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GOTARA OR GOTAR MEANS IN URDU GOT or subdivision of a family.Some persons of this family accepted Islam Religion in almost 1831 which was the Era of Muslim Emperor Shah Ismail Shaheed. The first person who embraced Islam of this family was KHUDA BAKHSH.When the Hindus started torture on these new Muslim people they migrated to a village DEVA BATALA then to SUKHU CHAK a village in Tehsil, SHAKARGARH,Situated on the border line in Punjab Pakistan and scattered in different villages.

The word gotra means "lineage" in the Sanskrit language. While it is somewhat akin to a family name, the given name of a family is often different from its gotra, as given names may reflect the traditional occupation, place of residence or other important family characteristic rather than gotra. Gotra means "go" means cow, land, veda and guru. Those who belong to Brahman, Kshatriya and Vaishya only have gotras. The other castes have no gotras, as they were not eligible for education in olden days. Nowadays all castes say the name of their gotra, which was self-declared. (Acharaya Gnaneswar)

People belonging to various castes may have same gotra Hindu social system. But there is a notable exception among matrilineal Tulu/Malayalee speakers where the lineages are the same across the castes.

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Other Gotras By caste[edit]

For lists of gotras compounded by caste, refer to the following:



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