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There are hot springs on all continents and in many countries around the world. Countries that are renowned for their hot springs include Chile, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and United States, but there are interesting and unique hot springs in many other places as well.





D.R. Congo[edit]

There lies a hot spring in the city of Uvira.


A scholarly paper with a map of over twenty geothermal areas in Uganda.


South Africa[edit]


There are several hot spring pools (undeveloped and developed) in the Ezulwini Valley.



Brazil is home of the world's largest hot spring resort in the city of Caldas Novas.


There are hot springs throughout Canada, particularly in the far west. Here are some prominent hot springs located in Western Canada:


British Columbia[edit]



There are more than 275 hot springs registered in Chile.

Costa Rica[edit]


Hydrothermal baths in Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador.


There are numerous hot springs in Greenland:



Hot Springs in the region of Ayacucho.

United States[edit]

USA geothermal springs.

A list of 1661 hot springs in the United States can be found on the Thermal Springs List for the United States. The same list with added notes and links can be found on the USA Hotsprings Database.






  • There are two hot springs on Pulau Ambon, Maluku.
  • There are also some hot springs in the volcanic areas of eastern Java.
  • Air Panas in Banjar, northern Bali.
  • Danau Linting (Hot Spring Lake about 8000 m2 near tiga juhar village), Deli Serdang, North Sumatera.
  • Tinggi Raja Hot Spring (Like Pamukkale in Turkey but more small), Simalungun District, North Sumatera.
  • Sibayak Hot Spring (at Lau Debuk-Debuk Village), Karo District, North Sumatera.
  • Sei Wampu Hot Spring (White Water Hot Spring at Wampu River near Marike Estate of PTPN II), Langkat, North Sumatera.
  • Sei Batang Serangan Hot Spring (at Ekowisata Tangkahan), Langkat, North Sumatera.
  • Tarutung Hot Spring (many Hot Spring Like Hutabarat, Sipaholon), North Tapanuli, North Sumatera.
  • Ie Seum (Aceh Language: Hot Water), near Port Malayahati Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.


Hamat Gader during the day.


Main article: Onsen

Being located in the "Pacific Ring of Fire", Japan is in a volcanic region, and is home to many hot springs. The onsen (a Japanese word for "hot spring") plays a notable role in Japanese culture.

In March 2003 it was reported that there were 3,102 spa resorts in 2,292 municipalities in Japan. There were also 15,400 lodging facilities with 6,740 public hot spring baths. About 138 million people a year visit these facilities.[3]

Noted hot springs areas in Japan




Various hot springs, all nonvolcanic. They include -

  • Kedah
    • Air hangat, Langkawi
  • Johor
    • Grisek, 10 km from Parit Jawa, Muar district
    • Labis
  • Malacca
    • Gadek, on road No 61 near Alor Gajah
    • Jasin Hot Springs, Kampung Air Panas, Mukim Bemban, Jasin, Melaka
  • Negeri Sembilan
    • Pedas hot springs, south of Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
  • Pahang
    • Bentong
    • Gunung Tapis, Sungai Lembing
  • Perak
    • Sg Klah, developed commercially
    • Kampung Ulu Slim
    • Lost World Of Tambun- HotSprings & Spa
    • Mangong, Kuala Kangsar
    • Ayer Panas, Grik
    • Pengkalan Hulu
  • Selangor
    • Selayang, 15 km north of Kuala Lumpur
    • Kalumpang, south of Tanjung Malim, north of Kerling
    • Ulu Tamu, near Tanjung Malim
    • Kerling, near Batang Kali
  • Terengganu
    • LA hot spring, Besut
  • Sabah
    • Poring hot springs, Kinabalu National Park


  • Mainit Hot Spring
  • Mambukal Mountain Resort: hot soda and sulfur springs slightly above 30°C.
  • Puning Hot Spring, in Sitio Puning, Barangay Inararo, Municipality of Porac, Pampanga Province; accessed through Sitio Target, Barangay Sapang Bato, Angeles City



See Taiwanese hot springs.


  • Thai Prachan Hot Spring
  • Bo Khloung Hot Stream
  • Ban Pong Krathing Hot Spring (Ban Bueng Hot Spring)
  • Pong Krathing Hot Spring
  • Jae Son hot spring
  • Muang Paeng hot spring
  • Pa Bong hot spring
  • Ban Huay Zai Kao Hot Spring
  • Wieng Pa Pao hot spring
  • Rung Arun hot spring




Deildartunguhver, Iceland: the highest flow hot spring in Europe


Czech Republic[edit]


  • Aachen, 74 degrees C, 165 degrees F
  • Wiesbaden, 66 degrees C, 151 degrees F





  • Bormio, Sondrio Province, Lombardy (geothermal spa), 36-43 degrees C
  • Saturnia, Southern Tuscany, 37 degrees Celsius pouring out at 800 litres per second into beautiful terraced pools that are free to dip in day or night






123 hot springs with temperature above 25 degrees C (77 degrees F).[6]

  • Veľký Meder, 94 degrees C (201 degrees F) - the hottest spring in Slovakia[6]

Many of the hot springs in Slovakia are currative or healthing springs.



United Kingdom[edit]

There are many geothermal springs in the UK, but the hot springs found in the town of Bath[20][21][22][23] are the only true hot springs (defined as those hotter than 37 degrees C):

There are other thermal or warm springs in the U.K[22] and include;



Hot springs can be found in all six states of Australia as well as the Northern Territory; but apparently not Australian Capital Territory.

Map of groundwater temperatures in Great Artesian Basin, Australia.


Hot springs are in the town of Savusavu where local people use the hot springs to cook their food. Some of the springs are situated on the beach and steam can be seen rising from the water at low tide.

New Zealand[edit]

There are numerous hot springs in New Zealand, predominantly in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, and in particular around Rotorua. Well known springs outside the Taupo Volcanic Zone include The Lost Spring in Whitianga, Coromandel Peninsula, Hot Water Beach, Waiwera, and Hanmer Springs.

Hot springs parks[edit]

It is common to create parks around hot springs:

United States

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