List of inclines in Pittsburgh

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The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania once had a number of inclined railways. Most have been removed; only two - the Duquesne Incline and Monongahela Incline - are still in operation, carrying passengers between Mount Washington and the Monongahela River.

Name Opened Closed Lower end Upper end Owner Notes
Castle Shannon Incline 1891[1] 1964 South Shore: Carson Street near Arlington Avenue Mount Washington: Bailey Avenue near Haberman Avenue Pittsburgh Railways (Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Railroad)
Castle Shannon South Incline 1890 ca.1919 Mount Washington: Bailey Avenue near Haberman Avenue Mount Washington: Warrington Avenue near Haberman Avenue Pittsburgh Railways (Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Railroad)
Clifton Incline 1895 1905 Perry Hilltop: Strauss Street near Metcalf Street Perry Hilltop: Irwin Avenue near Chautauqua Street Clifton Avenue Incline Plane Company
Duquesne Incline 1877 South Shore: Carson Street Mount Washington: Grandview Avenue near Oneida Place Duquesne Incline Plane Company
Now Society for the Preservation of the Duquesne Heights Incline
Fort Pitt Incline 1882 1906 Bluff: Second Avenue near Tenth Street Bridge Bluff: Bluff Street near Magee Street Fort Pitt Incline Plane Company
Knoxville Incline 1890 1960 South Side Flats: Bradish Street between 11th and 12th Streets Allentown: Brosville Street near Warrington Avenue Pittsburgh Railways (Pittsburgh Incline Plane Company)
Monongahela Incline 1870 South Shore: Carson Street near Smithfield Street Bridge Mount Washington: Grandview Avenue near Wyoming Street Monongahela Incline Plane Company
Now Port Authority of Allegheny County
Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Plane before 1871 about 1912 Carson Street Bailey Pittsburgh Coal Company
Mount Oliver Incline 1871 1951 South Side Flats: Freyburg Street near 12th Street South Side Slopes: Warrington Avenue near Mount Oliver Street Pittsburgh Railways (Mount Oliver Incline Railway)
Nunnery Hill Incline 1877 1899 Fineview: Federal Street near Henderson Street Fineview: Meadville Street near Catoma Street Nunnery Hill Incline Plane Company
Penn Incline 1881 1953 Strip District: Spring Way near 17th Street Hill District: Arcena Street near Ledlie Street Pittsburgh Railways (Seventeenth Street Incline Plane Company)
Ridgewood Incline 1889 1900 Perry Hilltop: North Charles Street near Nublock Street Perry Hilltop: Yale Street near Ridgewood Street Ridgewood Incline Plane Company
St. Clair Incline 1886 1935 South Side Flats: Josephine Street near Greeley Street South Side Slopes: Salisbury Street between Fernleaf and Sterling Streets St. Clair Incline Plane Company
Troy Hill Incline 1887 1898[2] Troy Hill: Ohio Street Troy Hill: Lowrie Street near Froman Street Troy Hill Incline Plane Company