List of geological faults of Northern Ireland

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This is a list of the named geological faults affecting the rocks of Northern Ireland.


See the main article on faults for a fuller treatment of fault types and nomenclature but in brief, the main types are normal faults, reverse faults, thrusts or thrust faults and strike-slip faults.

Key to table[edit]

  • Column 1 indicates the name of the fault. Note that different authors may deploy different names for one and the same feature, or a part of a feature. Conversely the same name may be applied to two different features, particularly in the case of smaller faults with a wide geographic separation.
  • Column 2 indicates the county in which the fault occurs. Some traverse two or more counties of course.
  • Column 3 indicates the Irish grid reference for the approximate midpoint of the fault (as mapped). Note that the mapped extent of a fault may not correspond to its actual extent.
  • Column 4 indicates on which sheet of the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland's 1:50,000 scale geological map series of Northern Ireland, the fault is shown and named (either on map/s or cross-section/s or both). Some of the faults are also depicted on the 1:250,000 scale geological map of Northern Ireland.[1]
  • Column 5 indicates a selection of publications in which references to the fault may be found. See references section for full details of publication.

Tabulated list of faults[edit]

Sortable table of faults
Fault name County grid ref GSNI map sheet book reference/s
Ballyconnell-Belturbet Fault NIr 57/58
Ballytober Fault Antrim D3304
Belcoo Fault Fermanagh G1842 NIr 44 Mem NI 44
Camlough Fault Armagh J0621
Carnlough Fault Antrim D2508
Clogher Valley Fault Fermanagh G4545
Elagh Fault Tyrone H8573
Great Gaw Fault Antrim Lyle P. 2003 (p170,177)
Killadeas - Seskinore Fault Fermanagh, Tyrone G4161
Kinnegoe Fault Armagh H0459
Laghy Fault Tyrone H0984
Newry Fault Armagh, Down J0829
Omagh Fault Tyrone Lyle P. 2003 (p117,124,125)
Omagh Thrust Tyrone G4573
Orlock Bridge Fault Armagh, Down J5079 Lyle P. 2003 (p41,42)
Pettigoe Fault Tyrone H2080
Sixmilewater Fault Antrim J3091
Tempo - Sixmilecross Fault Fermanagh H3547
Tow Valley Fault Antrim, Londonderry C9524 Lyle P. 2003 (p63,65,177,179)


  • Map sheet 44 (and accompanying memoir) of the series of 1:50,000 scale geological maps of Northern Ireland published by Geological Survey of Northern Ireland.
  • Lyle, P. 2003 Classic geology in Europe 5 The north of Ireland Terra Publishing, Harpenden
  1. ^ Geological Survey of Northern Ireland 1997 Northern Ireland. Solid Geology (2nd edn) 1:250,000 (Keyworth, Nottingham; British Geological Survey).

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