List of journals published by Sri Lankan universities

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This is a list of academic journals published by Sri Lankan universities.

University of Colombo[edit]

  • University of Colombo Review
  • The Ceylon Journal of Medical Science
  • Sri Lanka Journal of International Law — Faculty of Law, University of Colombo.
  • Student Medical Journal – Faculty of Medicine
  • International Journal of Advance in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer)
  • Colombo Business Journal, by Faculty of Management and Finance [1]

Eastern University, Sri Lanka[edit]

  • AGRIEST — Journal of Agricultural Sciences
  • Journal of Science — Faculty of Science

University of Jaffna[edit]

  • Journal of Business Studies - Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

Open University of Sri Lanka[edit]

  • VISTAS Journal — Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences.
  • OUSL Journal.

University of Kelaniya[edit]

  • Journal of Science — Faculty of Science
  • Sri Lanka Journal of Marketing — Department of Marketing Management
  • Kelaniya Journal of Human Resource Management — Department of Human Resource Management
  • Kelaniya Journal of Management: Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies

University of Moratuwa[edit]

  • Bhumi : the Planning Research Journal of University of Moratuwa — Department of Town & Country Planning
  • Journal of the University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka

University of Peradeniya[edit]

  • Ceylon Science Journal (Biological Sciences) - Faculty of Science.
  • The Sri Lanka Journal of the Humanities[2]
  • Modern Sri Lanka Studies
  • The Ceylon Journal of Historical and Social Studies
  • University of Ceylon Review

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka[edit]

  • Rajarata Journal of social sciences — Department of Social Sciences

University of Ruhuna[edit]

  • Ruhuna Journal of Science
  • Rohana:Research Journal of the University of Ruhuna
  • Ruhuna Journal of Management and Finance (RJMF)

Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka[edit]

  • Sabaragamuwa University Journal
  • Journal of Agricultural Sciences

South Eastern University of Sri Lanka[edit]

  • The Journal of Kalam

University of Sri Jayewardenepura[edit]

  • Journal of Tropical Forestry and Environment — Department of Forestry and Environmental Science[3]
  • Sri Lankan Journal of Human Resource Management — Department of Human Resource Management, Faculty of Management Studies and commerce
  • Sri Lankan Journal of Real Estate — Department of Estate Management and Valuation
  • Vidyodaya : Journal of Social Science
  • Vidyodaya Journal of Management

Wayamba University of Sri Lanka[edit]

  • Wayamba Journal of Management — Department of Business Management
  • Sri Lankan Journal of Banking and Finance — Department of Banking and Finance
  • Wayamba Journal of Animal Science - Department of Livestock and Avian Sciences


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