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This list is about the highest towns in the world; for a list of highest settlements by country, see List of highest towns by country.

This is an incomplete list of the highest settlements in the world. Only settlements that are permanently occupied all year long with a population above 1,000 and lie at least partially above an altitude of 3700 meters (12,140 feet) are included.

Top cities[edit]

This section lists all the settlements above 15,000 feet, with disregard to population thresholds. Only cities with permanent year-round populations should be included.

Altitude Name Country               Comments
16,728 feet (5,099 m) La Rinconada  Peru [1] The highest in the World according to National Geographic Magazine (May 2003) (30,000 inhabitants). Highest in the Western and Southern Hemisphere.
16,467 feet (5,019 m) Wenquan  China [2] Highest city in the world according to The Guinness Book of World Records.[3] Highest in the Eastern and Northern Hemisphere.
16,059 feet (4,895 m) El Aguilar  Argentina El Aguilar is a mining company town in Jujuy Province. 3655 inhabitants (2001)[4]
15,393 feet (4,692 m) Colquechaca  Bolivia Colquechaca is a small town in Bolivia. In 2009 it has an estimated population of 1753. It is the highest city in Bolivia[5]

15,285 feet (4,659 m) Ukdungle  India Ukdungle is a small settlement in Leh District, Jammu and Kashmir in northern India near the border with Tibet. It lies only 22.7 miles south-west of Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture in western Tibet. Hanle Observatory and Demchok village on LAC are close by. It is the highest city in India
15,049 feet (4,587 m) Tanggulashan  China It is in the southwest of Qinghai province, Western China. It forms the southern exclave of the county-level city of Golmud, in Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Before the local administrative reform of 2005, it was known as Tanggulashan Township (唐古拉山乡).
15,000 feet (4,600 m) Pagri  China Town in Yadong County in the Tibet Autonomous Region (Xizang Zizhiqu), China, near the border with Bhutan. Population 2121 (2004).[6] It is one of the highest and coldest towns in the world, being 15,000 feet above sea-level.

Cities below 15,000 ft[edit]

Altitude Name Country               Comment
14,986 feet (4,568 m) Takh  India
14,947 feet (4,556 m) Yelchang  India
14,921 feet (4,548 m) Niagsu  India
14,908 feet (4,544 m) Olaroz Chico  Argentina Rural municipality and village in Jujuy Province in Argentina.[4]
14,986 feet (4,568 m) Kushol  India
14,764 feet (4,500 m) Hanle  India
14,435 feet (4,400 m) Parinacota  Chile Small Chilean hamlet in Putre, Parinacota Province, Arica and Parinacota Region and had 29[7] inhabitants in 2002.
14,370 feet (4,380 m) Cerro de Pasco  Peru Highest city of over 50,000 inhabitants (population 70,000).
14,238 feet (4,340 m) Caylloma  Peru
14,268 feet (4,349 m) Achirik  India [8]
14,140 feet (4,310 m) Hankar  India [8]
14,038 feet (4,279 m) Ating  India [8]
14,015 feet (4,272 m) Khuldo  India
14,012 feet (4,271 m) Mina Pirquitas  Argentina Town and municipality in Jujuy Province in Argentina.[4]
13,865 feet (4,226 m) Demchok / Dêmqog  India /  China Hamlet in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. The combined Chinese-Indian village has a population of about 150.[9]
13,651 feet (4,161 m) Mina Providencia  Argentina Rural municipality and village in Jujuy Province in Argentina.[4]
13,615 feet (4,150 m) El Alto  Bolivia At the 2001 census, the population was 649,958. In 2010, the population may be nearly 900,000, or more. The city contains La Paz's El Alto International Airport.
13,500 feet (4,100 m) Durbuk  India Village that falls under the Ladhak region of Jammu and Kashmir state in India and has a recorded population of 300 people, though the actual figure may be higher than 300.
13,467 feet (4,105 m) Ampultun  India
13,420 feet (4,090 m) Potosí  Bolivia City and the capital of the department of Potosí in Bolivia.
13,300 feet (4,100 m) Nyoma  India
13,231 feet (4,033 m) Catua  Argentina Rural municipality and village in Jujuy Province in Argentina.[4]
13,215 feet (4,028 m) Coranzuli  Argentina Rural municipality and village in Jujuy Province in Argentina.[4]
13,169 feet (4,014 m) Gaocheng  China
13,166 feet (4,013 m) Chatyndy  Kyrgyzstan
13,153 feet (4,009 m) Olacapato  Argentina
13,116 feet (3,998 m) Santa Ana  Argentina
13,083 feet (3,988 m) Baltistan  Pakistan
13,047 feet (3,977 m) Amarnath  India
13,001 feet (3,963 m) Dolpa    Nepal
12,782 feet (3,896 m) Susques  Argentina
12,723 feet (3,878 m) Putina  Peru
12,634 feet (3,851 m) Rinconada  Argentina
12,630 feet (3,850 m) Laya  Bhutan
12,621 feet (3,847 m) Huarina  Bolivia
12,549 feet (3,825 m) Juliaca  Peru
12,531 feet (3,819 m) Puno  Peru
12,385 feet (3,775 m) San Antonio de los Cobres  Argentina
12,313 feet (3,753 m) Badrinath  India
12,287 feet (3,745 m) La Oroya  Peru
12,159 feet (3,706 m) Oruro  Bolivia
12,140 feet (3,700 m) Gyêgu  China

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