weapons. However, when both gangs met in Oakland to make a deal, the One-Niners attacked and killed a number of Mayans.

In Season Two, the Mayans aligned themselves with the League of American Nationalists. LOAN provided guns to the Mayans free of charge in exchange for a cut of the Mayans' prison heroin trade. Álvarez also used his new strength to declare war on all members of the Sons of Anarchy everywhere and receiving push in on One-Niner and Triad turf. In the season finale, LOAN leader Ethan Zobelle was run out of town by SAMCRO. They could not kill him, however, as he stalled for time by using a school group as cover while they were stopped at convenience store. He was eventually spared when the Sons pursuing him pulled off due to the news of Abel's kidnapping.

In Season Three, the Mayans have a low-level MC, the Calaveras, provide protection for a drug shipment in exchange for being patched in to the Mayans. They also however execute a drive-by at SAMCRO prospect Half-Sack's wake. The Sons confront Calaveras president Hector Salazar over this and he reveals the Mayan drug shipment. They then easily steal the drugs and convince the Mayans to use Lodi MC, The Grim Bastards as muscle. Enraged, Salazar kills a member of the Grim Bastards and is kicked out of his club by Alvarez.

Season Four shows the Sons and Mayans are still allied and are stated to have provided protection for them in prison. Alvarez later introduces Clay and Jax to Romero Parada AKA Romeo of the Jose Galindo Cartel. The two MC's then work together to transport and stash their cocaine for them in exchange for large amounts of money.

Sons of Anarchy[edit]

The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle gang, and the protagonist gang of the series. The club was formed by John Teller and Piermont "Piney" Winston, two Vietnam War veterans, in 1967 in Charming, California.

The series follows the club's Mother Chapter, the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original, or SAMCRO. The club's current President is Chibs Telford. Their primary business is importing illegal weapons and selling them to drug gangs in the East Bay, along with protection runs for local businesses by protecting valuable truck shipments from hijacking. They also protect Charming from outside gangs who try to manufacture and sell drugs, mainly methamphetamine, there. Naturally, their main enemy is the White supremacist Nords gang who specialize in the meth trade. The fact that the Sons of Anarchy are racially diverse also puts them at odds. They also have to deal with a rival Oakland-based motorcycle club, the Mayans, who control the neighboring territory of Nevada. The Sons of Anarchy also have a number of allies: the Real IRA, which supplies them with illegal Russian-made guns, and the One-Niners, an African American street gang to which SAMCRO sometimes sells weapons, and various affiliates in the state prison system.

Crime syndicates[edit]

Cacuzza crime family[edit]

The Cacuzza crime family is an Italian American Mafia family and organized crime syndicate, led by Jimmy Cacuzza. It is unknown where they are based exactly, but it is likely that it is one of the larger cities in California or Nevada, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or Las Vegas.

They buy weapons from the Sons of Anarchy and showed great patience with them in Season One when their shipment of guns was delayed. Nonetheless, the Sons of Anarchy gave the Cacuzzas the contents of a truck that they had recently hijacked as a good will gesture. They are mentioned in Season three as Clay states them as a buyer for the Lin Triads guns.

In Season 5 Clay contacts them to help him track down the fugitive Frankie Diamonds, who has connections with other Mafia families

Lin Triad[edit]

The Lin Triad (Chinese: 林三合會) is a Chinese American organized crime syndicate based in San Francisco and led by Henry Lin. They run a prostitution and counterfeiting ring and launder their money through Chinese restaurants. When speaking in their native tongue, their members speak Cantonese, suggesting that they originate from Southern China or Hong Kong.

In Season 1, Chuck Marstein, the Triad's bookkeeper, eventually started skimming money from the gang. Chuck also happened to be a compulsive masturbator who stuck his hands in his pants whenever he got nervous. He was later arrested, and turned informant on several Triad members who were then imprisoned. He was also jailed, however, and was wanted by the Triad. He hired a number of Sons of Anarchy, who were also imprisoned in Stockton prison, to protect him from the Triad, promising to split the $416,000 he skimmed from the Triad. When he was released, the Sons of Anarchy still protected Chuck on the outside in return for information on where the Triads kept their money. When the Sons and Chuck went to a Triad-owned restaurant to retrieve the money, they discovered that the money Chuck has hidden was actually counterfeit, which Chuck knew. Henry Lin and his gang turned up and a shoot-out ensued. Both gangs eventually made a deal, however; the Sons handed over Chuck and the counterfeiting templates that Chuck had stolen, and the Triad paid off the Sons for their trouble.

In Season 2, Henry Lin contacts SAMCRO, offering to pay well-above street value for whatever guns SAMCRO could get the Triads. As a sign of good faith, Lin gave Chuck Marstein back to SAMCRO, which did not exactly thrill Clay, although Chuck was now unable to masturbate since Lin had removed all but Chuck's index fingers. They later, along with the Niners, help reinforce the Sons fight against A.J. Weston and his Aryan crew

In Season Three, the Sons meet with Lin to negotiate over the new Chinese stock of guns. They also agree to provide their porn star girls as entertainment for the Triads. However, when Opie storms in and attacks the Triad businessmen, they turn on the deal and instead receive the Cacuzza crime family as a buyer in exchange for giving the Sons a small percentage.

During season five Jax, in an attempt to remove SAMCRO from the arms dealing ventures it was involved in, convinced Lin to take over supplying guns for the Galindo Cartel. Lin was able to secure the deal by using a pipeline supplied by Hamas militants in Gaza.

Russian Mafia[edit]

Main article: Russian Mafia

The Russian Mafia (Russian: Русская мафия) is a Russian criminal organization active in the Bay Area and elsewhere in California. They also buy and distribute weapons on behalf of the True IRA, and as part of his power play Jimmy O'Phelan had planned on completely replacing SAMCRO's place in the gun business with Russian interests. In the third season finale, SAMCRO double-crosses the Russians in order to get access to O'Phelan. This move has serious repercussions, leading to Jax Teller getting stabbed by Russian inmates while incarcerated.

In the fourth season premiere, the Sons use the cover of Opie Winston's wedding to completely wipe out the local Russian mob, including one undercover FBI agent.

Lobos Sonora[edit]

Lobos Sonora (Wolves of Sonora) are a rival Mexican cartel and rivals of the Galindo cartel. The Lobos are known to have forced a family of Mexican immigrants from Sonora to drive an attack against Marcus Alvarez in one of his drug labs, by threatening to kill their family in Sonora if they did not comply. The Lobos are described by Alvarez as people who would write threats with the "blood of his enemy's children". In season 4 episode 8, more of their violence is shown, as they attack the Teller-Morrow Garage and the chapel, leaving a bag behind which contained the heads of SAMTAZ President Armando and other members, and a truck with the beheaded corpses. SAMCRO later assists the Galindo cartel in retaliation against the Lobos, killing many of their men and effectively removing their California base of operations. It is assumed that both the Lobos Sonora and the Galindo cartel members are former members of the Mexican Army.

Galindo Cartel[edit]

Led by Jose Galindo and ran by Luis and Romeo his most trusted lieutenants, The Galindo cartel is mostly based on the real life crime organization known as Los Zetas which broke off from the GAFE in 1999 to work for the Gulf Cartel then became its own organization in 2010.

Street gangs[edit]

Byz Lats[edit]

The Byz Lats (Byzantine Latinos) are a Latino street gang, of which Nero Padilla (Jimmy Smits) is the leader. Introduced during Season 5, they previously played a major role in The Shield.


The League of American Nationalists, or L.O.A.N., is a white separatist criminal organization headed by Ethan Zobelle with help from his lieutenant, A.J. Weston. They are allied with the Aryan Brotherhood, whom they use as muscle, and are involved in the drug trade.

At the beginning of Season 2, Zobelle opens a cigar shop on Charming's Main Street (Zobelle owns a chain called Impeccable Smokes, which serves as a front for L.O.A.N.), intent on ingratiating himself with the community and forcing SAMCRO out. L.O.A.N. rarely engages SAMCRO head on. Instead, they try to find ways to provoke SAMCRO into acting rashly and destroying themselves. Their first move is a gang-rape of Gemma Teller Morrow, Clay's wife. However, Gemma does not tell Clay and SAMCRO what happened. Next, L.O.A.N. sponsors the Nords' drug-dealing activities, providing money and protection to the gang, knowing SAMCRO's longstanding history of keeping drug traffic out of Charming. Driven by his desire to eradicate SAMCRO, Deputy Chief David Hale turns a blind eye to L.O.A.N.'s activities. Zobelle then provides Hale with evidence that SAMCRO destroyed a Nord meth lab but Hale does not act on it and begins to change his stance on L.O.A.N. after he is confronted by Chief Wayne Unser about his dealings with the group. Next, L.O.A.N. blows up a car at Teller-Morrow Automotive Repair, critically injuring Chibs Telford. This prompts Clay to demand retaliation against Zobelle and L.O.A.N. This, however, is just what L.O.A.N. wants and several members of SAMCRO are arrested in a botched attack against Zobelle. L.O.A.N., with the help of Zobelle's very attractive daughter, Polly, also persuades SAMCRO's True IRA contacts into selling guns to L.O.A.N. instead of SAMCRO. Zobelle then turns around and gives the guns to the Mayans, free of charge. Later, it is revealed that Zobelle has partnered with the Mayans to split profits from the Mayans' prison heroin trade. SAMCRO reveals this to A.J. Weston, who had been unaware of Zobelle's dealings with the Mayans. Weston's commitment to L.O.A.N. was based on racial ideology and he would not tolerate any dealings with non-whites. This led A.J. to pull his skinhead protection from Zobelle. At the end of the season, SAMCRO eventually forces L.O.A.N. out of Charming; they murder Weston but Zobelle flees the country before they can get to him.


The Nordics, or Nords, are a White supremacist gang led by Ernest Darby. They are mainly involved in producing, transporting and distributing methamphetamine throughout California and run meth labs near Lodi where they mainly sell to truckers and Mexican American street gangs. They have around 15 to 20 members but also have ties to the Aryan Brotherhood and, briefly, the League of American Nationalists.

At the beginning of Season One, they began selling meth in the town of Charming, much to the disgust of the Sons of Anarchy who protect their town from drug dealers. The fact that the SOA sell weapons to African American street gangs also puts them at odds. The Nordics became allies of the Mayans in an attempt to overcome the Sons of Anarchy. They also gave the Mayans 20% of their drug profits for providing muscle for them. Their affiliation with the Mayans ended when they tried to kill Darby. The SOA and Nordics were also once allies, however, as they protected Opie Winston when he was imprisoned in Chino.

In Season Two, the Nords forge an alliance with L.O.A.N. L.O.A.N. provides financial backing and protection which will give the Nords the ability to start selling meth in Charming. L.O.A.N. does this to provoke SAMCRO, who discover the site of the Nords' meth lab and blow it up. L.O.A.N. provides Deputy Chief Hale with evidence of SAMCRO's actions, but Hale does not use it. L.O.A.N.'s alliance with the Nords is shaky as the Nords, despite their image, have few qualms about dealing with non-whites. Eventually, L.O.A.N. tire of Darby and the Nords. Zobelle offers Darby a chance to get revenge on Clay and SAMCRO by taking part in the torching of Luann Delaney's porn studio. However, as they set the fire, Weston and his crew turn on Darby.

Darby returns season 3, stating that the Nords are ruined. After witnessing Jax and Tara selling prescription medication to a doctor at a clinic where he is getting treatment, he rats on SAMCRO which leads to a raid on SAMCRO headquarters.


The One-Niners, commonly known as the 9'ers or Niners, are a street gang based in Oakland, Los Angeles and possibly other cities. Laroy Wayne is their leader. All of their members appear to be African American and their "colors" are purple. They also appeared in The Shield.

The Niners mostly deal in heroin and buy their weapons from the Sons of Anarchy and Russian Mafia. When the Sons of Anarchy's weapon storage was raided and their gun shipment was late, Laroy told Clay Morrow to never let it happen again. Later in Season One, the Sons told the Niners to eliminate some Mayans in exchange for a shipment of guns. The Niners were supposed to attack an arms deal between the SOA and Mayans after the Sons left, but the Niners decided to take the SOA out also. The Sons of Anarchy escaped. In the last episode of Season One, SAMCRO member Piney Winston went into a One-Niners bar in Oakland and took a Niner hostage and demanded to know who killed his daughter-in-law. Laroy arrives and tells him it was not the Niners who made the hit.

In Season Four, the Niners are shown to be in league with the Lobos Sonoros Cartel. When the Sons discover this, they attempt to convince Laroy to side with their own ally in the Jose Galindo Cartel. They then help them launch an ambush on the Lobos cartel, though this fails due to their heavy armanments. Luis of the Galindo cartel then decides to kill Laroy and his crew for their betrayal, though Jax convinces him not to.

Prison gangs[edit]

Aryan Brotherhood[edit]

Main article: Aryan Brotherhood

The Aryan Brotherhood is a White supremacist prison gang. They are allied with the League of American Nationalists and Nordics, for whom they mostly provide muscle.

Early in Season Two, L.O.A.N. use the Aryans to attack Otto Delaney, an imprisoned SAMCRO member, in Stockton prison. Later in the season, they also use them to provide muscle for their drug dealing in Charming, and to hunt down other SAMCRO members when they were sent to county jail. The bikers formed an alliance with the Black Guerrilla Family, however, and were protected while in jail.

Black Guerrilla Family[edit]

The Black Guerilla Family is an all-black prison gang, allied with the One-Niners and rivals of the Aryan Brotherhood.

In Season Two, when a number of SAMCRO members are sent to county jail, the Sons use the Guerrillas as protection from the Aryans.

Other groups[edit]


The militia is a right-wing terrorist organization led by Nate Meineke, a veteran of the Vietnam War, along with his son Russell Meineke. They are based in Woodbridge Forrest in Northern California, as well as have links to Mexico. Not much is mentioned about their cause, except that they wanted to start a revolution.

In Season 1, the Sons of Anarchy sell five AK-47s to Nate and Russell, who then use the weapons to ambush a prison convoy and free one of their members, Frank Cison. A San Joaquin County sheriff's deputy and two innocent bystanders are killed during the assault. Nate drops his cell phone at the scene, and his last incoming call is found to be from Clay Morrow's garage. When the ATF finds the cell phone, they arrest Clay and raid the SOA clubhouse. The other Sons decide to kill Meineke and his gang to stop them from "snitching" apprehended by the authorities. To accomplish this, the Sons pretend to sell them more weapons, stored inside bags of grain. However, these bags are actually filled with explosives, and the militia loads their trucks with them. All of the militia are killed when SAMCRO detonates the bombs.

True IRA[edit]

The True Irish Republican Army (TIRA) is an Irish terrorist organization that sells illegal Russian-made guns to motorcycle gangs and the Russian Mafia in the United States to fund their cause. Two of their leaders are James "Jimmy O" O'Phelan and Kellan Ashby, a Catholic priest, both based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Three of their other members, Cameron Hayes, Edmond Hayes, and Michael McKeavey, are shown in the series. They are from Dungloe in the Republic of Ireland.

They have been allied with the Belfast chapter of the Sons of Anarchy since the late 1980s and began supplying the Charming, California chapter with weapons in the mid-1990s, through Michael McKeavy. McKeavy was murdered, however, by the Oakland Port Commissioner Brenan Hefner, and his cousin, Cameron Hayes, took his place. McKeavy's death was avenged when SAMCRO member Bobby Munson murdered Brenan Hefner.

In Season 2, Agent Stahl returned to Charming to try and bust the IRA and wanted SAMCRO's help. SAMCRO discovered that Cameron and his son, Edmond, had started dealing guns to L.O.A.N. instead of the MC, but Clay and Jax still refused to cooperate with Stahl. Edmond Hayes also began a sexual relationship with Polly Zobelle, the daughter of L.O.A.N.'s leader. Cameron and Edmond report to James O'Phelan, better known as Jimmy O. Jimmy O arrived in Charming with the stated purpose of repairing the relationship between the Irish and SAMCRO, but - as he said in a private meeting - to close a deal on gun trafficking. Jimmy O has a long and dark history with Chibs Telford, having kicked Chibs out of the IRA and Ireland, scarred his face, and taken Chibs' wife, Fiona, for himself and raising Chibs' daughter, Kerianne. Jimmy O demanded that Chibs arrange a meeting between Clay and Jimmy O. Chibs initially refused but relented when Jimmy implied he might take up sexually with Chibs' daughter. This ultimately led Chibs to secretly turn to the ATF and exchange information on the IRA in exchange for his family's safety and a clearing of charges against SAMCRO. The ATF used information supplied by Chibs to arrest Edmond Hayes, but Chibs later had second thoughts and refused to continue cooperating with the ATF or to sign documents with them. The ATF continues to try to use Edmond to lure in and arrest Cameron and Jimmy O. Unfortunately, Edmond was reluctant to help and when he tried to escape from Agent Stahl, she shot him and accidentally killed him. Stahl then framed Gemma Teller for the shooting. Cameron overheard Stahl's report to the ATF via a police scanner, and in retaliation for what he believed Gemma had done, broke into Jax's home, fatally stabbed Half-Sack, and kidnapped Abel.

In Seasons 3 and 4, the group is referred to as the Real IRA, a real-world organization which in its early days was referred to as the True IRA. Within these seasons, it is also shown that the Real IRA also engages in human trafficking of babies, which they mask as Catholic houses for unwanted children. The club deals with the Irish Kings, the ruling council of the Real IRA. That group consists of Peter Dooley, Declan Brogan, Brendan Rourke, and Galen O'Shay who is more heavily present in Season 4, Season 5, and Season 6.


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