List of heads of government of Cameroon

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Prime Minister of the
Republic of Cameroon
Coat of arms of Cameroon.svg
Philémon Yang

since 30 June 2009
Appointer Paul Biya,
as President of Cameroon
Inaugural holder Ahmadou Ahidjo
Formation 1 January 1960
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The following is a list of heads of government of Cameroon, since the establishment of that office in 1960.

Prime Ministers of Cameroon (1960–Present)[edit]

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Portrait Incumbent Affiliation Notes
Republic of Cameroun
1 January 1960 to 5 May 1960 Ahmadou Ahidjo.jpg Ahmadou Ahidjo, Prime Minister UC  
15 May 1960 to 1 October 1961 Charles Assalé, Prime Minister UC Becoming Prime Minister of East Cameroun in the Federal Republic of Cameroon.
Federal Republic of Cameroon
    East Cameroon
1 October 1961 to 19 June 1965 Charles Assalé, Prime Minister UC Hitherto Prime Minister of Republic of Cameroon
19 June 1965 to 20 November 1965 Vincent de Paul Ahanda, Prime Minister UC  
20 November 1965 to 1966 Simon Pierre Tchoungui, Prime Minister UC  
1966 to 2 June 1972 UNC  
    West Cameroon
1 October 1961 to 13 May 1965 John Ngu Foncha, Prime Minister KNDP  
13 May 1965 to 1966 Augustine Ngom Jua, Prime Minister UNC  
1966 to 11 January 1968 KNDP  
11 January 1968 to 2 June 1972 Salomon Tandeng Muna, Prime Minister UNC  
United Republic of Cameroon
2 June 1972 to 30 June 1975 Vacant
30 June 1975 to 6 November 1982 Paul Biya with Obamas cropped.jpg Paul Biya, Prime Minister UNC Became President after the resignation of Ahidjo
6 November 1982 to 22 August 1983 Bello Bouba Maigari, Prime Minister UNC  
22 August 1983 to 25 January 1984 Luc Ayang, Prime Minister UNC  
Republic of Cameroon
25 January 1984 to 26 April 1991 Post abolished
26 April 1991 to 9 April 1992 Sadou Hayatou, Prime Minister RDPC  
9 April 1992 to 19 September 1996 Simon Achidi Achu, Prime Minister RDPC  
19 September 1996 to 8 December 2004 Peter Mafany Musonge, Prime Minister RDPC  
8 December 2004 to 30 June 2009 Marquardt and Inoni.JPG Ephraïm Inoni, Prime Minister RDPC  
30 June 2009 to Present Philémon Yang, Prime Minister RDPC  


RDPC Rassemblement Démocratique du Peuple Camerounais/Cameroonian
(People’s Democratic Rally) conservative, former UNC renamed RDPC 1985
SDF Social-Democratic Front/Front Social-Démocratique social-democratic
KNDP Kamerun National Democratic Party British Cameroon-based, from 1966: part of UNC
UC Union Camerounais
(Cameroon Union) French Cameroon-based, from 1966: part of UNC
UNC Union National du Camerounais
(Cameroonian National Union) from 1985: RDPC
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