List of people executed in Texas, 1982–89

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The following is a list of people executed by the U.S. state of Texas between 1982 (when the state resumed executions) to 1989. All of the 33 individuals during this period were convicted of murder and have been executed by lethal injection at the Huntsville Unit in Huntsville, Texas.[1][2]

Executions 1982–89[edit]

The number in the "#" column indicates the nth person executed since 1982 (when Texas resumed the death penalty). Thus, Charles Brooks, Jr. was not only the first person executed in the 1980 decade, he was also the first person executed since Texas resumed the death penalty.

1982 – 1 execution
# Executed person Race Age Sex Date of
1 Charles Brooks, Jr. Black 40 M 07-Dec-1982 David Gregory
1984 – 3 executions
2 James David Autry White 29 M 14-Mar-1984 Shirley Droust and Joe Broussard
3 Ronald Clark O'Bryan White 39 M 31-Mar-1984 Timothy O'Bryan
4 Thomas Andy Barefoot White 39 M 30-Oct-1984 Harker Heights police officer Carl Irving LeVin
1985 – 6 executions
5 Doyle Edward Skillern White 49 M 16-Jan-1985 Patrick Randel
6 Stephen Peter Morin White 34 M 13-Mar-1985 Carrie Marie Smith, Janna Bruce, and Shiela Whalen
7 Jesse De La Rosa Hispanic 24 M 15-May-1985 Masaoud Ghazali
8 Charles Milton Black 34 M 25-Jun-1985 Manaree Denton
9 Henry Martinez Porter Hispanic 43 M 09-Jul-1985 Henry Mailloux
10 Charles Francis Rumbaugh White 28 M 11-Sep-1985 Michael Fiorello
1986 – 10 executions
11 Charles William Bass White 30 M 12-Mar-1986 Charles Baker
12 Jeffrey Allen Barney White 28 M 16-Apr-1986 Ruby Mae Longsworth
13 Jay Kelly Pinkerton White 24 M 15-May-1986 Sarah Donn Lawrence
14 Rudy Ramos Esquivel Hispanic 50 M 09-Jun-1986 Timothy Heam
15 Kenneth Albert Brock White 37 M 19-Jun-1986 Michael Sedita
16 Randy Lynn Woolls White 36 M 20-Aug-1986 Betty Stotts
17 Larry Smith Black 30 M 22-Aug-1986 Mike Mason
18 Chester Lee Wicker White 37 M 26-Aug-1986 Suzanne Knuth
19 Michael Wayne Evans Black 30 M 04-Dec-1986 Elvira Guerrero
20 Richard Andrade Hispanic 25 M 18-Dec-1986 Cordelia Mae Guevara
1987 – 6 executions
21 Ramon Pedro Hernandez Hispanic 44 M 30-Jan-1987 Oscar Frayre
22 Elisio Hernandez Moreno Hispanic 27 M 04-Mar-1987 Russell Lynn Boyd
23 Anthony Charles Williams Black 27 M 28-May-1987 Vicke Lynn Wright
24 Elliot Rod Johnson Black 38 M 24-Jun-1987 Joseph Granado
25 John Russell Thompson White 32 M 08-Jul-1987 Mary Knuepper
26 Joseph Blaine Starvaggi White 34 M 10-Sep-1987 John Denson
1988 – 3 executions
27 Robert L. Streetman White 27 M 07-Jan-1988 Christine Baker
28 Donald Gene Franklin Black 37 M 03-Nov-1988 Mary Margaret Moran
29 Raymond Landry, Sr. Black 39 M 13-Dec-1988 Kosmas Prittis
1989 – 4 executions
30 Leon Rutherford King Black 44 M 22-Mar-1989 Michael Underwood
31 Stephen A. McCoy White 40 M 24-May-1989 Cynthia Johnson
32 James Emery Paster White 44 M 20-Sep-1989 Robert Howard
33 Carlos DeLuna Hispanic 27 M 07-Dec-1989 Wanda Lopez
Sources: List of executed offenders by the TDJC since 1982,[1] and The Espy File: 1608–2002.[2]

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