List of key episodes in the Canonical Gospels

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This page provides a list of the key episodes in each of the four Canonical Gospels. It provides consistency for the generation of Gospel harmony tables for miracles, parables, ministry, etc. This page is parsed with its section heading-based format, and forms the basis for consistent harmony tables.


Gospel of Matthew[edit]

Matthew 1:1-17: Genealogy of Jesus (nativity)[edit]

Matthew 1:25-25: Birth of Jesus (nativity)[edit]

Matthew 2:1-2: Star of Bethlehem (nativity)[edit]

Matthew 2:3-12: Visit of the Magi (nativity)[edit]

Matthew 2:13-15: Flight into Egypt (nativity)[edit]

Matthew 2:16-18: Massacre of the Innocents (nativity)[edit]

Matthew 2:19-20: Herod the Great's death (miscl)[edit]

Matthew 2:21-23: Return of young Jesus to Nazareth (youth)[edit]

Matthew 3:1-12: Ministry of John the Baptist (miscl)[edit]

Matthew 3:13-17: Baptism of Jesus (miscl)[edit]

Matthew 4:1-11: Temptation of Jesus (miscl)[edit]

Matthew 4:12-12: Return of Jesus to Galilee (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 4:18-22: First disciples of Jesus (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 5:3-12: Beatitudes (sermon)[edit]

Matthew 5:14-15: The Lamp under a Bushel (parable)[edit]

Matthew 5:17-48: Expounding of the Law (sermon)[edit]

Matthew 6:1-18: Discourse on ostentation (sermon)[edit]

Matthew 6:9-13: The Lord's Prayer (sermon)[edit]

Matthew 6:25-34: The Birds of Heaven (sermon)[edit]

Matthew 7:1-5: The Mote and the Beam (sermon)[edit]

Matthew 7:13-27: Discourse on holiness (sermon)[edit]

Matthew 7:15-20: The Test of a Good Person (sermon)[edit]

Matthew 7:24-27: The Wise and the Foolish Builders (parable)[edit]

Matthew 8:1-4: Cleansing a leper (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 8:5-13: The Centurion's Servant (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 8:14-17: Healing the mother of Peter's wife (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 8:16-17: Exorcising at sunset (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 8:23-27: Calming the storm (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 8:28-34: Gerasenes demonic (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 9:1-8: Paralytic at Capernaum (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 9:9-13: Calling of Matthew (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 9:16-17: New Wine into Old Wineskins (parable)[edit]

Matthew 9:18-26: Daughter of Jairus (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 9:20-22: The Bleeding Woman (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 9:27-31: Two Blind Men at Galilee (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 9:32-34: Exorcising a mute (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 10:1-11:1: Commissioning the twelve Apostles (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 10:34-36: But to bring a sword (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 11:2-6: Messengers from John the Baptist (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 12:1-8: Lord of the Sabbath (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 12:9-13: Man with withered Hand (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 12:22-28: Exorcising the blind and mute man (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 12:29-29: Parable of the strong man (parable)[edit]

Matthew 12:31-32: Eternal sin (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 12:33-37: The Tree and its Fruits[edit]

Matthew 12:46-50: Jesus' True Relatives (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 13:3-9: Parable of the Sower (parable)[edit]

Matthew 13:24-30: The Tares (parable)[edit]

Matthew 13:31-32: Parable of the Mustard Seed (parable)[edit]

Matthew 13:33-33: The Leaven (parable)[edit]

Matthew 13:44-46: Parable of the Pearl (parable)[edit]

Matthew 13:47-50: Drawing in the Net (parable)[edit]

Matthew 13:52-52: The Hidden Treasure (parable)[edit]

Matthew 13:53-58: Rejection of Jesus (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 14:6-12: Beheading of St. John the Baptist (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 14:13-21: Feeding the 5000 (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 14:22-33: Walking on water (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 14:34-36: Healing in Gennesaret (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 15:1-20: Discourse on Defilement (sermon)[edit]

Matthew 15:21-28: Canaanite woman's daughter (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 15:32-39: Feeding the 4000 (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 16:13-20: Confession of Peter (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 17:1-13: Transfiguration of Jesus (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 17:14-21: Boy possessed by a demon (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 17:24-27: Coin in the fish's mouth (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 18:1-7: The Little Children (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 18:10-14: The Lost Sheep (parable)[edit]

Matthew 18:23-35: The Unforgiving Servant (parable)[edit]

Matthew 19:13-15: The Little Children (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 19:16-30: Jesus and the rich young man (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 20:1-16: The Workers in the Vineyard (parable)[edit]

Matthew 20:17-19: Jesus predicts his death (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 20:20-28: Son of man came to serve (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 20:29-34: Blind near Jericho (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 21:1-11: Triumphal entry into Jerusalem (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 21:12-17: Second Temple Cleansing (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 21:18-22: Cursing the fig tree (miracle)[edit]

Matthew 21:23-27: Authority of Jesus Questioned (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 21:28-32: The Two Sons (parable)[edit]

Matthew 21:33-41: The Wicked Husbandmen (parable)[edit]

Matthew 22:1-14: The Great Banquet (parable)[edit]

Matthew 22:15-22: Render unto Caesar... (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 22:23-33: Resurrection of the Dead[edit]

Matthew 22:34-40: Great Commandment[edit]

Matthew 23:1-39: Woes of the Pharisees (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 24:1-31: Olivet discourse (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 24:32-35: The Budding Fig Tree (parable)[edit]

Matthew 24:42-51: The Faithful Servant (parable)[edit]

Matthew 25:1-13: The Ten Virgins (parable)[edit]

Matthew 25:14-30: The Talents or Minas (parable)[edit]

Matthew 25:31-46: The Sheep and the Goats (parable)[edit]

Matthew 26:6-13: Anointing of Jesus (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 26:14-16: Bargain of Judas (miscl)[edit]

Matthew 26:17-30: Last Supper (ministry)[edit]

Matthew 26:31-35: Denial of Peter[edit]

Matthew 26:69-75: Denial of Peter[edit]

Matthew 26:47-49: The kiss of Judas (passion)[edit]

Matthew 26:36-56: Arrest of Jesus (passion)[edit]

Matthew 26:57-68: Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus (passion)[edit]

Matthew 27:24-25: Blood curse (passion)[edit]

Matthew 27:32-61: Crucifixion of Jesus (passion)[edit]

Matthew 28:1-1: Myrrhbearers (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Matthew 28:2-8: Empty tomb (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Matthew 28:9-10: Resurrection of Jesus (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Matthew 28:16-20: Great Commission (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Gospel of Mark[edit]

Mark 1:1-8: John the Baptist (miscl)[edit]

Mark 1:9-11: Baptism of Jesus (miracle)[edit]

Mark 1:12-13: Temptation of Jesus (miscl)[edit]

Mark 1:14-14: Return of Jesus to Galilee (ministry)[edit]

Mark 1:16-20: First disciples of Jesus (ministry)[edit]

Mark 1:21-28: Exorcism at the Synagogue in Capernaum (miracle)[edit]

Mark 1:29-34: Healing the mother of Peter's wife (miracle)[edit]

Mark 1:32-34: Exorcising at sunset (miracle)[edit]

Mark 1:40-45: Cleansing a leper (miracle)[edit]

Mark 2:1-12: Paralytic at Capernaum (miracle)[edit]

Mark 2:13-17: Calling of Matthew (ministry)[edit]

Mark 2:21-22: New Wine into Old Wineskins (parable)[edit]

Mark 2:23-28: Lord of the Sabbath[edit]

Mark 3:1-6: Man with withered Hand (miracle)[edit]

Mark 3:13-19: Commissioning the twelve Apostles (ministry)[edit]

Mark 3:20-26: Exorcising the blind and mute man (miracle)[edit]

Mark 3:27-27: Parable of the strong man (parable)[edit]

Mark 3:28-30: Eternal sin (ministry)[edit]

Mark 3:31-35: Jesus' True Relatives (ministry)[edit]

Mark 4:1-9: Parable of the Sower (parable)[edit]

Mark 4:13-20: Parable of the Sower (parable)[edit]

Mark 4:21-23: The Lamp under a Bushel (parable)[edit]

Mark 4:24-25: The Mote and the Beam[edit]

Mark 4:26-29: The Growing Seed (parable)[edit]

Mark 4:30-32: Parable of the Mustard Seed (parable)[edit]

Mark 4:35-41: Calming the storm (miracle)[edit]

Mark 5:1-20: Gerasenes demonic (miracle)[edit]

Mark 5:21-43: Daughter of Jairus (miracle)[edit]

Mark 5:24-34: The Bleeding Woman (miracle)[edit]

Mark 6:1-6: Hometown rejection of Jesus (ministry)[edit]

Mark 6:7-13 Commissioning the twelve Apostles (ministry)[edit]

Mark 6:21-29: Beheading of St. John the Baptist (ministry)[edit]

Mark 6:30-44: Feeding the 5000 (miracle)[edit]

Mark 6:45-52: Walking on water (miracle)[edit]

Mark 6:53-56: Healing in Gennesaret (miracle)[edit]

Mark 7:1-23: Discourse on Defilement (sermon)[edit]

Mark 7:24-30: Canaanite woman's daughter (miracle)[edit]

Mark 7:31-37: Deaf mute of Decapolis (miracle)[edit]

Mark 8:1-9: Feeding the 4000 (miracle)[edit]

Mark 8:22-26: Blind Man of Bethsaida (miracle)[edit]

Mark 8:27-30: Confession of Peter (ministry)[edit]

Mark 9:2-13: Transfiguration of Jesus (miracle)[edit]

Mark 9:14-29: Boy possessed by a demon (miracle)[edit]

Mark 9:36-37: The Little Children (ministry)[edit]

Mark 10:13-16: The Little Children (ministry)[edit]

Mark 10:17-31: Jesus and the rich young man (ministry)[edit]

Mark 10:32-34: Jesus predicts his death (ministry)[edit]

Mark 10:35-45: Son of man came to serve (ministry)[edit]

Mark 10:46-52: Blind near Jericho (miracle)[edit]

Mark 11:1-11: Triumphal entry into Jerusalem (ministry)[edit]

Mark 11:12-14: Cursing the fig tree (miracle)[edit]

Mark 11:20-24: Cursing the fig tree (miracle)[edit]

Mark 11:15-19: Second Temple Cleansing (ministry)[edit]

Mark 11:27-33: Authority of Jesus Questioned (ministry)[edit]

Mark 12:1-12: The Wicked Husbandmen (parable)[edit]

Mark 12:13-17: Render unto Caesar... (ministry)[edit]

Mark 12:18-27: Resurrection of the Dead[edit]

Mark 12:28-34: Great Commandment[edit]

Mark 12:41-44: Widow's mite (sermon)[edit]

Mark 13: Olivet discourse (ministry)[edit]

Mark 13:28-31: The Budding Fig Tree (parable)[edit]

Mark 13:34-37: The Faithful Servant (parable)[edit]

Mark 14:3-9: Anointing of Jesus (ministry)[edit]

Mark 14:10-11: Bargain of Judas (miscl)[edit]

Mark 14:12-26: Last Supper (ministry)[edit]

Mark 14:27-31: Denial of Peter[edit]

Mark 14:66-72: Denial of Peter[edit]

Mark 14:43-45: The kiss of Judas (passion)[edit]

Mark 14:32-52: Arrest of Jesus (passion)[edit]

Mark 14:53-65: Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus (passion)[edit]

Mark 15:16-47: Crucifixion of Jesus (passion)[edit]

Mark 16:1-1: Myrrhbearers (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Mark 16:2-8: Empty tomb (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Mark 16:12-13: Road to Emmaus appearance (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Mark 16:14-18: Great Commission (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Mark 16:19: Ascension of Jesus (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Gospel of Luke[edit]

Luke 1:5-25: Birth of John the Baptist (nativity)[edit]

Luke 1:26-38: Annunciation (nativity)[edit]

Luke 1:39-56: Visitation of Mary (nativity)[edit]

Luke 2:1-5: Census of Quirinius (nativity)[edit]

Luke 2:6-7: Birth of Jesus (nativity)[edit]

Luke 2:8-15: Annunciation to the shepherds (nativity)[edit]

Luke 2:16-20: Adoration of the shepherds (nativity)[edit]

Luke 2:21-38: Infant Jesus at the Temple (nativity)[edit]

Luke 2:39-39: Return of young Jesus to Nazareth (youth)[edit]

Luke 2:41-52: Finding Jesus in the Temple (youth)[edit]

Luke 3:21-22: Baptism of Jesus (miscl)[edit]

Luke 3:23-38: Genealogy of Jesus (nativity)[edit]

Luke 4:1-13: Temptation of Jesus (miscl)[edit]

Luke 4:16-30: Hometown rejection of Jesus (ministry)[edit]

Luke 4:31-37: Exorcism at the Synagogue in Capernaum (miracle)[edit]

Luke 4:38-39: Healing the mother of Peter's wife (miracle)[edit]

Luke 4:40-41: Exorcising at sunset (miracle)[edit]

Luke 5:1-11: Miraculous draught of fishes (miracle)[edit]

Luke 5:12-16: Cleansing a leper (miracle)[edit]

Luke 5:17-26: Paralytic at Capernaum (miracle)[edit]

Luke 5:27-32: Calling of Matthew (ministry)[edit]

Luke 5:37-39: New Wine into Old Wineskins (parable)[edit]

Luke 6:1-5: Lord of the Sabbath[edit]

Luke 6:6-11: Man with withered Hand (miracle)[edit]

Luke 6:12-16: Commissioning the twelve Apostles (ministry)[edit]

Luke 6:20-23: Beatitudes (sermon)[edit]

Luke 6:29-42: Expounding of the Law (sermon)[edit]

Luke 6:41-42: The Mote and the Beam (sermon)[edit]

Luke 6:46-49: The Wise and the Foolish Builders (parable)[edit]

Luke 7:1-10: The Centurion's Servant (miracle)[edit]

Luke 7:11-17: Young Man from Nain (miracle)[edit]

Luke 7:18-23: Messengers from John the Baptist (ministry)[edit]

Luke 7:36-50: Anointing of Jesus[edit]

Luke 7:41-43: The Two Debtors (parable)[edit]

Luke 8:4-15: Parable of the Sower (parable)[edit]

Luke 8:16-18: The Lamp under a Bushel (parable)[edit]

Luke 8:19-21: Jesus' True Relatives (ministry)[edit]

Luke 8:22-25: Calming the storm (miracle)[edit]

Luke 8:26-39: Gerasenes demonic (miracle)[edit]

Luke 8:40-56: Daughter of Jairus (miracle)[edit]

Luke 8:43-48: The Bleeding Woman (miracle)[edit]

Luke 9:1-6: Commissioning the twelve Apostles (ministry)[edit]

Luke 9:10-17: Feeding the 5000 (miracle)[edit]

Luke 9:18-20: Confession of Peter (ministry)[edit]

Luke 9:28-36: Transfiguration of Jesus (miracle)[edit]

Luke 9:37-43: Boy possessed by a demon (miracle)[edit]

Luke 9:46-48: The Little Children (ministry)[edit]

Luke 10:1-12: Seventy Disciples (ministry)[edit]

Luke 10:16-20: Seventy Disciples (ministry)[edit]

Luke 10:25-28: Great Commandment[edit]

Luke 10:29-37: Parable of the Good Samaritan (parable)[edit]

Luke 10:38-42: Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary (ministry)[edit]

Luke 11:1-4: The Lord's Prayer (ministry)[edit]

Luke 11:5-13: The Friend at Night (parable)[edit]

Luke 11:14-20: Exorcising the blind and mute man (miracle)[edit]

Luke 11:21-22: Parable of the strong man (parable)[edit]

Luke 12:8-12: Eternal sin (ministry)[edit]

Luke 12:16-21: The Rich Fool (parable)[edit]

Luke 12:22-32: The Birds of Heaven (ministry)[edit]

Luke 12:35-48: The Faithful Servant (parable)[edit]

Luke 12:49-53: But to bring a sword[edit]

Luke 13:1-5: Tower of Siloam[edit]

Luke 13:6-9: The Barren Fig Tree (parable)[edit]

Luke 13:10-17: An Infirm Woman (miracle)[edit]

Luke 13:18-19: Parable of the Mustard Seed (parable)[edit]

Luke 13:20-21: The Leaven (parable)[edit]

Luke 14:1-6: Man with dropsy (miracle)[edit]

Luke 14:7-14: Parable of the Wedding Feast (parable)[edit]

Luke 14:16-24: The Great Banquet (parable)[edit]

Luke 14:28-33: Counting the Cost (parable)[edit]

Luke 15:4-6: The Lost Sheep (parable)[edit]

Luke 15:8-9: The Lost Coin (parable)[edit]

Luke 15:11-32: Parable of the Prodigal Son (parable)[edit]

Luke 16:1-13: The Unjust Steward (parable)[edit]

Luke 16:19-31: Rich man and Lazarus (parable)[edit]

Luke 17:7-10: The Master and Servant (parable)[edit]

Luke 17:11-19: Cleansing ten lepers (miracle)[edit]

Luke 18:1-9: The Unjust Judge (parable)[edit]

Luke 18:10-14: Pharisees and the Publican (parable)[edit]

Luke 18:15-17: The Little Children (ministry)[edit]

Luke 18:18-30: Jesus and the rich young man (ministry)[edit]

Luke 18:31-34: Jesus predicts his death (ministry)[edit]

Luke 18:35-43: Blind near Jericho (miracle)[edit]

Luke 19:1-10: Jesus and Zacchaeus (ministry)[edit]

Luke 19:11-27: The Talents or Minas (parable)[edit]

Luke 19:28-44: Triumphal entry into Jerusalem (ministry)[edit]

Luke 19:45-48: Second Temple Cleansing (ministry)[edit]

Luke 20:1-8: Authority of Jesus Questioned (ministry)[edit]

Luke 20:9-19: The Wicked Husbandmen (parable)[edit]

Luke 20:20-26: Render unto Caesar... (ministry)[edit]

Luke 20:27-40: Resurrection of the Dead[edit]

Luke 20:45-47: Woes of the Pharisees (ministry)[edit]

Luke 21:1-4: Widow's mite (sermon)[edit]

Luke 21:5-38: Olivet discourse (ministry)[edit]

Luke 21:29-33: The Budding Fig Tree (parable)[edit]

Luke 22:1-6: Bargain of Judas (miscl)[edit]

Luke 22:7-23: Last Supper (ministry)[edit]

Luke 22:24-30: Commissioning the twelve Apostles (ministry)[edit]

Luke 22:31-34: Denial of Peter[edit]

Luke 22:35-38: Sell your cloak and buy a sword[edit]

Luke 22:47-48: The kiss of Judas (passion)[edit]

Luke 22:49-51: Healing the ear of a servant (miracle)[edit]

Luke 22:52-54: Arrest of Jesus (passion)[edit]

Luke 22:55-62: Denial of Peter[edit]

Luke 22:63-71: Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus (passion)[edit]

Luke 23:26-56: Crucifixion of Jesus (passion)[edit]

Luke 24:1-8: Resurrection of Jesus (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Luke 24:1-1: Myrrhbearers (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Luke 24:2-12: Empty tomb (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Luke 24:13-32: Road to Emmaus appearance (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Luke 24:36-43: Resurrected Jesus appears to Apostles (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Luke 24:44-49: Great Commission (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Luke 24:50-53: Ascension of Jesus (resurrection appearance)[edit]

Gospel of John[edit]

John 1:1-18: Pre-existence of Christ (miscl)[edit]

John 1:19-34: Ministry of John the Baptist (miscl)[edit]

John 1:35-51: First disciples of Jesus (ministry)[edit]

John 2:1-11: Marriage at Cana (miracle)[edit]

John 2:13-25: First Temple Cleansing (ministry)[edit]

John 3:1-36: Jesus & Nicodemus (ministry)[edit]

John 4:1-3: Return of Jesus to Galilee (ministry)[edit]

John 4:4-26: Samaritan woman at the well (ministry)[edit]

John 4:43-54: Healing the royal official's son[edit]

John 5:1-18: Paralytic at Bethesda (miracle)[edit]

John 5:24-29: Resurrection of the Dead[edit]

John 6:5-15: Feeding the 5000 (miracle)[edit]

John 6:16-21: Walking on water (miracle)[edit]

John 6:22-59: Bread of Life Discourse (sermon)[edit]

John 7:1-52: Feast of Tabernacles[edit]

John 7:53-8:11: Jesus and the woman taken in adultery (ministry)[edit]

John 8:12-20: Light of the World (Jesus)[edit]

John 9: The Blind at Birth (miracle)[edit]

John 10:1-21: The Good Shepherd (ministry)[edit]

John 11:1-44: Raising of Lazarus (miracle)[edit]

John 12:1-8: Anointing of Jesus (ministry)[edit]

John 12:12-19: Triumphal entry into Jerusalem (ministry)[edit]

John 12:24-26: The Grain of Wheat (ministry)[edit]

John 12:44-50: Last Judgement[edit]

John 13:1-30: Foot Washing (ministry)[edit]

John 13:31-35: The New Commandment[edit]

John 13:36-38: Denial of Peter[edit]

John 18:15-18: Denial of Peter[edit]

John 18:25-27: Denial of Peter[edit]

John 14:15-31: Paraclete[edit]

John 15:18-16:33: Paraclete[edit]

John 15:1-17: The Vine[edit]

John 17: High Priestly Prayer[edit]

John 18:2-9: The kiss of Judas (passion)[edit]

John 18:10-12: Arrest of Jesus (passion)[edit]

John 18:12-24: Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus (passion)[edit]

John 19:1-42: Crucifixion of Jesus (passion)[edit]

John 20:1-10: Empty tomb (resurrection appearance)[edit]

John 20:14-16: Resurrection of Jesus (resurrection appearance)[edit]

John 20:11-18: Noli me tangere (resurrection appearance)[edit]

John 20:19-20: Resurrected Jesus appears to Apostles (resurrection appearance)[edit]

John 20:21-23: Great Commission (resurrection appearance)[edit]

John 20:24-29: Doubting Thomas (resurrection appearance)[edit]

John 21:1-14: Catch of 153 fish (miracle)[edit]

John 21:20-25: Disciple whom Jesus loved[edit]

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