List of highest paved roads in Europe

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For the highest road in each European country, see List of highest paved roads in Europe by country.

This is a list of all the highest paved roads in Europe above 1,200 metres.

Highest paved roads in Europe[edit]

Elevation Name Mountains Country type between remarks location
3394 m Veleta Sierra Nevada  Spain dead end access road from Granada; pavement and public road end at 2530m;[1][2] an unpaved road climbs further to near Veleta summit; access to it prohibited for public vehicles 37°05′37″N 3°23′04″W / 37.09361°N 3.38444°W / 37.09361; -3.38444 (Sierra Nevada)
2830 m Ötztal Glacier Road Ötztal Alps  Austria dead end access road from Sölden to Rettenbachferner and Tiefenbachferner glaciers,
highest point at southern end of the tunnel[3][4]
46°55′29″N 10°56′40″E / 46.92472°N 10.94444°E / 46.92472; 10.94444 (Ötztal Glacier Road)
2802 m Cime de la Bonette French Alps  France loop Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 44°19′18″N 6°48′25″E / 44.32167°N 6.80694°E / 44.32167; 6.80694 (Cime de la Bonette)
2770 m Col de l'Iseran Graian Alps  France pass Val-d'Isère, Tarentaise & Bonneval-sur-Arc, Maurienne the highest paved mountain pass in the Alps, Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 45°25′1″N 07°01′51″E / 45.41694°N 7.03083°E / 45.41694; 7.03083 (Col de l'Iseran)
2757 m Stilfserjoch
Stelvio Pass
Ortler Alps
Eastern Alps
 Italy pass Stilfs & Bormio the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps. Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia 46°31′43″N 10°27′10″E / 46.52861°N 10.45278°E / 46.52861; 10.45278 (Stelvio Pass)
2750 m Kaunertal Glacier Road Tyrol (state)  Austria dead end access road from Feichten to the Weißseeferner and a ski area,
the highest bus stop in Austria
47°02′00″N 10°45′00″E / 47.03333°N 10.75000°E / 47.03333; 10.75000 (Kaunertal)
2744 m Col Agnel Cottian Alps  France
pass Queyras & Pontechianale highest international paved pass of the Alps. Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 44°41′2″N 06°58′46″E / 44.68389°N 6.97944°E / 44.68389; 6.97944 (Col Agnel)
2645 m Col du Galibier Dauphiné Alps  France pass Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne & Briançon Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 45°03′50.4″N 06°24′28.8″E / 45.064000°N 6.408000°E / 45.064000; 6.408000 (Col du Galibier)
2641 m Col du Nivolet
Colle del Nivolet
Graian Alps  Italy dead end Ceresole Reale (Piedmont) film location in The Italian Job, including the final bus crash. 45°28′49″N 7°08′32″E / 45.48028°N 7.14222°E / 45.48028; 7.14222 (Col du Nivolet)
2621 m Gavia Pass Italian Alps  Italy pass Bormio (Sondrio) & Ponte di Legno (Brescia) Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia 46°20′37″N 10°29′17″E / 46.34361°N 10.48806°E / 46.34361; 10.48806 (Gavia Pass)
2571 m Edelweissspitze Hohe Tauern  Austria dead end Fusch (Salzburg) & Heiligenblut (Carinthia (state)) Sideroad of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road 47°07′25″N 12°49′53″E / 47.12361°N 12.83139°E / 47.12361; 12.83139 (Edelweissspitze)
2504 m Grossglockner High Alpine Road
Hochtor Pass
Hohe Tauern  Austria pass Fusch (Salzburg) & Heiligenblut (Carinthia (state)) Fuscher Törl memorial is at 2,428 m, designed by architect Clemens Holzmeister to commemorate workers who died during the building of the road. 47°05′00″N 12°50′34″E / 47.08333°N 12.84278°E / 47.08333; 12.84278 (Grossglockner High Alpine Road - Hochtor Pass)
2501 m Umbrail Pass
Giogo di Santa Maria
Ortler Alps
Eastern Alps
pass Santa Maria Val Müstair & Stelvio Pass & Bormio 46°32′35″N 10°26′02″E / 46.54306°N 10.43389°E / 46.54306; 10.43389 (Umbrail Pass)
2481 m Colle Fauniera Cottian Alps  Italy pass Castelmagno / Marmora, Piedmont & Demonte (also known as Colle dei Morti, "Hill of the Dead") 44°23′09″N 7°07′19″E / 44.3857°N 7.12189°E / 44.3857; 7.12189 (Colle Fauniera)
2478 m Nufenen Pass Lepontine Alps   Switzerland pass Pizzo Gallina, Ulrichen, Valais & Nufenestock, Bedretto, Ticino, Brig, Airolo spectacular views of the Finsteraarhorn and the Gries Glacier. 46°28′41″N 08°23′35″E / 46.47806°N 8.39306°E / 46.47806; 8.39306 (Nufenen Pass)
2474 m Timmelsjoch
Passo del Rombo
Ötztal Alps  Austria
pass Ötztal (Tyrol (state)) & Passeier valley (South Tyrol) 46°54′19″N 11°5′48″E / 46.90528°N 11.09667°E / 46.90528; 11.09667 (Timmelsjoch)
2469 m Great St Bernard Pass Valais Alps   Switzerland
pass Martigny, Valais & Aosta, Italy the third highest road pass in Switzerland. 45°52′08″N 7°10′14″E / 45.86889°N 7.17056°E / 45.86889; 7.17056 (Great St Bernard Pass)
2454 m Col de la Moutière Alps  France pass Saint-Dalmas-le-Selvage & Uvernet-Fours or Jausiers via the Col de Restefond The west side is not a paved road
2432 m Mölltaler Gletscherstrasse/Hochwurtenspeicher Alps  Austria dead end Ausserfragant [5]
2429 m Furka Pass Uri Alps<brLepontine Alps   Switzerland pass Gletsch, Valais & Realp, Canton of Uri used as a location in the James Bond film Goldfinger 46°34′22″N 08°25′00″E / 46.57278°N 8.41667°E / 46.57278; 8.41667 (Furka Pass)
2420 m Mölltaler Gletscherstrasse/Hochwurtenspeicher Alps  Austria dead end Döllach [6]
2413 m Col du Granon Alps  France pass Saint-Chaffrey, La Salle-les-Alpes Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 44°57′46″N 06°36′40″E / 44.96278°N 6.61111°E / 44.96278; 6.61111 (Col du Granon)
2408 m Envalira Pass Pyrenees  Andorra pass Soldeu & El Pas de la Casa (Andorra) and L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre (France) The pass is bypassed by the Envalira Tunnel. 42°32′24.2″N 1°43′10.58″E / 42.540056°N 1.7196056°E / 42.540056; 1.7196056 (Envalira Pass)
2389 m Lac de Moiry Valais Alps   Switzerland dead end Grimentz-Lac de Moiry-Lac de Châteaupré (canton of Valais) 46°06′24″N 07°34′44″E / 46.10667°N 7.57889°E / 46.10667; 7.57889 (Moiry)
2383 m Flüela Pass Albula Alps   Switzerland pass Davos & Susch, (Graubünden) 46°45′01″N 09°56′52″E / 46.75028°N 9.94778°E / 46.75028; 9.94778 (Flüela Pass)
2379 m Georgian Military Road, Jvari Pass Caucasus Mountains  Georgia pass Vladikavkaz (Russia) & Tbilisi (Georgia) 42°30′15″N 44°27′14″E / 42.5042°N 44.4538°E / 42.5042; 44.4538 (Georgian Military Road, Jvari Pass)
2370 m Le Plan du Lac Alps  France dead end Termignon In the Vanoise National Park
2361 m Col d'Izoard Cottian Alps  France pass Briançon, & Guil, Queyras, Guillestre Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 44°49′12″N 06°44′07″E / 44.82000°N 6.73528°E / 44.82000; 6.73528 (Col d'Izoard)
2353 m Oberaarsee Bernese Alps   Switzerland dead end Grimsel Pass-Oberaarsee (canton of Bern) Highest point near Triebtenseewli 46°33′14″N 08°17′26″E / 46.55389°N 8.29056°E / 46.55389; 8.29056 (Oberaarsee)
2350 m Col de la Lombarde Maritime Alps  France
pass Isola 2000 & Vinadio Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 44°12′8″N 07°09′1″E / 44.20222°N 7.15028°E / 44.20222; 7.15028 (Col de la Lombarde)
2350 m Val Thorens French Alps  France dead end Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, (Tarentaise Valley Savoie), near Chambéry Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
2347 m Fort du Gondran Alps  France pass Briançon & Montgenèvre The north side of this pass is not a paved road
2340 m Tre Cime di Lavaredo Sexten Dolomites  Italy dead end near Cortina d'Ampezzo, Lake Misurina Sometimes designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia, 46°37′07″N 12°18′20″E / 46.61861°N 12.30556°E / 46.61861; 12.30556 (Tre Cime di Lavaredo)
2328 m Bernina Pass Bernina Range
  Switzerland pass St. Moritz, Engadin & Tirano, Valtellina 46°24.744′N 10°1.71′E / 46.412400°N 10.02850°E / 46.412400; 10.02850 (Bernina Pass)
2326 m Col de la Cayolle Maritime Alps
 France pass Barcelonnette, (Ubaye Valley) & Saint-Martin-d'Entraunes The road leads to the red-rock Gorges de Daluis at Daluis 44°15′32″N 6°44′38″E / 44.25889°N 6.74389°E / 44.25889; 6.74389 (Col de la Cayolle)
2325 m El Teide Tenerife
Canary Islands
 Spain pass Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Los Cristianos 28°16′N 16°38′W / 28.267°N 16.633°W / 28.267; -16.633 (El Teide)
2315 m Livigno Pass Livigno Alps   Switzerland
pass Bernina Diavolezza / Val Poschiavo, Graubünden & Livigno, Sondrio 46°26′33″N 10°03′25″E / 46.44250°N 10.05694°E / 46.44250; 10.05694 (Livigno Pass)
2314 m Albula Pass Albula Range   Switzerland pass Thusis, Bergün & La Punt & Inn Valley, (Engadin). 46°35′N 09°53′E / 46.583°N 9.883°E / 46.583; 9.883 (Albula Pass)
2310 m Lago del Narèt Lepontine Alps   Switzerland dead end Fusio & Lago del Narèt, Ticino 46°28′38″N 8°34′8″E / 46.47722°N 8.56889°E / 46.47722; 8.56889 (Lago del Narèt)
2302 m Port de Cabús Pyrenees  Andorra
pass Erts & Llavorsí 2302m[7] Tarmac road surface on the Andorra side, but not paved on the Spanish side. 42°32′47″N 1°25′11″E / 42.54639°N 1.41972°E / 42.54639; 1.41972 (Port de Cabús)
2291 m Foscagno Pass Livigno Range  Italy pass Livigno & Bormio 46°29′42″N 10°12′32″E / 46.49500°N 10.20889°E / 46.49500; 10.20889 (Foscagno Pass)
2284 m Julier Pass Albula Range   Switzerland pass Engadin valley & Graubünden watershed / drainage divide between the basins of the Rivers Rhine and Danube 46°28.32′N 09°43.74′E / 46.47200°N 9.72900°E / 46.47200; 9.72900 (Julier Pass)
2284 m Colle di Sampeyre Cottian Alps  Italy pass Stroppo & Sampeyre 44°33′4″N 7°7′8″E / 44.55111°N 7.11889°E / 44.55111; 7.11889 (Colle di Sampeyre)
2280 m Saut Dam Alps  France dead end Tignes Road to Sassière Lake 45°29′N 06°58′E / 45.483°N 6.967°E / 45.483; 6.967 (Barrage du Saut)
2264 m Susten Pass Urner Alps   Switzerland pass Innertkirchen, (Canton of Bern) & Wassen, Canton of Uri views of the Stein Glacier 46°43.8′N 08°26.94′E / 46.7300°N 8.44900°E / 46.7300; 8.44900 (Susten Pass)
2257 m Bola del Mundo Sierra de Guadarrama  Spain dead end Sideroad of the Puerto de Navacerrada. Paved with rough cement and not open to regular road traffic.[8][9] 40°47′N 03°58′W / 40.783°N 3.967°W / 40.783; -3.967 (Bola del Mundo)
2252 m Sanetsch Pass Bernese Alps   Switzerland dead end Savièse-Lac de Sanetsch (Valais)[10] Road ends at the Lac de Sanetsch on the north side of the pass
2250 m Col d'Allos Alps  France pass Barcelonnette, (Ubaye Valley) & Colmars, Col des Champs
2244 m Sella Pass Trentino
South Tyrol
 Italy pass Val Gherdëina, South Tyrol & Canazei, Fascia Valley
2240 m Andorra Arcalis Pyrenees  Andorra pass Vallnord Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
2239 m Pordoi Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Canazei & Livinallongo del Col di Lana the highest road pass in the Dolomites. Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia
2236 m Giau Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Cortina d'Ampezzo & Selva di Cadore / Livinallongo del Col di Lana 46°29.05′N 12°5.1′E / 46.48417°N 12.0850°E / 46.48417; 12.0850 (Giau Pass)
2225 m Err-Puigmal Jaça del Prat de Tossa Pyrenees  France dead end Err
2211 m Penserjoch Trentino Alto Adige  Italy pass
2208 m Col des Tentes Pyrenees  France dead end 42°42′49″N 0°3′4″E / 42.71361°N 0.05111°E / 42.71361; 0.05111
2205 m Cim de Coma Morera Pyrenees  France dead end Ossèja
2203 m Mattmarksee Valais Alps   Switzerland dead end Saas-Almagell-Mattmarksee 46°03′01″N 07°57′50″E / 46.05028°N 7.96389°E / 46.05028; 7.96389 (Mattmarksee)
2200 m Lac d'Aumar Pyrenees  France dead end Aragnouet
2192 m Valparola Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Corvara, South Tyrol / Badia, South Tyrol & Falzarego Pass & Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno) 46°31′59.88″N 11°58′59.88″E / 46.5333000°N 11.9833000°E / 46.5333000; 11.9833000 (Valparola Pass)
2188 m Little St Bernard Pass Valais Alps
Mont Blanc Massif
pass Tarentaise, (Savoie) & Aosta Valley 45°40′49″N 6°53′2″E / 45.68028°N 6.88389°E / 45.68028; 6.88389 (Little St Bernard Pass)
2183 m Col du Petit Mont Cenis Alps  France dead end Lanslebourg This road starts on the right of Col du Mont Cenis
2178 m Colle delle Finestre Cottian Alps  Italy pass Susa Valley & Val Chisone A section of this road may not be 'paved' with asphalt, although it is used by both motorists and cyclists in the Giro d'Italia 45°04′18.49″N 7°03′12.48″E / 45.0718028°N 7.0534667°E / 45.0718028; 7.0534667 (Colle delle Finestre)
2175 m Lac de Cap-de-Long Pyrenees  France dead end Aragnouet
2165 m Grimsel Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Innertkirchen, Bern & Gletsch, Valais 46°33.72′N 8°20.34′E / 46.56200°N 8.33900°E / 46.56200; 8.33900 (Grimsel Pass (2165m))
2155 m Calar Alto Sierra de los Filabres  Spain pass Gérgal & Tíjola
2150 m Les Arcs 2000 Alps  France dead end Bourg-Saint-Maurice Tarentaise, (Savoie)
2149 m Fuorn Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Zernez, Engadin & Val Müstair 46°38.472′N 10°17.598′E / 46.641200°N 10.293300°E / 46.641200; 10.293300 (Fuorn Pass (2149m))
2145 m Transalpina
Urdele pass
Carpathian Mountains  Romania pass Novaci, Romania & Sebes Highest paved road in Romania[11]
Widening and asphalting works started in 2010, but were not yet finished (cca. 2-3 km of roadbed-only - alternating with asphalted areas -, several viaducts with only one-lane accessible and tens of unfinished ditches across the road for collection of slopes' water, which require slowing down to 5-10 km/h. It also lacks safety elements - parapets, reflective aids, road marks, road signs).
45°20′42″N 23°39′25″E / 45.345°N 23.657°E / 45.345; 23.657 (Transalpina Pass, Urdele pass)
2144 m Vallter 2000 Pyrenees  Spain dead end Setcases 42°25′37″N 2°15′54″E / 42.42694°N 2.26500°E / 42.42694; 2.26500 (Vallter 2000)
2141 m Grande Dixence Dam Valais Alps   Switzerland dead end Hérémence-Le Chargeur 46°05′03″N 07°24′13″E / 46.08417°N 7.40361°E / 46.08417; 7.40361 (Le Chargeur)
2133 m Gardena Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Sëlva, Val Gardena & Corvara, South Tyrol, Val Badia
2133 m Lac d'Allos Alps  France dead end Colmars [12] 44°14′44″N 6°41′53″E / 44.245437°N 6.698065°E / 44.245437; 6.698065 (Lac d'Allos)
2130 m Campo Imperatore Apennines  Italy Dead End Gran Sasso & Campo Imperatore Leads to hotel used by Italian army to imprison Benito Mussolini. It is often a stage in the "Giro d'Italia" bike race[13][14][15] 42°28′N 13°33′E / 42.467°N 13.550°E / 42.467; 13.550 (Gran Sasso)
2130 m[16] Roki Tunnel Caucasus Mountains  Georgia/ Russia pass Tskhinvali Region(Samachablo)/North Ossetia–Alania 42°36′03″N 44°06′54″E / 42.60083°N 44.11500°E / 42.60083; 44.11500 (Roki Tunnel)
2130 m Tignes Val Claret Alps  France dead end Tarentaise (Savoie)
2124 m Avers valley Alps   Switzerland dead end Ausserferrera-Juf 46°26′45″N 09°34′45″E / 46.44583°N 9.57917°E / 46.44583; 9.57917 (Juf)
2117 m Splügen Pass Lepontine Alps
Rhaetian Alps
pass Montespluga, Lombardy & Splügen, Graubünden described by Mary Shelley 46°30.36′N 09°20.22′E / 46.50600°N 9.33700°E / 46.50600; 9.33700 (Splügen Pass)
2115 m Col du Tourmalet Pyrenees  France pass Sainte-Marie-de-Campan & Luz-Saint-Sauveur Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 42°54′29.50″N 0°8′42.40″E / 42.9081944°N 0.1451111°E / 42.9081944; 0.1451111 (Col du Tourmalet)
2108 m Col de Vars Cottian Alps  France pass Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye & Vars, Hautes-Alpes & Guillestre 44°32′20″N 6°42′10″E / 44.53889°N 6.70278°E / 44.53889; 6.70278 (Col de Vars)
2107 m Arolla Valais Alps   Switzerland dead end Les Haudères-Arolla (canton of Valais Highest point above Arolla 46°01′33″N 07°28′39″E / 46.02583°N 7.47750°E / 46.02583; 7.47750 (Arolla)
2106 m Gotthard Pass Lepontine Alps   Switzerland pass Airolo, Ticino & Göschenen, Canton of Uri 46°33′33″N 8°33′41″E / 46.559167°N 08.561389°E / 46.559167; 08.561389 (Gotthard Pass (2106m))
2105 m Falzarego Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Andráz & Cortina d'Ampezzo 46°31′8″N 12°0′34″E / 46.51889°N 12.00944°E / 46.51889; 12.00944 (Falzarego Pass (2105m))
2100 m La Plagne Alps  France dead end Tarentaise, (Savoie) Ski area. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
2100 m Col du Sabot Alps  France dead end Vaujany
2100 m Cirque de Troumouse Pyrenees  France dead end Gèdre
2094 m Jaufenpass Dolomites  Italy pass Meran & Sterzing 46°50′24″N 11°18′27″E / 46.84°N 11.3075°E / 46.84; 11.3075 (Jaufenpass (2094m))
2089 m Col des Champs Alps  France pass Saint-Martin-d'Entraunes & Colmars
2081 m Mont Cenis Cottian Alps
Graian Alps
 France pass Lanslebourg-Mont-Cenis & Moncenisio, Susa, (Italy) possibly used by Hannibal. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 45°15′37″N 6°54′03″E / 45.260278°N 6.900833°E / 45.260278; 6.900833 (Mont Cenis)
2080 m Lac Besson Alps  France dead end Le Bourg-d'Oisans After l'Alpe d'Huez
2072 m Port de la Bonaigua Pyrenees  Spain pass 42°39′50″N 0°58′55″E / 42.66389°N 0.98194°E / 42.66389; 0.98194 (Port de la Bonaigua)
2071 m Bielerhöhe Pass Alps  Austria pass Montafon Vorarlberg) & Paznaun (Tyrol (state)) 46°55′05″N 10°05′44″E / 46.918056°N 10.095556°E / 46.918056; 10.095556 (Bielerhöhe Pass (2071m))
2067 m Col de la Croix de Fer Dauphiné Alps  France pass Le Bourg-d'Oisans & Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 45°13′39″N 6°12′12″E / 45.2275°N 6.203333°E / 45.2275; 6.203333 (Col de la Croix de Fer (2067m))
2065 m San Bernardino Pass Pennine Alps   Switzerland pass Thusis (Graubünden) & Bellinzona (Ticino) 46°29′46″N 9°10′15″E / 46.496111°N 9.170833°E / 46.496111; 9.170833 (San Bernardino Pass)
2058 m Belmeken Dam Road Rila Mountain  Bulgaria pass Sestrimo village & Belmeken Dam a part of the 2010 WRC Rally Bulgaria
2058 m Col du Lautaret Dauphiné Alps  France pass Le Bourg-d'Oisans & Briançon a famous climb on the Tour de France 45°02′07″N 6°24′20″E / 45.035278°N 6.405556°E / 45.035278; 6.405556 (Col du Lautaret (2058m))
2057 m Passo Fedaia Dolomites  Italy pass Canazei & Rocca Pietore & Marmolada a famous climb on the Giro d'Italia 46°27′12.60″N 11°53′20.40″E / 46.4535000°N 11.8890000°E / 46.4535000; 11.8890000 (Passo Fedaia)
2055 m Mangart Julian Alps  Slovenia dead end Log pod Mangrtom highest paved climb in Slovenia
2052 m Staller Sattel Alps  Austria
pass Sankt Jakob in Defereggen valley, (Tyrol (state)) & Rasen-Antholz valley, (South Tyrol) 46°53′17″N 12°12′02″E / 46.888056°N 12.200556°E / 46.888056; 12.200556 (Staller Sattel (2052m))
2050 m Saint-Véran Alps  France dead end Château-Ville-Vieille & Saint-Véran
2050 m Plateau de la Calme Pyrenees  France dead end Odeillo
2049 m Nockalmstrasse, Eisentalhöhe Alps  Austria pass Innerkrems & Ebene Reichenau
2048 m Salastrains Alps   Switzerland dead end St. Moritz-Salastrains 46°29′58″N 09°49′43″E / 46.49944°N 9.82861°E / 46.49944; 9.82861 (Salastrains)
2046 m Oberalp Pass Swiss Alps   Switzerland pass Disentis, Graubünden & Andermatt, Canton of Uri The Rhine springs from a source nearby (Tomasee) 46°39′32″N 8°40′16″E / 46.659°N 8.671°E / 46.659; 8.671 (Oberalp Pass)
2041 m Puerto de la Ragua Sierra Nevada  Spain pass Cherín & La Calahorra
2040 m Parking des Millefonts Alps  France dead end Valdeblore
2040 m Puig de la Tossa Pyrenees  France dead end Mont-Louis
2036 m Puerto de Escúllar Sierra de Baza  Spain pass Caniles & Escúllar
2035 m Colle Sestriere Cottian Alps  Italy pass Sestriere. Pinerolo & Cesana Torinese A starting and arrival point in the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia.
2034 m Transfăgărășan Carpathian Mountains  Romania pass Cârțișoara, Sibiu (Transylvania) & Arefu, Argeș (Wallachia)
2031 m Boí Taüll Resort Pyrenees  Spain dead end Boí and Taüll
2030 m Courchevel Airport Alps  France dead end Courchevel
2030 m Refuge de Laval Alps  France dead end Névache
2027 m l'Ecot Alps  France dead end Bonneval-sur-Arc
2017 m Kühtai Saddle Alps  Austria pass Oetz & Gries im Sellrain 47°12′58″N 11°01′49″E / 47.2161°N 11.0303°E / 47.2161; 11.0303 (Kühtai Saddle)
2016 m Lac des Bouillouses Pyrenees  France dead end La Llagonne
2012 m Plan-d'Amont Dam Alps  France dead end Aussois
2009 m Route de la Vallée du Cristillan Alps  France dead end Ceillac
2005 m Simplon Pass Pennine Alps
Lepontine Alps
pass Brig, Switzerland & Domodossola, Piedmont Road E62, the highest point of the European route network in Europe. 46°15′06″N 8°02′00″E / 46.251667°N 8.033333°E / 46.251667; 8.033333 (Simplon Pass (2005m))
2001 m Port de Pailhères Pyrenees  France pass Mijanès & Ax-les-Thermes Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1999 m Col de Sarenne Alps  France pass Le Bourg-d'Oisans & Auris, Isère
1996 m Maddalena Pass
Col de Larche
Cottian Alps
Maritime Alps
pass Cuneo & Barcelonnette
1993 m Col de la Madeleine Alps  France pass La Chambre, (Maurienne) & La Léchère / Feissons-sur-Isère, (Tarentaise Valley) Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1993 m Torre (Serra da Estrela) Serra da Estrela  Portugal pass Covilhã & Seia Highest Point in Mainland Portugal
1992 m Fuente del Chivo Sierra de Híjar  Spain dead end
1989 m Rolle Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Predazzo, Val di Fiemme & Fiera di Primiero, Primiero valley
1985 m San Marco Pass Bergamo Alps
(Prealpi Orobie)
 Italy pass Val Brembana & Valtellina
1967 m Cormet de Roselend Alps  France pass Bourg-Saint-Maurice & Beaufort, Savoie often used in Tour de France
1962 m La Covatilla Sierra de Béjar  Spain dead end Béjar
1961 m Grosse Scheidegg Bernese Oberland   Switzerland pass Grindelwald & Meiringen Open to bus traffic only.
1948 m Klausen Pass Swiss Alps   Switzerland pass Urnerboden, Canton of Uri & Linthal, Canton of Glarus
1946 m Llano de las Ovejas Montes de León  Spain pass Ponferrada & Nogar
1946 m Kráľova hoľa Low Tatras  Slovakia dead end Šumiac Highest road in Slovakia, leading to the summit of Kráľova hoľa, where TV transmitter and mountain rescue service is located, utility road, closed for regular traffic. Only the upper part is paved.
1934 m Monte Crostis Carnic Alps  Italy dead end Ravascletto & Ravascletto Scheduled climb on the Giro d'Italia 2011
1930 m Tuixent – la Vansa Pre-Pyrenees  Spain dead end Sant Llorenç de Morunys & Tuixent Ski resort. Sideroad of the Coll de Port[17] 42°12′53″N 1°31′36″E / 42.214724°N 1.526765°E / 42.214724; 1.526765 (Tuixent – la Vansa)
1930 m Pico de las Nieves Gran Canaria, Canary Islands  Spain dead end 27°57′43″N 15°34′18″W / 27.96194°N 15.57167°W / 27.96194; -15.57167 (Pico de las Nieves)
1930 m Mount Olympus (Cyprus), Chionistra Troodos Mountains  Cyprus dead end This is the road to the highest mountain peak in Cyprus. It is located on the Troodos mountain range and it's known as Chionistra or Mount Olympus. There is a sky resort there as well as a radar station. 34°56′10″N 32°51′45″E / 34.93611°N 32.86250°E / 34.93611; 32.86250 (Chionistra)
1925 m Coll de la Creueta Pyrenees  Spain pass Alp and La Pobla de Lillet
1924 m Col du Glandon Dauphiné Alps  France pass Bourg d'Oisans & Saint-Colomban-des-Villards & Col de la Croix de Fer & Saint-Sorlin-d'Arves Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1920 m Col de Puymorens Pyrenees  France pass Ax-les-Thermes & Latour-de-Carol bypassable by road and train Puymorens tunnels
1918 m San Pellegrino Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Moena & Falcade The Trevalli ski resort is located at the pass.
1916 m Lukmanier Pass Swiss Alps   Switzerland pass Disentis, Graubünden & Biasca, Ticino
1912 m Mont Ventoux stand alone in Provence,
periphery of the Alps
 France pass Malaucène & Sault, Vaucluse Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1911 m Gerlitzen Gipfelstrasse Alps  Austria dead end Arriach
1910 m Rifugio Sapienza Mount Etna  Italy dead end Catania & Rifugio Sapienza
1909 m Puerto de Peñanegra Sierra de Villafranca  Spain pass Piedrahita and La Herguihuela
1907 m Sedlo Durmitor  Montenegro pass Žabljak and Plužine the highest paved mountain pass in the Montenegro.
1894 m Hahntennjoch Alps  Austria pass Imst, Inn River & Elmen, Lech River
1892 m Croce Domini Pass Italian Alps  Italy pass Bagolino & Bienno
1892 m Rasos de Peguera Pyrenees  Spain pass Berga & Vallcebre
1883 m Tonale Pass Rhaetian Alps
Adamello-Presanella Alps
 Italy pass Valcamonica & Val di Sole
1890 m Sella di Leonessa Apennines
 Italy pass Leonessa & Rieti
1871 m Campolongo Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Corvara, South Tyrol & Livinallongo del Col di Lana a famous climb on the Maratona dles Dolomites cycle race.
1870 m Col de Tende Maritime Alps  France
pass Nice / Tende, Alpes-Maritimes & Cuneo, Piedmont
1860 m Alpe d'Huez Dauphiné Alps  France dead end Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1858 m Puerto de Navacerrada Sierra de Guadarrama  Spain pass Siete Picos and Bola del Mundo
1854 m Col de Montgenèvre Cottian Alps  France
pass Briançon & Cesana Torinese, Susa Valley
1852 m Mortirolo Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Mazzo di Valtellina & Monno / Edolo a famous climb on the Giro d'Italia
1852 m Vivione Pass Bergamo Alps  Italy pass Schilpario, Val di Sclave & Paisco Loveno, Val Camonica
1845 m Stoderzinken Alpenstraße Dachstein Mountains  Austria dead end Gröbming, Steiermark
1841 m Raubergstulsvegen Jotunheimen  Norway Dead end Bøverdalen, Juvasshytta Highest road in Norway as well as Northern Europe. The road is private but usable by the public. The last 9 km are tolled. 61°40′38″N 8°21′48″E / 61.677088°N 8.363214°E / 61.677088; 8.363214 (Juvasshytta)
1840 m Isola 2000 Alps
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
 France Dead end Isola 2000, (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) Ski station near the Mercantour National Park. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1840 m El Peñón Montes de León  Spain pass Truchas, León & Doney de la Requejada 42°12′N 6°33′W / 42.200°N 6.550°W / 42.200; -6.550 (El Peñón)
1837 m Puerto de Fonte da Cova Montes de León  Spain pass Sil (river) & La Baña
1830 m Puerto de Cotos Sierra de Guadarrama  Spain pass Cuerda Larga and Peñalara
1820 m Puerto de Velefique Sierra de los Filabres  Spain pass Velefique and Tíjola
1818 m Rua do Pico do Arieiro Pico do Arieiro  Madeira Dead end Funchal to Pico do Arieiro, Madeira, Portugal Leads to a restaurant at the top and a path that leads to the tallest peak on Madeira, Pico Ruivo.
1815 m Maloja Pass Swiss Alps   Switzerland pass Engadin, Graubünden & Val Bregaglia, Chiavenna, Italy
1800 m Collado de Toses Pyrenees  Spain pass Alp and Ribes de Freser
1796 m Puerto de la Morcuera Sierra de Guadarrama  Spain pass Miraflores de la Sierra and Rascafría
1795 m Turracher Höhe Pass Alps  Austria pass Reichenau, Carinthia & Predlitz-Turrach
1794 m Col du Pourtalet Pyrenees  France
pass Laruns, Oloron-Sainte-Marie, Pau & Biescas, Huesca
1793 m Arlberg Pass Alps  Austria pass Vorarlberg & Tyrol (state)
1790 m Plateau de Beille Pyrenees  France Dead end Tarascon-sur-Ariège & Ariège Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1790 m Sella di Razzo Carnic Alps  Italy pass Santo Stefano di Cadore & Sauris
1788 m Sölk Pass Alps  Austria pass Mur River valley & Enns River valley
1778 m Col de la Croix (Vaud) Alps   Switzerland pass Bex & Les Diablerets, (Vaud)
1778 m Puerto de Navafría Sierra de Guadarrama  Spain pass
1773 m Forcella Staulanza Dolomites  Italy pass Forno di Zoldo / Zoldo Alto & Selva di Cadore / Colle Santa Lucia, Cadore valley
1773 m Flexen Pass Alps  Austria pass Warth, Vorarlberg, Lech am Arlberg, Zürs & Klostertal, Stuben
1773 m Superbagnères Pyrenees  France dead end Bagnères-de-Luchon Ski area. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1772 m Gamoniteiro Asturias  Spain dead end
1770 m Fellhorn Ski station Allgäu Alps  Germany dead end Oberstdorf Ski area.
[clarification needed] Elevation and detail
47°20′57″N 10°13′37″E / 47.3491°N 10.2270°E / 47.3491; 10.2270 (Fellhorn Ski station)
1762 m Biokovo nature park Biokovo  Croatia dead end highest paved climb in Croatia
1762 m Col de l'Échelle Cottian Alps  France pass Briançon, (Hautes-Alpes) & Bardonecchia, Italy
1761 m Furkajoch Alps  Austria pass Bregenzer Ach, Damüls & Frutz River, Laterns
1760 m Col de la Pierre St Martin Pyrenees  France
pass Oloron-Sainte-Marie, (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) & Isaba, (Navarra)
1760 m Col de Mantet Pyrenees  France pass Mantet & Sahorre [18][19] 42°28′53″N 2°18′51″E / 42.48139°N 2.31417°E / 42.48139; 2.31417 (Col de Mantet)
1760 m Sella Ciampigotto Carnic Alps  Italy pass Santo Stefano di Cadore & Laggio di Cadore Ski area
1755 m Port de Balès Pyrenees  France pass Ferrère & Bourg-d'Oueil, Haute-Garonne Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1750 m Kiener Alm Alps  Italy pass Rio di Pusteria & Vandoies di Sotto [20] 46°50.323′N 11°41.371′E / 46.838717°N 11.689517°E / 46.838717; 11.689517 (Kiener Alm)
1738 m Radstädter Tauern Pass Radstädter Tauern
Central Eastern Alps
 Austria pass Bischofshofen with Sankt Michael im Lungau At the pass is the Obertauern ski resort
1734 m Mont Colombis French Alps  France dead end Théus
1730 m Chamrousse Alps  France pass Chamrousse, (Isère) Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1730 m Monte Zoncolan Carnic Alps  Italy pass Ovaro & (Sutrio) A famous climb on the Giro d'Italia. Ski area
1728 m Coll de Pradell Pyrenees  Spain pass Saldes and Sant Corneli
1725 m Port de Cantò Pyrenees  Spain pass Sort, Lleida and Adrall
1720 m Luz Ardiden Pyrenees
 France pass Luz-Saint-Sauveur, (Hautes-Pyrénées) Ski area. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1710 m Puerto de Piqueras Iberian System  Spain pass Soria & Logroño Partially bypassed by a tunnel since October 2008
1709 m Col d'Aubisque Pyrenees  France pass Laruns & Argelès-Gazost Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1708 m La Farrapona / (Endriga) Cantabrian Mountains,
Principality of Asturias
 Spain pass from Aguino, Veigas Finish of Vuelta a España on 3 Sept 2011.
The climb starts at 629m and gains 1079m to the pass.[21] The Asturian side has been fully paved, the Castile and León side is a passable dirt track.
43°03′25″N 6°05′24″W / 43.056975°N 6.089887°W / 43.056975; -6.089887 (Farrapona/Endriga)
1708 m Coll de Creu Pyrenees  France pass Matemale & Olette [22][23] 42°36′9″N 2°8′16″E / 42.60250°N 2.13778°E / 42.60250; 2.13778 (Coll de Creu)
1705 m Katara Pass Pindus  Greece pass Metsovo & Kalampaka Until the completion of the Egnatia Odos (A-2) in April 2009, GR-6 was the northernmost highway link between eastern and western Greece
1702 m Campo Carlo Magno Dolomites  Italy pass Val Rendena & Val di Sole
1702 m Tremalzo Pass Monte Tremalzo
(Garda mountains)
Adamello-Presanella Alps
 Italy pass Tremosine Lake Garda & Storo / Lago d'Ampola, Trentino
1700 m Col de Joux Plane Alps  France pass Morzine & Samoëns, (Haute-Savoie) Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1688 m Nigerpass Dolomites  Italy pass Tierser Tal & Karerpass, (South Tyrol)
1683 m La Cubilla Asturias  Spain dead end
1680 m Col d'Andrion Alps  France pass Roquebillière & Pont de la Lune 43°59′58″N 7°14′12″E / 43.99944°N 7.23667°E / 43.99944; 7.23667 (Col d'Andrion)
1676 m Hochtannberg Pass Alps  Austria pass Warth, Vorarlberg, Lech River & Schoppernau, Bregenzer Ache, (Vorarlberg)
1670 m Sliezsky dom High Tatras  Slovakia dead end Tatranská Polianka Asphalt way to mountain hotel Sliezsky dom
1670 m Puerto de Ancares Serra dos Ancares  Spain pass Murias and Tejedo
1669 m Coll de Port Pre-Pyrenees  Spain pass Sant Llorenç de Morunys & Tuixent 42°12′36″N 1°33′5″E / 42.21000°N 1.55139°E / 42.21000; 1.55139 (Coll de Port)
1669 m Pla d'Adet Pyrenees  France pass Saint-Lary-Soulan Hors catégorie climb of the Tour de France
1668 m Weinebene Alps  Austria pass Deutschlandsberg & Wolfsberg
1664 m Maniva Pass Alps  Italy pass Collio
1663 m Brocon Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Castello Tesino & Canal San Bovo The pass road was built between 1905 and 1908.
1657 m Col des Saisies Alps  France pass Villard-sur-Doron & Crest-Voland, via Les Saisies, Savoie Les Saisies ski resort.
1652 m Turó de l'Home Catalan Pre-Coastal Range  Spain dead end Sant Celoni [24] 41°46′21″N 2°26′15″E / 41.77250°N 2.43750°E / 41.77250; 2.43750 (Turó de l'Home)
1642 m Klippitztörl Pass Alps  Austria pass Wolfsberg, Carinthia & Sankt Veit an der Glan (Kärnten (Carinthia))
1641 m Katschberg Pass Central Eastern Alps  Austria pass Rennweg am Katschberg, (Carinthia (state)) & Sankt Michael im Lungau, (Salzburg (state))
1638 m Col du Mollard Alps  France pass Rhône-Alpes
1636 m Kreuzbergpass Dolomites
Carnic Alps
 Italy pass Puster Valley, South Tyrol & Cadore, Belluno
1632 m Somport Pyrenees  France
pass Oloron-Sainte-Marie, (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) & Candanchú / Jaca, (Huesca (province)) bypassed by Somport tunnel since 2003
1631 m Pierre-sur-Haute Massif Central  France dead end Col du Béal
1631 m Wolfgang Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Klosters & Davos, (Graubünden)
1630 m Monte Scuro Apennine  Italy pass Spezzano della Sila, Camigliatello Silano Ski area. 39°20′05″N 16°23′54″E / 39.334837°N 16.398402°E / 39.334837; 16.398402 (Monte Scuro pass)
1630 m Pra Loup Alps
 France dead end Uvernet-Fours, Barcelonnette Ski area. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1630 m Godi Pass Apennine  Italy pass Scanno, Villetta Barrea Ski area.
1613 m Col de la Colombière Alps  France pass Cluses, (Arve valley) & Le Grand-Bornand, (Borne valley) often used in the Tour de France
1613 m Einödsbach Alps  Germany dead end Einödsbach, (Oberstdorf) (Bavaria) 47°19′41″N 10°16′05″E / 47.3281°N 10.2681°E / 47.3281; 10.2681 (Einödsbach)
1611 m Glaubenbühl Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Flühli, Lucerne & Giswil, (Obwalden)
1611 m Vršič pass Julian Alps  Slovenia pass Kranjska Gora & Soča highest pass in Slovenia, and the highest in the Eastern Julian Alps[25]
1609 m San Glorio Picos de Europa  Spain pass Potes & Riaño On the border between Cantabria and Castile and León. From the pass, there is also a paved dead end for 2 km up to the Collado de Llesba viewpoint (1680 m).[26] 43°04′01″N 4°45′57″W / 43.066975°N 4.765918°W / 43.066975; -4.765918 (San Glorio)
1609 m Val d'Ese Corsica  France dead end Bastelica [27] 41°59′58″N 9°7′26″E / 41.99944°N 9.12389°E / 41.99944; 9.12389 (Val d'Ese)
1608 m Gurnigel Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Riggisberg & Zollhaus, (Bern)
1607 m Col de Turini Alps, Maritime Alps  France pass Sospel, Moulinet & La Bollène-Vésubie, (Arrondissement of Nice) the focal point of the Monte Carlo Rally
1603 m Na Śnieżkę Sudetes, Karkonosze  Poland peak Karpacz - Śnieżka permit required
1601 m Duran Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Agordo, Cordevole valley & Dont, Zoldo valley.
1600 m Malbun Alps  Liechtenstein dead end road from Steg (Liechtenstein) and Vaduz, (Triesenberg) Ski area
1589 m Pas de Peyrol Massif Central  France pass Aurillac, Salers, & Dienne, (Auvergne (region))
1579 m Passo di Pradarena Apennines  Italy pass Sillano & Ligonchio Ski area Ospitaletto
1573 m Alto de L'Angliru Asturias  Spain dead end La Vega (Riosa) paved to be a focal climb of the Vuelta a España 43°13′17″N 5°56′33″W / 43.221477°N 5.94241°W / 43.221477; -5.94241 (Alto de L'Angliru)
1573 m Port de Larrau Pyrenees  France
pass Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) & Ochagavía, (Navarre) Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1570 m Bruncu Spina Gennargentu  Italy dead end Small road off the main SP7 Fonni-Desulo Road to Bruncu Spina ski area
1569 m Col de Peyresourde Pyrenees  France pass Bagnères de Luchon & Arreau a famous climb on the Tour de France
1569 m Les Agites Alps   Switzerland pass Yvorne & La Lécherette, (Vaud)
1566 m Col du Télégraphe Dauphiné Alps  France pass Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne & Valloire / Briançon a famous climb on the Tour de France
1565 m Beklemeto Pass Balkan Mountains  Bulgaria pass Troyan - Karnare this was the Roman Via Trayana (Trajan road), and some of the Roman remains can still be seen
1560 m Hautacam Pyrenees  France dead end Beaucens ski station. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1552 m Naßfeld Pass Carnic Alps  Austria
pass Kirchbach & Pontebba
1552 m Passo del Cason di Lanza Carnic Alps  Italy pass Paularo & Pontebba
1550 m Pragel Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Muotathal, Schwyz & Netstal, Glarus
1549 m Lenzerheide (Pass) Alps   Switzerland pass Chur & Tiefencastel (Graubünden)
1547 m Schwarzenbühl Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Guggisberg & Gurnigel Pass (Bern)
1547 m Gaberl Pass Alps  Austria pass Köflach & Mur River valley, Stubalpe, (Styria)
1546 m Col du Pillon Alps   Switzerland pass Aigle, Le Sépey & Les Diablerets, (Vaud)
1543 m Glaubenberg Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Entlebuch, Lucerne & Sarnen, (Obwalden)
1542 m Forcella Lavardet Carnic Alps  Italy pass Santo Stefano di Cadore & Prato Carnico
1541 m Col de Finiels Massif Central  France pass Le Pont-de-Montvert & Le Bleymard Pass over Mont Lozère
1540 m Col du Soudet Pyrenees  France pass Vallée de Soule & Vallée de Barétous Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1529 m Passo delle Radici Apennines  Italy pass Pievepelago & Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
1527 m Col de la Forclaz Valais Alps   Switzerland pass Martigny, Switzerland & Le Châtelard, Valais (Finhaut)
1530 m Cibiana Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Val Boite & Val di Zoldo
1525 m Monte Nerone Apennines  Italy dead end Cagli & Piobbico
1525 m Kartitscher Sattel Dolomites
Carnic Alps
 Austria pass Sillian, & Lesachtal, Lienz, (Tyrol (state))
1520 m Col d'Azet Pyrenees  France pass Saint-Lary-Soulan & Génos 42°47′31″N 0°22′52″E / 42.79194°N 0.38111°E / 42.79194; 0.38111 (Col d'Azet)
1518 m Gampen Pass Ortler Alps
South Tyrol
 Italy pass Lana, South Tyrol, Adige valley & Fondo, Val di Non
1513 m Col d'Ares Pyrenees  France
pass Prats-de-Mollo & Molló, Catalonia
1509 m Jaun Pass Swiss Alps   Switzerland pass Charmey, Fribourg & Boltigen, (Bern)
1504 m Relais du Mont du Chat Jura mountains  France pass Le Bourget-du-Lac & Yenne
1504 m Reschen Pass Alps  Austria
pass Nauders, (Tyrol (state)) & Mals, (South Tyrol)
1502 m Chasseral Pass Jura mountains   Switzerland pass (Bern)
1501 m Col du Grand Colombier Jura mountains  France pass Virieu-le-Petit & Culoz
1500 m Gerlos Pass Alps  Austria pass Oberpinzgau, Wald im Pinzgau, (Salzburg) & Gerlos, Ziller River, (Tyrol (state))
1491 m Praděd Hrubý Jeseník  Czech Republic dead end
1489 m Col d'Aspin Pyrenees  France pass Sainte-Marie-de-Campan & Arreau a famous climb on the Tour de France
1486 m Col des Aravis Alps
 France pass La Clusaz, (Haute-Savoie) & La Giettaz, (Savoie)
1476 m Dalsnibba Scandinavian Mountains  Norway summit, dead end Møre og Romsdal Asphalt 2013[28]
1474 m Col du Soulor Pyrenees  France pass Argelès-Gazost & Arthez-d'Asson Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1470 m Col de Vergio Corsica  France pass Évisa & Calacuccia Highest paved mountain road pass in Corsica.[29] 42°17′24″N 8°52′43″E / 42.29000°N 8.87861°E / 42.29000; 8.87861 (Col de Vergio)
1461 m Col des Montets Rhône-Alpes  France pass Martigny & Chamonix 46°00′14″N 6°55′25″E / 46.00381°N 6.92357°E / 46.00381; 6.92357 (Col des Montets)
1450 m Haut Asco Corsica  France dead end Ponte Leccia Abandoned ski resort.[30][31] 42°24′11″N 8°55′24″E / 42.403147°N 8.92347°E / 42.403147; 8.92347 (Haut Asco)
1450 m Sassotetto - Fonte Lardina Apennines  Italy pass Bolognola & Sarnano Ski area
1447 m Col du Marchairuz Jura mountains   Switzerland pass Le Brassus & Bière, (Vaud)
1445 m Col des Mosses Alps   Switzerland pass Aigle & Château-d'Œx
1434 m Fantestein, Sognefjell Scandinavian Mountains  Norway pass Oppland The highest public road in Scandinavia, always closed in winter 61°33′50″N 7°53′24″E / 61.5639°N 7.89°E / 61.5639; 7.89 (Sognefjell (1434m))
1434 m Mont Caro Catalan Pre-Coastal Range  Spain dead end Tortosa 1434m[32][33] 40°48′11″N 0°20′35″E / 40.80306°N 0.34306°E / 40.80306; 0.34306 (Mont Caro)
1432 m Col de Portel Pyrenees  France pass Saint-Girons, Ariège & Serres-sur-Arget, Foix
1416 m Prislop Pass Rodna Mountains
Eastern Carpathians
 Romania pass Maramureş & Bukovina
1415 m Puy de Dôme Chaîne des Puys
Massif Central
 France dead end Clermont-Ferrand Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
1410 m Petrohan Pass Balkan Mountains  Bulgaria pass Sofia - Montana
1410 m Oswald Balzer Road Tatra Mountains  Poland dead end Zakopane - Morskie Oko permit required
1407m Riedberg Pass Alps  Germany pass Obermaiselstein & Balderschwang Highest pass in Germany 47°26′15″N 10°10′25″E / 47.4374°N 10.1735°E / 47.4374; 10.1735 (Riedberg Pass)
1406 m Ibergeregg Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Schwyz & Oberiberg, (Schwyz (canton))
1400 m Flattnitz Pass Alps  Austria pass Pettenbach, Gurk River & Stadl an der Mur, (Styria)
1398 m Ächerli Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Kerns, Obwalden & Dallenwil, Nidwalden
1395 m Alpe di Neggia Alps   Switzerland pass Vira & Indemini
1390 m Valdesflya
Highway 51
Scandinavian Mountains  Norway pass Fagernes & Ottadalen 61°23′23″N 8°48′37″E / 61.38965°N 8.810349°E / 61.38965; 8.810349
1388 m Passo dell'Abetone ppennines  Italy pass Fiumalbo & Cutigliano Ski area
1380 m Ax 3 Domaines Pyrenees  France dead end Ax-les-Thermes Ski area
1378 m Puerto Pajares Asturias  Spain pass Asturias & León
1375 m Bergeries de Grotelle Corsica  France dead end Corte [34] 42°13′50″N 9°01′57″E / 42.23065°N 9.0326°E / 42.23065; 9.0326 (Bergeries de Grotelle)
1370 m Crêt de L'Œillon Massif Central  France dead end Pilat Regional Natural Park
1370 m Brenner Pass Alps  Austria
pass Sterzing, Gries am Brenner & Matrei am Brenner
1370 m Dienten Saddle Berchtesgaden Alps
Salzburg Slate Alps
 Austria pass Bischofshofen & Saalfelden
1367 m Ljubelj or Loibl Karavanke chain
Southern Limestone Alps
pass Ferlach, Carinthia (state) & Tržič, Upper Carniola
1363 m Mendelpass Alps  Italy pass Bolzano & Fondo
1361 m Cereda Pass Dolomites  Italy pass Agordo, Cordevole valley & Fiera di Primiero
1360 m Col d'Ornon Dauphiné Alps  France pass Bourg d'Oisans & La Mure
1360 m Pas de Morgins Alps   Switzerland
pass Monthey, Valais & Abondance, Haute-Savoie
1357 m Plöcken Pass Carnic Alps  Austria
pass Kötschach-Mauthen, Carinthia & Tolmezzo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
1355 m Puerto de Piedrasluengas[35] Cordillera Cantábrica  Spain pass Cervera de Pisuerga, Castile and León (CL-627) and Potes, Cantabria (CA-184) Panoramic viewpoint towards the Picos de Europa (Mirador de Piedrasluegas) 43°02′29″N 4°27′29″W / 43.041293°N 4.458175°W / 43.041293; -4.458175 (Puerto de Piedrasluengas)
1349 m Col de Menté Pyrenees  France pass Saint-Béat & Aspet, Col de Portet d'Aspet, (Haute-Garonne)
1347 m Soboth Pass Alps  Austria pass Soboth & Lavamünd
1347 m Puerto de San Lorenzo Asturias  Spain pass La Riera & Teverga
1343 m Col du Grand Ballon Vosges  France pass
1340 m Monte Limbara Sardinia  Italy dead end Tempio Pausania [36] 40°50′59″N 9°10′31″E / 40.84972°N 9.17528°E / 40.84972; 9.17528 (Monte Limbara)
1338 m Pavlič Pass
Kamnik–Savinja Alps  Austria
pass Bad Eisenkappel / Seebergsattel, Carinthia
& Solčava, Lower Styria
1323 m Col de la Faucille Jura mountains  France pass Gex, Ain & Les Rousses, Saint-Claude, Jura, (Jura (department))
1311 m Col de Sorba Corsica  France pass Vivario & Ghisoni 42°8′39″N 9°11′26″E / 42.14417°N 9.19056°E / 42.14417; 9.19056 (Col de Sorba)
1306 m Snow Road
Scandinavian Mountains  Norway pass Aurland & Lærdal 60°57′50″N 7°21′31″E / 60.964027°N 7.358522°E / 60.964027; 7.358522
1300 m Capannelle Pass Gran Sasso
Apennine Mountains
 Italy pass Arischia Province of L'Aquila & Province of Teramo
1298 m Mauria Pass Dolomites
Eastern Alps
 Italy pass Lorenzago di Cadore, Veneto & Forni di sopra, Friuli
1298 m Feistritzsattel Alps  Austria pass Ursprung Pass, Otterthal, Lower Austria & Rettenegg, (Weiz (district))
1296 m Passo La Calla Apennines  Italy pass Santa Sofia & Stia
1293 m Col de l'Aiguillon Jura Mountains   Switzerland pass L'Auberson & Baulmes, (Vaud)
1291 m Filzen Saddle Alps  Austria pass Bezirk Zell am See & Urslau
1291 m Pitões das Júnias Serra do Gerês  Portugal pass Pitões das Júnias & Calvos de Randin (ESP)
1289 m Col de Verde Corsica  France pass Ghisoni & Cozzano 42°01′41″N 9°11′42″E / 42.02806°N 9.19500°E / 42.02806; 9.19500 (Col de Verde)
1284 m Weissenstein Pass Jura Mountains   Switzerland pass Oberdorf, Solothurn & Gänsbrunnen
1282 m Vue des Alpes Jura Mountains   Switzerland pass La Chaux-de-Fonds & Neuchâtel
1280 m Tourém Serra do Gerês  Portugal pass Tourém & Covelães
1279 m Saanenmöser Pass Bernese Oberland   Switzerland pass Zweisimmen & Saanen
1278 m Schwägalp Pass Alps   Switzerland pass Toggenburg, St. Gallen & Urnäsch, Appenzell Ausserrhoden
1273 m Pass Thurn - Seehöhe Alps  Austria pass Kitzbuhel, Mittersill
1274 m Triebener Tauern Pass Alps  Austria pass Judenburg, Mur valley & Trieben
1261 m Passo del Cerreto Apennines  Italy pass Collagna & Fivizzano
1253 m Styrian Seeberg Pass
Aflenzer Seeberg
Alps  Austria pass Mariazell & Bruck an der Mur
1250 m Hardangervidda Scandinavian Mountains  Norway pass Eidfjord & Geilo Norwegian National Road 7, a much-used road between Oslo-Bergen, however often closed in winter. 60°22′06″N 7°30′11″E / 60.368265°N 7.503061°E / 60.368265; 7.503061
1228 m Col de la Givrine Jura Mountains   Switzerland pass Nyon, (Vaud) & Morez, (Franche-Comté)
1227 m Col du Mont Crosin Jura Mountains   Switzerland pass Canton of Bern
1226 m Präbichl Alps  Austria pass Eisenerz & Leoben, (Styria)
1249 m Col de Port Pyrenees  France pass Massat & Tarascon-sur-Ariège
1246 m Col Bayard Dauphiné Alps  France pass La Mure & Gap, Hautes-Alpes
1232 m Čertovica Low Tatras  Slovakia pass Liptov & Horehronie
1221 m Niederalpl Pass Alps  Austria pass Wegscheid & Mürzsteg
1218 m Col de Bavella Corsica  France pass Sari-Solenzara & Zonza 41°47′45″N 9°13′28″E / 41.79583°N 9.22444°E / 41.79583; 9.22444 (Coll de Bavella)
1218 m Seebergsattel Karavanke mountains
Kamnik–Savinja Alps
(Southern Limestone Alps)
pass Bad Eisenkappel, (Carinthia (state)) & Jezersko, Slovenia
1212 m Fern Pass Alps  Austria pass Ehrwald, Blindsee & Nassereith, Tarrenz
1209 m Iselsberg Pass Alps  Austria pass East Tyrol, (Tyrol (state)) & Möll River, (Carinthia (state))
1204 m Passwang Pass Jura Mountains   Switzerland pass Mümliswil & Reigoldswil
1201 m Tihuţa Pass Carpathian Mountains  Romania pass Bistriţa, (Transylvania) & Vatra Dornei (Bukovina)
1201 m Col de la Croix de Chaubouret Massif Central  France pass Saint-Étienne & Bourg-Argental
1200 m Feldberg Pass Alps
Black Forest
 Germany pass Todtnau & Titisee-Neustadt
1200 m Passo di Lagastrello Apennines  Italy pass Comano & Monchio delle Corti

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