List of people executed in North Carolina

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There have been 43 executions in North Carolina, under the current statute, since it was adopted in 1977. All were for murder and were performed using lethal injection, except those indicated with a * which were performed using the gas chamber.

Executed person Race Date of execution Victims Under Governor
1 James W. Hutchins White 16 March 1984 Roy Huskey, Owen Messersmith, and Pete Peterson James B. Hunt, Jr.
2 Margie Velma Barfield White (Female) 2 November 1984 Stuart Taylor James B. Hunt, Jr.
3 John William Rook White 19 September 1986 Ann Marie Roche James G. Martin
4 Michael Van McDougall White 18 October 1991 Dianne Parker James G. Martin
5 John Sterling Gardner, Jr. White 23 October 1992 Richard Adams and Kim Miller James G. Martin
6 David Lawson* White 16 June 1994 Wayne Shinn James B. Hunt, Jr.
7 Kermit Smith, Jr. White 24 January 1995 Whelette Collins James B. Hunt, Jr.
8 Phillip Lee Ingle White 22 September 1995 William Fred Davis James B. Hunt, Jr.
9 Ricky Lee Sanderson* White 30 January 1998 Sue Ellen Holliman James B. Hunt, Jr.
10 Zane Brown Hill White 14 August 1998 Randall Hill James B. Hunt, Jr.
11 John Thomas Noland, Jr. White 20 November 1998 Cindy Milton James B. Hunt, Jr.
12 James David Rich White 26 March 1999 Paul Gwyn James B. Hunt, Jr.
13 Harvey Lee Green Black 24 September 1999 Sheila Bland James B. Hunt, Jr.
14 Arthur Martin Boyd, Jr. White 21 October 1999 Wanda Hartman James B. Hunt, Jr.
15 David Junior Brown Black 19 November 1999 Shelly Chalflinch and Christina Chalflinch James B. Hunt, Jr.
16 Michael Earl Sexton Black 9 November 2000 Kimberly Crews James B. Hunt, Jr.
17 Willie Ervin Fisher Black 9 March 2001 Angela Johnson Mike Easley
18 Clifton Allen White White 24 August 2001 Kimberly Ewing Mike Easley
19 Ronald Wayne Frye White 31 August 2001 Ralph Childress Mike Easley
20 David Junior Ward Black 12 October 2001 Dorothy Mae Smith Mike Easley
21 John Hardy Rose White 30 November 2001 Patricia Stewart Mike Easley
22 Ernest West Basden White 6 December 2002 Billy White Mike Easley
23 Desmond Keith Carter Black 10 December 2002 Helen Purdy Mike Easley
24 William Quentin Jones Black 22 August 2003 Edward Peebles Mike Easley
25 Henry Lee Hunt Native American 12 September 2003 Larry Jones and Jackie Ransom Mike Easley
26 Joseph Earl Bates White 26 September 2003 Charles Jenkins Mike Easley
27 Edward Ernest Hartman White 3 October 2003 Herman Larry Smith, Sr. Mike Easley
28 Joseph Timothy Keel White 7 November 2003 John Simmons Mike Easley
29 John Dennis Daniels Black 14 November 2003 Isabelle Daniels Crawford Mike Easley
30 Robbie James Lyons Black 5 December 2003 Stephen Stafford Mike Easley
31 Raymond Dale Rowsey White 9 January 2004 Howard Sikorski Mike Easley
32 Sammy Crystal Perkins Black 8 October 2004 Lashenna Moore Mike Easley
33 Charles Wesley Roache White 22 October 2004 Chad McKinley Watt, Earl Phillips, Cora Phillips, Eddie Phillips, Mitzi Phillips, and Katie Phillips Mike Easley
34 Frank Ray Chandler White 12 November 2004 Doris Poore Mike Easley
35 William Dillard Powell White 11 March 2005 Mary Gladden Mike Easley
36 Earl J. Richmond, Jr. Black 6 May 2005 Helisa S. Hayes, Phillip Hayes, and Darien Hayes Mike Easley
37 Steven Van McHone White 11 November 2005 Mildred Adams and Wesley Adams, Sr. Mike Easley
38 Elias Syriani 18 November 2005 Teresa Yousef Syriani Mike Easley
39 Kenneth Lee Boyd White 2 December 2005 Julie Curry Boyd and Thomas Dillard Curry Mike Easley
40 Perrie Simpson Black 20 January 2006 Jean Ernest Darter Mike Easley
41 Patrick Lane Moody White 17 March 2006 Donnie Robbins Mike Easley
42 Willie Brown, Jr. Black 21 April 2006 Valerie Ann Roberson Dixon Mike Easley
43 Samuel Russell Flippen White 18 August 2006 Britnie Nichole Hutton Mike Easley

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