List of gastropods described in the 2000s

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Halgerda batangas, described by Carlson & Hoff in 2000

This list of gastropods described in the 2000s is a list of new species (and other new taxa) of gastropod mollusks (i.e. snails and slugs from saltwater, freshwater, and land) that were described for the first time in the scientific literature during the time span from the year 2000 to the year 2009.

The number of newly described gastropod is enormous. For example in A Database of Western Atlantic Marine Mollusca (this includes all classes of molluscs, not only gastropods) there are 718 new records from this time span, which total unfortunately includes a number of synonyms.[1]


New species
A shell of Albinaria latelamellaris, described by Neubert, Örstan & Welter-Schultes in 2000
A live specimen of Halgerda batangas from Tulamben, Bali
Other taxa
Fossil species


The scaly-foot gastropod, Crysomallon squamiferum, has iron sulfides as armor
The red sponge nudibranch, Rostanga elandsia
New species
Other taxa


New species
Fossil species
Other taxa


A shell of Jagora asperata
New species
Other taxa


Apical and umbilical view of a shell of Vitrea vereae
A shell of Tectus magnificus
A shell of Conus grohi
A shell of Conus medoci
A shell of Conus suduirauti
New species

from Visaya 1(1):

from Visaya 1(2):

Other taxa


Side view of Tambja gabrielae described by Pola, Cervera & Gosliner in 2005
Apertural (left) and abapertural views of a shell of Conus escondiai
New species
Other taxa:


New species
Other taxa


Ercolania kencolesi inside Boergesenia cf. forbesii. The slug's length is about 0.5 cm.
An empty shell of Zoila friendii
New species
Other taxa


A live specimen of Powelliphanta augusta
The ghost slug, Selenochlamys ysbryda
A live individual of the nudibranch Nembrotha rosannulata
New species
Other taxa


Marine gastropods[edit]

New species

from American Malacological Bulletin:

from Journal of Molluscan Studies:

from Novapex:

from Zootaxa:

from Gloria Maris:

from The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology:

Brackish water gastropods[edit]

New species

from Zoosystema

Freshwater gastropods[edit]

New species

from Molluscan Research

Land gastropods[edit]

from Journal of Conchology:

from Journal of Molluscan Studies

from Journal of Natural History:

from Zootaxa:

from Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society:

from The Beagle:

Fossil gastropods[edit]

from Bulletins of American Paleontology:

from Journal of Conchology:

Discovered but undescribed[edit]

Undescribed nudibranch from Davidson Seamount.

Previously discovered but undescribed gastropod taxa include:

Discovered during this time period but still undescribed (as of 2009) gastropod taxa include:

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