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This is a list of handprint ceremonies for the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California (originally "Grauman's Chinese Theatre"). Footprints and signatures are also included, and in some cases imprints of other objects:

  • Sonja Henie imprinted her ice skates [1]
  • John Barrymore imprinted the side of his face, a nod to his nickname "The Great Profile"[2]
  • Jim Carrey had his daughter use her thumb to put three periods at the end of his sentence "Merrily merrily merrily"
  • Roy Rogers, in addition to having his horse Trigger's hoofprints in his square, imprinted his revolver [3]


Mary Pickford's impressions. April 1927.
Joan Crawford's impressions. September 1929.


Many older entries contain personal messages to Sid Grauman, such as Myrna Loy's 1936 contribution. Loy's first job was as a dancer at the theater in the 1920s.
The Marx Brothers, Chico, Groucho, Harpo, and Zeppo. February 1933.
Clark Gable's hand and foot prints. January 1937.


Carmen Miranda, Ceremony #56, March 24, 1941.[4]
Red Skelton's imprint ceremony, June 18, 1942.[5] From left: Sid Grauman, Red Skelton, Edna Skelton. Skelton also imprinted the shoes of his "Junior" character.
Cecil B. DeMille's square. August 1941.
Rita Hayworth's legendary hand and footprints. July 1942.


Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell signing their square. June 1953.
John Wayne's prints. January 1950.
Steve McQueen's hand and footprints, placed upside down at his request.


Sophia Loren's hand and footprints. July 1962.
Anthony Quinn's prints. December 1968


Jack Nicholson's prints from 1974.


John Travolta's prints. June 1980.


Meryl Streep's prints. September 1994.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's prints with famous line from The Terminator. July 1994.


Johnny Depp's prints. November 2006.
George Clooney's handprints and footprints. June 2007.



In recent years, there have been a number of ceremonies for celebrities, famous animals and fictional characters, after which the handprints have not been placed in the forecourt. Thus, they were for ceremonial purposes only and, in some cases, promotional. These include:


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