List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2010

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This is a list of people killed by nonmilitary law enforcement officers in 2010, whether in the line of duty or not, and regardless of reason or method. Inclusion in the list implies neither wrongdoing nor justification on the part of the person killed or the officer involved. The listing merely documents the occurrence of a death. Killings are arranged by date of incident which caused death. Different death dates are, if possible, noted in the description.

The list below is incomplete, as the annual average number of justifiable homicides committed by law enforcement alone is estimated to be near 400.[1]

For lists of killings from other years, see List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States.


Date Victim State (city) Description
2010‑12‑30 McCully, John Timothy (24) Florida (Pembroke Pines) Shot after threatening officers with "large kitchen knife" and refusing to drop it even after being shot with stun guns.[2][3]
2010-12-25 Pogue, Daniel (54) Utah (South Jordan) Shot after ignoring order to stop running, threatening bystanders, and drop his weapon. Pogue was armed with "two shotguns, a rifle, several swords, and a machete."[4][5]
2010-12-20 Knight, Christopher (35) Georgia (Brunswick) Died after being shocked with a Taser. Knight was being arrested for having rammed his car into another vehicle. Police used a Taser on Knight for resisting arrest, after which he rolled over and stopped breathing.[6]
2010-12-17 Darryel Dwayne Ferguson (45) Oregon (Portland) Officers arrived and went to the apartment door to make contact with the suspect. Within seconds, the officers broadcast that shots had been fired and that the suspect had pointed a gun at the officers. The shooting happened at the threshold of the apartment door.[7]
2010-12-17 Foster, Brandon (22) Florida (Miami) Shot by police after failing to drop gun. Witnesses say that it was possible that Foster was attempting to pull up his pants. His family says that he was on his way to sell his rifle.[8][9]
2010-12-16 Lee, Ciara (20) Texas (Houston) Ciara Lee, 20, was killed after officials said she pointed a gun at a Houston Police Department officer around 1:45 a.m. in the parking lot of a southwest Houston apartment complex. "The officer gave verbal commands for her to drop the weapon. She turned toward the officer, pointing the weapon at him," said John Cannon, a Houston police spokesman. Officer D. Hoang fired once, striking the woman. A gun was found near her body, authorities said.[10]
2010-12-12 Zerby, Doug (35) California (Long Beach) Zerby was in his friend's backyard playing with a hose nozzle while drunk. He was shot by two police officers who responded to a call of a man with a handgun in a backyard of a home. The officers and the caller said they believed that the hose nozzle appeared to be a gun.[11]
2010-12-12 Jones, Gary Huel (29) Georgia (Mableton) Shot after confronting police with knife. Officers were responding to a report of a man armed with a knife.[12][13]
2010-12-11 Jarreau, Guy (34) California (Vallejo) Shot to death in an alley by Officer Kent Tribble after flashing a revolver at the officer. Police were responding to a report of a man with a gun.[14]
2010-12-10 Hoapili, Kyle L. K. (27) Washington (Bremerton) Shot while fleeing police in vehicle and then on foot. Hoapili was wanted on a warrant accusing him of escape.[15][16]
2010-12-08 Ault, Raymond (49) Colorado (Fort Collins) Shot after escaping from community corrections and making a threatening movement toward officers. It was later determined that Ault held a flashlight. The man was wanted for “burglary and menacing, theft and eluding”.[17][18]
2010-12-04 Groom, Jeremy (34) Washington (Spokane) Shot after refusing command to drop weapon. Groom was in a shooter's stance and pointing a handgun at another man's head.[19][20]
2010-12-01 Stone, Larry (61) Tennessee (Memphis) Shot after failing to drop gun.[21]
2010-11-28 Poccia, Richard (60) California (Napa) Shot in front of his home by police after Richard's wife reported he was distraught and had threatened suicide.[22]
2010-11-24 Reyes, Ruben (20) Colorado (Evans) Shot after killing deputy.[23]
2010-11-17 Scrivner, Curtis (47) Idaho (Riggins) Shot during shootout with deputy. Officers were searching for Scrivner after he had displayed a firearm and fled when contacted by a deputy regarding a felony warrant in Colorado.[24]
2010-11-12 Corporon, Ethan (29) Washington (Spokane) Shot after firing shotgun at police and in the air. Police were responding to report of man firing shotgun at a house.[25]
2010-11-08 Nance, Alexandra (20) Illinois (O'Fallon) A police officer shot and killed a 20-year-old woman in a pickup stopped in the driveway of an O'Fallon home early Monday after she pointed a gun at the officer, police say[26]
2010-10-31 Sullivan, Nicodemus (24) California (Sonoma County) Sullivan was shot and killed by four Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies and a California Highway Patrol officer after he showed up at his mother's house in unincorporated Sonoma County, near Santa Rosa. Police came to the neighborhood where Sullivan was in his car, and Sullivan accelerated towards the patrol cars, striking one car with a deputy inside. Police also feared Sullivan was reaching for a weapon while attempting to ram their vehicles. Sullivan was hit 11 times.[27]
2010-10-30 Wickham, Kenneth (63) Washington (Tacoma) Shot after refusing to stop waving gun after numerous police orders to do so. Police were responding to a report that Wickham was threatening to kill himself.[28][29]
2010-10-29 Mackey, Tobias Arthur (25) Texas (Dallas) Tate claimed he shot Mackey because he thought he was reaching for a gun. A Dallas County grand jury cleared Tate last year of any wrongdoing. ... The suit claims that after being shot, Mackey said: “Why did you shoot me? I don’t have anything.” Tate then shot him again, at close range, the suit alleges. He was shot a total of nine times, according to the lawsuit.[30]
2010-10-29 Cunningham, Samuel Thomas III (53) Georgia (Athens) Shot while holding knife to another man's throat. Police officer on foot patrol heard an argument and entered apartment.[31][32][33]
2010-10-27 Nunn, Michael (40) Indiana (Gary) The officers ordered Nunn to drop his knife, and he charged at them, Roberts said. At least one officer shot Nunn.[34]
2010-10-26 Kelly, William Lee (40) Washington (Longview) Shot after shooting at police. Officers were pursuing man as prime suspect following the armed robbery of a market. After man's vehicle's tire blew out, man exited vehicle with rifle and fired at police.[35][36]
2010-10-26 Ostling, Douglas (43) Washington (Bainbridge Island) Bled to death after being shot in leg through door. Officers were responding to a 911 call from Ostling in a reported state of “excited delirium.” Ostling opened the door to officers while holding an ax, then retreated and closed door. Ostling was left unattended for 75 minutes after being shot.[37]
2010-10-24 Hyman, Nelson Gray (22) South Carolina (Summerville) Coroner Chris Nesbit says Hyman tried to run over the cop with his truck. Hyman was then shot in the upper torso and crashed his truck and as a result he died on the scene.[38]
2010-10-24 Dodd, Quentin (50) Washington (Spokane) Shot after charging at deputies with obsidian knife in hand and after yelling “Shoot me.” at officers. Officers were responding to report that Dodd was threatening roommate with knife.[39]
2010-10-24 unnamed male Georgia (DeKalb County) Shot after engaging in a criminal act. Two off-duty police officers work security at an apartment complex “approached the suspect and at some point were forced to shoot.” [40]
2010-10-23 Brown, Larry (58) Colorado (Delta) Shot after shooting at police. Officers were responding to report of gunshots in neighborhood.[41][42]
2010‑10‑17 Henry Jr., Danroy Thomas (20) New York (Thornwood) Innocent and Unarmed. Henry was shot three times and killed by police in the midst of a brawl outside Finnegan's Grill in the shopping center after striking an officer with his car. The father of a passenger in the car said that the driver headed away because he thought police wanted him to move. Roughly six months later, the head of the New York police union, presented Aaron Hess, the officer who shot and killed Danroy “DJ” Henry, with an "officer of the year" award.[43][44]
2010‑10‑05 Rodriguez, Danny (28) Arizona (Phoenix) Rodriguez and his pit bull were shot and killed by officer Richard Chrisman after reports of a domestic disturbance at their home. Chrisman claimed that Rodriguez tried to attack him with a bicycle. According to prosecutors, Chrisman killed Rodriguez without a possibility of a threat. Chrisman was charged with second-degree murder and animal cruelty, and was convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter and assault. He was sentenced to seven years of prison in 2013.[45]
2010‑10‑03 Paulino, Emmanuel (24) New York (New York City) A man who called 911 and ranted about killing police was shot and killed in Inwood as he waved a knife at officers Sunday.[46]
2010‑10‑01 Adams, Letha (38) Oklahoma (Muskogee) Adams tried to take [the officer's] weapon. Police said the two then got into a scuffle. "She was just swinging and she was on top of him and going crazy," said [a Muskogee resident]. Police said a second officer, identified as Ginny Bemo, arrived and quickly went to her partner's aid, firing shots at Adams.[47]
2010‑09-29 Layten, Jeff (39) Nebraska (Omaha) Police say the man shot by two officers inside Creighton University Medical Center died Wednesday afternoon following a morning confrontation with police. The two officers were wounded.[48]
2010-09-24 Elias, Rita (31) California (Stanislaus) Physical altercation between Elias and Kari Abbey (off-duty Stanislaus sheriff's detective). At one point Elias went back into the home and came back out with a branch in her left hand and a gun in the right. Abbey fired at Elias, striking her multiple times. It was later revealed Elias was holding a BB gun.[49]
2010-09-18 Seavey, Harry (51) Ohio (Cincinnati) Shot during gunbattle with police. Undercover agents were approaching bar where Seavey was standing guard and fired on agents.[50]
2010-09-16 Blair, Todd (45) Utah (Ogden/Roy) Blair, 45, was shot three times by Strike Force Sgt. Troy Burnett as agents entered his home with a no-knock search warrant, officials said. The warrant was issued on allegations Blair was selling meth and heroin from his home. Blair was brandishing a golf club when he was shot, officials said.[51]
2010-09-11 Bayliffe, Brent (30) Washington (Olalla) Shot after attacking an off-duty state trooper at the trooper's home.[52]
2010-09-07 Lookabill, Nikkolas W. (22) Washington (Vancouver) Shot after refusing to commands to drop weapon. Police were responding to report of a man walking the neighborhood armed with a handgun[53]
2010-09-06 Pao, Kevin B (22) Georgia (Augusta) Shot while reaching for gun in a bag during struggle with officer. Police were responding to report of a man bathing in the restroom of a restaurant.[54]


2010-09-03 Chesney, Michael Lewis (54) Tennessee (Knoxville) When an officer lifted the bed skirt on a bed, Chesney fired a round from under the bed from a 9mm semiautomatic pistol at Officer Brandon Stryker, hitting him in the torso. Police said Stryker and two other officers returned fire. Chesney died at the scene.[56]
2010-09-03 Sims, Richard Wayne (64) Washington (Tacoma) Shot after refusing commands to put down knife and then raising knife in an overhand threatening manner. Police were responding to a report of a man waving a knife around in front of a bus stop.[57][58]
2010-08-31 Zevola Sr., Edward C. (61) Pennsylvania (Baldwin Borough) When Officer Kim Reising arrived, Zevola was sitting in a chair on the front patio with a rifle ... He said, 'I'm a Vietnam veteran. I have seven rounds. I won't shoot for your Kevlar (bulletproof vest). I'll shoot for your head,' " ... Reising tried to calm Zevola and to get him to drop the weapon. Another officer approaching through nearby woods saw him raise his rifle and point it toward Reising. The officer fired a single shot that struck Zevola.[59]
2010-08-31 Young, David Charles (23) Washington (Federal Way) Shot while advancing a pickup truck towards officer “in an aggressive manner” after vehicle crashed following a chase. Police had pursued Young on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle.[60][61]
2010-08-30 Williams, John T. (50) Washington (Seattle) List of cases of police brutality in the United States.[62][63][64][65]
2010-08-27 Barrett, Brandon (28) Utah (Salt Lake City) Shot after shooting at police and injuring one officer in the leg. Police were responding to report of man armed with a rifle pacing on a busy street.[66]
2010-08-25 Creach, Wayne Scott (74) Washington (Spokane Valley) Shot with handgun in back waistband after approaching unmarked police car in parking lot of Creach's business around 11 pm. The family reported the Creach thought he had heard a burglar and had gone outside to investigate.[67]
2010-08-23 King, Garfield Romale (32) Illinois (Chicago) Police say King led officers on a car chase after an attempted traffic stop. The chase ended with a crash. Police say King then rammed his car into another squad car, pinning and injuring a third officer. The impact also caused King's car to catch fire. Officials said that's when they opened fire, killing King.[68]
2010-08-20 Gaye, Tarnorris Tyrell (19) Florida (Miami) Shot after pointing shotgun at officer.[69][70]
2010-08-16 Ariel Rosenfeld (43) Washington (Seattle) Shot after man pulled gun from his waistband during fight with police. Officers were at man's place of employment to arrest him for investigation of domestic violence the night before.[71][72]
2010-08-14 Belizaire, Gibson (21) Florida (Miami) Shot after firing at police officers multiple times.[73][74]
2010-08-11 Johnson, Joeell Lee (16) Florida (Miami) Shot after pointing a gun at an undercover officer during a robbery sting investigation.[69][75]
2010-08-10 Geske, Troy (41) Colorado (Pueblo) Died from “positional asphyxia” while being restrained face down in police custody in the forensic unit of the state mental hospital.[76][77]
2010-08-06 Wells, Eric (30) Indiana (Indianapolis) Killed when the motorcycle he was riding was struck by a patrol car driven by on-duty officer David Bisard, whose blood-alcohol level at the time of the accident was 0.19.[78]
2010-08-05 Carl, Joey (17) Minnesota (Duluth) Video shows Carl coming out from behind two cars and charging at the squad car with a baseball bat. He starts smashing in the squad's windshield. Keast attempts to reverse his car as the teen continues to strike. The squad car hits a vehicle behind it and comes to a stop. Carl then makes his way to the driver's side window and continues pounding on the squad car. Keast yells at him telling him to put the bat down. A single shot is fired and hits Carl in the chest.[79]
2010-08-01 Vigil, Alfred Raymond (62) Colorado (Denver) Vigil called 911 and stated that he wanted to die via "suicide by cop". Officers arrived on scene to find Vigil holding a gun to his head. After ignoring repeated calls to drop the weapon, Vigil pointed the weapon at the officers. The four officers fired a total 12 rounds, killing Vigil.[80]
2010-07-28 Royalty, Markiese (26) Arizona (Phoenix) Officers who were staging a sale of $250,000 worth of marijuana inside a home in Phoenix. A gunfight broke out during the staged sale, leaving one officer and two suspects dead.[81]
2010-07-28 Tatum, Roger (32) Arizona (Phoenix) Officers who were staging a sale of $250,000 worth of marijuana inside a home in Phoenix. A gunfight broke out during the staged sale, leaving one officer and two suspects dead.[82]
2010-07-23 Netter, Matthew (23) Washington (Silverdale) Matthew James Netter was dangerously high on methamphetamine and pulled a loaded pistol on a Poulsbo police officer when he was shot and killed during a July traffic stop. Poulsbo officer Darrel Moore shot Netter, 23, of Bremerton, eight times at point blank range, until Netter stopped moving, according to a report issued Friday by Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney Russell Hauge. Hauge found that Moore was "absolutely justified" in his use of force during the stop near Silverdale's Whaling Days festival July 23. The report relied on audio and video evidence from Moore's patrol car camera, along with the statement of a "ride along" observer who had exited Moore's vehicle during the traffic stop near the Whaling Days festival.[83][84][85][86][87]
2010-07-21 Johnson, Naquan (21) New Jersey (Gloucester Township) Johnson was fleeing an apartment where he Tasered and sexually assaulted a woman and shot a man, authorities said. When officers tried to take him into custody, he a “made a threatening gesture” with a handgun, prompting officers to open fire, according to authorities. [88]
2010-07-20 Kemp, Jason (31) Colorado (Grand Junction) Officers forced entry into Kemp's home regarding a recent automobile accident and possible DUI. Kemp made a threatening move in the dark and was shot to death by an officer.[89]
2010-07-16 Gaymon, DeFarra (48) New Jersey (Newark) Shot after reportedly lunging at police officer and threatening to kill him.[90]
2010-07-14 Gilbert, Rashaan (33) New Jersey (Newark) Two Newark detectives identified as members of the city’s gang investigations unit shot and killed Rashaan Gilbert, 33, of Newark after he allegedly approached them on a South Ward street corner with a loaded weapon and refused to drop it.[91]
2010-07-13 Hummell, Lance G. (23) New Mexico (Las Cruces) Hummell drew a nearly 4-foot Samuari sword as he exited the vehicle, raised the blade and walked toward the officers. ... Rivera and Camp drew their weapons and ordered Lance Hummell to stop. He did not, continuing to advance slowly toward the officers. ... Wormuth found the officers to be no further than 27 feet from Lance Hummell when Rivera shot and killed him.[92]
2010-07-10 Scott, Erik B. (38) Nevada (Las Vegas) Army Veteran and Concealed Carry Licensee killed by police after Costco employees called and reported a man with a gun.[93]
2010-07-09 Booker, Marvin (56) Colorado (Denver) List of cases of police brutality in the United States.[94]
2010-07-08 Popkowski, James (37) Maine (Medway) Shot after armed confrontation with police. Officers were responding to report of gunshots in woods near hospital.[95]
2010-07-07 Devangari, Mayceo (49) Washington (Kent) Shot after two-hour standoff by police responding to a domestic violence call. Police claim they believed Mr. Devangari was reaching into his pocket for a weapon, which they claim turned out to be a silver/chrome-colored crank flashlight.[96] Devangari had made threats that he was armed and said that he wanted to die.[97]
2010-07-05 Moore, DeCarlos (36) Florida (Miami) The officers pulled Moore's car over and got out of their car. ... Brown-Williams testified that Moore got out of the car, walked toward the officers, then quickly returned to the Honda, reaching in through a window and turning toward Marin. Marin said he saw something that looked metallic in Moore's hand as he faced them ... he thought Moore was retrieving a weapon and fatally shot him in the head. Prosecutors said no weapon was found at the scene, but some aluminum foil containing crack cocaine was discovered nearby. The car actually was not stolen.[98][99][100]
2010-06-30 Collender, Julian (25) California (Yorba Linda) Shot to death in front yard of family residence by off-duty detective of Brea PD with a high-powered assault rifle. Collender was shot to death at close range (6–8 ft away) after failing to "freeze" in a "timely manner." Collender was unarmed at the time of his murder.[101]
2010-06-28 Enriquez, Arturo (36) Colorado (Denver) Shot after pointing a weapon at officers responding to a "man with a gun" 911 call[102]
2010-06-27 Brogli, Scott A. (45) Ohio (Beavercreek) An apparently intoxicated retired military man charged at police with an 8- to 10-inch-long kitchen knife Sunday before he was shot to death by a five-year veteran of the Beavercreek police force.[103]
2010-06-25 Bennett, Normane (23) Missouri (St. Louis) Bennett was shot after he fled from police who tried to arrest him for alleged drug activity. Police at the time said Bennett's family attacked officers, allowing him to flee, and that Bennett pulled a revolver, pointing it at the detective chasing him. The family disputed many of these claims, including that Bennett was armed, in a federal suit.[104]
2010-06-25 Tutt, Matthew (21) Florida (Lakeland) According to the Polk County Sheriff's Office, deputies confronted a suspicious white male riding a bicycle. After being stopped because his bike didn't have lights or reflectors on it, the suspect was initially cooperative. However, when the deputies asked for permission to search him, he pulled out a handgun and opened fire. “He just busted out with this firearm all of a sudden without any warning at all,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. Both deputies were shot, but managed to returned fire and the suspect fell to the ground.[105]
2010-06-22 Phillips, Jahad (19) New Jersey (Newark) Jahad Phillips, of Newark, was fatally shot by an officer as he was being pursued as a robbery suspect. Newark police said Phillips was shot after he charged toward a police cruiser with a gun drawn.[106]
2010-06-20 Points, Jamyrin (17) Louisiana (New Orleans) Three New Orleans police officers shot and killed a 17-year-old youth Sunday night in the St. Roch neighborhood after he allegedly pointed and leveled an assault rifle at the officers. The coroner's office determined that Jamyrin Points was shot 12 times, all in the back of his body. The New Orleans Police Department said that private surveillance footage from the scene shows the man raising the rifle at officer.[107]
2010-06-17 Harding-Perkins, Veronica (46) Maryland (Libertytown) Harding-Perkins was killed by a trooper who fired several shots early Thursday morning after she pointed a gun at him from inside her doorway, police said.[108]
2010-06-16 Luckett, Dexter (23) California (Bellflower) Deputies responded to a call of shots fired, according to a sheriff's news release. When they arrived several informants confirmed they heard gunshots in the area. Authorities located Luckett, who they said matched a description of the shooter. A deputy ordered Luckett to raise his hands, walk to the radio car and place his hands on the hood. At first, Luckett raised his hands then allegedly dropped his left hand toward his waistband. According to sheriff's officials, at that point the deputy again ordered Luckett to raise his hands and he complied, but as he reached the hood of the car, he quickly dropped his left hand to his rear waistband area, out of the deputy's view. Believing the suspect had retrieved a weapon and in fear for his life, authorities said the deputy fired from his duty weapon, hitting Luckett. [109]
2010-06-15 Mayne, Thomas (58) Maine (Old Orchard Beach) Shot after firing at federal agents who were attempting to arrest him.[110]
2010-06-11 Cole, Trevon (21) Nevada (Las Vegas) Cole was unarmed when he was shot by a Las Vegas police officer who was serving a search warrant at his apartment. Officer Bryan Yant shot Cole once in the head with an AR-15 rifle. Cole's fianceé, who was in the apartment, said Cole had his hands up. Police said Cole made a "furtive movement" toward the officer.[111] However, physical evidence indicated Cole was on his knees at the time he was shot. Also, the warrant was based on bad information and that Yant had confused the identities of two people with the same name, leading him to believe that Trevon Cole had a history of weapons charges. The Cole family received a 1.7 million dollar settlement.[112]
2010-06-08 Ballou, Michael W. (34) Washington (Sedro-Woolley) Shot after failing to follow commands to surrender.[113]
2010-06-07 DuPriest, Kelly "Amber" (39) Nevada (Henderson) DuPriest was strung out on methamphetamine June 7 when she drove a stolen car toward a group of Henderson police officers, ignoring repeated commands to stop.[114]
2010-06-05 Williams, Dwayne M. (30) Maryland (Elkton) Williams called 911 just before 1 a.m. to report a man with a gun outside a Pharmacy. When officers arrived, Williams got out of his pickup truck and raised and pointed his gun at the officers, prompting an exchange of gunfire. Delaware and Maryland police have said they later found a suicide note at his home.[115]
2010-06-05 Faulkner, Audy (18) Missouri (Rolla) A Rolla police officer shot 18-year-old Audy Faulkner on June 5 after the teen repeatedly pointed a gun at the officer following a traffic stop. Police said the incident started when an officer stopped a vehicle after seeing it run a stop sign.[116]
2010-06-01 Leday, Albert, Jr. (49) California (Santa Rosa) Unarmed man shot three times by a deputy after high-speed chase with deputies.[117]
2010-05-27 Dickan, Abraham (79) New York (New York Mills) Dickan walked into a cellular phone store with a .357 magnum in his hand, and shot Seth Turk. Rome Police Officer Donald J. Moore, who was off-duty, but in the store as a customer at the time of the shooting and was carrying his own .40 caliber handgun, shot fatally Dickan.[118]
2010-05-27 Bass, Anthony Bernard (24) South Carolina (Beaufort) Officers approached Bass to question him when he suddenly pulled a weapon and opened fire on the officers. The officers returned fire and continued to exchange fire with the suspect as they chased him down the street into a yard.[119]
2010-05-27 Johnson, Carl D. (48) Maryland (Baltimore) Johnson was driving home from bible study when he went into diabetic shock and began driving on the shoulder. Police arrived on the scene in response to 911 calls of other drivers. According to officers, Johnson "did not cooperate" with them as they approached his vehicle. Officers responded by spraying Johnson with pepper spray, striking him with their batons, tasing him twice, and punching him in the face, before handcuffing him. Johnson went into cardiac arrest and died one hour later.[120]
2010-05-20 Manning, Nathan (31) California (San Diego) Nathan Manning of North Park died Thursday after he and a roommate engaged in a violent fight. A San Diego police detective was unable to calm Manning down and the two ended up wrestling on the ground, witnesses said. The detective pulled out his gun and fired once. Noah Manning said his brother was unarmed at the time of the shooting.[121]
2010-05-20 Kane, Jerry Jr. (45) Arkansas (North Little Rock) Jerry Kane Jr., 45, of Forest, Ohio, and his son Joseph Kane, believed to be 16, were killed during an exchange of gunfire with officers in a Walmart parking lot, Arkansas State Police said Friday. The shootings came about 90 minutes after West Memphis police Sgt. Brandon Paudert, 39, and Officer Bill Evans, 38, were attacked with AK-47 assault rifles after they stopped a minivan on Interstate 40 in West Memphis on Thursday, authorities said.[122]
2010-05-20 Kane, Joseph (16) Arkansas (North Little Rock) Jerry Kane Jr., 45, of Forest, Ohio, and his son Joseph Kane, believed to be 16, were killed during an exchange of gunfire with officers in a Walmart parking lot, Arkansas State Police said Friday. The shootings came about 90 minutes after West Memphis police Sgt. Brandon Paudert, 39, and Officer Bill Evans, 38, were attacked with AK-47 assault rifles after they stopped a minivan on Interstate 40 in West Memphis on Thursday, authorities said.[122]
2010-05-20 Roger-Vasselin, Victoria Helen (67) California (Yuba City) Roger-Vasselin came to the door with a shotgun. ... "These two officers are standing in the path of this female, who is advancing toward them with a shotgun pointed at them. They repeatedly ordered her to put the gun down, and when she did not comply with those orders, it left them no other alternatives but to shoot." Pavey said Roger-Vasselin was pronounced dead at the scene.[123]
2010-05-17 Vieira, Jose (21) Texas (Fort Worth) Vieira called 911 about 5 a.m. Monday, stating he was suicidal and armed with a large-caliber gun... Police said two of the four officers opened fire after Vieira emerged partially from the vehicle then lunged back inside for what they believed was a gun. Vieira, who died from a gunshot wound to the chest, was pronounced dead at the scene.[124]
2010-05-17 Williams, Melvin (33) Georgia (East Dublin) Shot after fighting with police officer. Williams' vehicle was pulled over for unspecified reasons.

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2010-05-16 Jones, Aiyana Mo'Nay Stanley (7) Michigan (Detroit) A member of an elite Detroit police team failed to follow his training when he stormed a house looking for a murder suspect with his finger on the trigger and shot a 7-year-old girl who was asleep on the couch, a prosecutor said ... All sides acknowledge that Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ death was not intentional. But prosecutors say Officer Joseph Weekley’s actions in 2010 were a crime because he handled his submachine gun in a reckless manner.[128]
2010-05-14 Multanen, Monty Edward (70)
Multanen, Sue (69)
Washington (Tacoma) Shot by son-in-law and off-duty deputy Allen Myron who then killed himself.[129]
2010-05-12 Otis, Keaton Dupree (25) Oregon (Portland) Shot after shooting at and wounding police officer during traffic stop. Use of Taser was ineffective.[130][131][132]
2010-05-10 Ellis, Darryl (44) Illinois (Chicago) An off-duty Chicago police officer shot and killed a man who authorities said tried breaking into the apartment building owned by the officer. Darryl Ellis, 44, died Monday after he was shot multiple times. Police say Ellis swung a tire iron at the officer after the officer caught him trying to force his way inside.[133]
2010-05-10 Morris, Donovan (35) California (Los Angeles) While holding a handgun, Morris exited the car and turned toward police, according to authorities. At that point, an officer fired at Morris, fatally wounding him. Earlier in the day Morris had shot and killed his wife, Ivy Bodkins, 29.[134]
2010-05-07 Cherry, Rasheed (18) New Jersey (Bloomfield) Cherry, a suspect who allegedly fired several rounds into a crowd of 1,500 carnival attendees, was shot by a police officer and later died from his wound, authorities said.[135]
2010-05-07 Mercado, Genaro (36) Arizona (Phoenix) Officers caught up with the Mustang and conducted a high risk traffic stop. After stopping, police said, Gemaro Mercado, 36, left the car and came toward officers, shooting at them with a hand gun. Four officers fired back and killed Mercado. [136]
2010-05-05 Ware, Phillip V., Jr. (18) Ohio (Shaker Heights) Officers responded to a complaint that a man was breaking into cars. When police arrived, the suspect ran. He cut through yards and ran toward Fernway Road. Police said he pulled out a gun during the chase. An officer shot the suspect.[137]
2010-05-03 Medina, Jason (26) Texas (San Antonio) Gary Mucho, a 12-year veteran of the department, shot Medina once during an arrest attempt after he allegedly refused to obey orders to turn off a car and, police said, attempted to put the car in gear ? endangering another officer standing in front of the vehicle.[138]
2010-05-01 Jones, Jason John (21) Minnesota (St. Paul) Jones, a co-suspect in the fatal shooting of a police officer earlier that morning, as well as an armed car jacking prior to that, struck another officer repeatedly in the face with a heavy blunt object. The officer fell down and the man straddled him. The officer was able to get up. He shot the suspect, who died.[139]
2010-05-01 Starks, Dumone D. (22) Missouri (Springfield) Police say an officer arrested the driver (DWI) and asked three other passengers to get out of the car, including 22-year-old Dumone D. Starks. Starks ran and an officer chased him. Starks then loaded and pointed a gun at police. When Starks refused to drop the weapon, the officer shot and killed the suspect. [140]
2010-04-28 Smith, Dominique (20) Texas (San Antonio) Just after 3 a.m. officers followed Smith after learning the 1986 Cadillac he was driving had been reported stolen. Smith stopped at an intersection and the officers pulled up behind him and turned on their lights. The officers told Smith to show his hands, which were in the front pockets of a sweatshirt. Instead, Smith reached back into the car. When he stood up, he again wouldn't show his hands. Smith moved aggressively toward the officers and when he refused to stop, both officers fired.[141]
2010-04-26 Harris, Johnny (48) Wisconsin (Oak Creek / Caledonia) Harris had just led Oak Creek officers on a chase into Caledonia and crashed into a vacant building. He then used the vehicle to hit one of the officers multiple times in an attempt to run him over. Another officer shot Harris.[142][143]
2010-04-24 Jackson, Izael (18) Illinois (Chicago) Chicago Police say they shot Izael Jackson after he jumped out of a vehicle and opened fire on officers following a traffic stop Saturday night.[144]
2010-04-23 Hollis, Reuben (29) Georgia (Fulton County) After an officer pulled a vehicle over one of three people inside the vehicle got out with a weapon and was shot by the officer. A weapon was recovered from the deceased suspect, and two other people inside the vehicle were arrested. The suspects were believed to have been involved an overnight carjacking.[145]
2010-04-19 Reynolds, Clevonta (18) Texas (Arlington) Reynolds was shot during a melee among teenagers. An officer identified himself as such, then approached the teens and told Reynolds to take his hands out of his pockets, but Reynolds refused. A gun was found in Reynolds' pocket.[146]
2010-04-19 Bagley, Gene Mason (59) Georgia (Lawrenceville) Shot after lunging at police with knife in hand. Police were responding to report of man damaging a vehicle with a knife. When police arrived Bagley refused to drop knife.[147]
2010-04-16 Elcock, David (28) New Jersey (Patterson) Police officers and a negotiation team gathered outside of the home of David Elcock. They spent four hours trying to coerce Elcock into surrendering. At approximately 7:00 p.m., Elcock fled and refused warnings from police to drop his weapon. He fired at the police officers, who returned fire, killing Elcock.[148]
2010-04-15 Hanson, Timothy Scott (55) Minnesota (Woodbury) Officers arrived about 11:30 p.m. Gunfire erupted. Police Chief Lee Vague said Friday that Hanson fired first. He was shot and killed.[149]
2010-04-14 Reeves, Zak Edward Robert (35) Colorado (Denver) Officers responding to a 9-1-1 call from Reeves' wife, encountered him on his porch with a 12" meat cleaver and a 13" knife. Reeves charged officers, and was hit with a "sponge" bullet from a less than lethal weapon. Reeves continued to advance on officers. A Denver PD officer then fired one shot at Reeves. Reeves died less than an hour later.[150]
2010-04-09 Harris, Brian (39) Louisiana (New Orleans) The officers began speaking with Harris, who had barricaded himself in a bedroom. Officers also said that he was armed with a knife. The whole exchange between Harris and police took just 10 minutes. It ended with officers tasing Harris (who pulled the taser prongs out of his body both times), then opening fire.[151]
2010-04-04 Gallegos, Armando (29) Colorado (Walsenburgh) According to a Walsenburg Police Department Press Release, around 9:30 p.m. two officers arrived at 45 Stacy drive. One officer went to the front of the home, the other to the back. The officer-involved in shooting says he saw Armando Gallegos, 29, about to kill his girlfriend. He then opened fire to, “protect the woman from a deadly attack.”[152]
2010-04-03 Miller, Willie (25) Illinois (Chicago) Officers gave chase northbound on Christiana and into the west alley. They say that is where Miller turned and pointed his weapon at pursuing officers. Police said at this point, one of the officers fired and fatally wounded Miller. Miller's mother and sister, who was also at the party, dispute this version of events and said he did not have a gun.[153]
2010-04-02 Hale, Ronald (33) Georgia (Atlanta) Shot after pulling out a gun. Police were approaching Hale for questioning regarding a report of domestic violence.[154][155]
2010-04-01 Lyles, Reshird (28) Illinois (Chicago) Police said plainclothes officers were patrolling around Pine Avenue and Huron Street due to "an ongoing gang conflict" in the neighborhood when they heard gunshots. Officers saw several people running away, one of them with a gun in his hand, police said. The officers ordered him to stop, but he ran through a gangway and into an alley, police said. An officer approached the man and ordered him to drop the gun. The man pointed the gun at the officer and the officer shot him, police said. The department said a gun was recovered at the scene.[156]
2010-03-31 Stuckey, Susan L. (47) Kansas (Prairie Village) Police said the woman made "suicidal and threatening comments", and barricaded herself in her apartment. She was shot by officers after allegedly threatening the officers with a weapon. [157]
2010-03-29 Hardy, William (27) Illinois (Chicago) Police, however, said Hardy turned and pointed a gun at officers when he was told to stop during an incident near Hirsch Street and Mayfield Avenue.[158]
2010-03-28 Clark, Linda Carol (38) California (Placerville) Clark, a female patient at Marshall Medical Center stole an ambulance and led officers on a chase. The ambulance struck a patrol car and the impact pushed it into two additional patrol units. Fearing for his life and trying to stop the ambulance, an officer fired his service weapon, firing five shots. One of the shots hit Clark.[159]
2010-03-28 Doyle, Wesley Alan (27) Georgia (Cartersville) Shot after turning on police with pistol in hand. Police were responding to report of man urinating in public. Doyle fled when approached and was chased.[160]
2010-03-26 McCausland, Aaron (42) Michigan (Centreville) Armed with a shotgun and surrounded by police, McCausland was shot by two St. Joseph County Sheriff’s deputies from a handgun and an assault rifle. A wounded McCausland squeezed off three shots.[161]
2010-03-26 White, Todd Ely (46) Washington (Spokane) Shot after firing four times at officers. Police were responding to report of a man carrying gun in neighborhood.[39][162]
2010-03-23 Beal, Damon (26) Nevada (Las Vegas) Beal ran from the officers, then pulled a gun and started shooting at the officers, striking Officer Madland. Madland’s partner returned fire and killed the man, who police identified as 26-year-old Damon Beal.[163]
2010-03-22 Gordon, William Georgia (Midway) Shot after shooting at police. The man's vehicle was stopped as matching the description from a recent burglary.[164][165][166][167]
2010-03-21 Miller, Thomas Tavon (30) Maryland (Baltimore) One of the officers and the 30-year-old driver of the vehicle got into an altercation. The suspect was able to break free and get back to his vehicle, where he drew a .25 caliber semi-automatic handgun and opened fire, Bealefeld said. One of the officers was struck in the right cheek, and another was hit in the hand. The suspect was hit several times and died at the scene.[168]
2010-03-20 Rogers, David Renauld (21) Texas (Houston) While Rogers and an accomplice allegedly attempted a robbery he was fatally shot by one of the responding officers as Hill and Rogers ran out of the store. Rogers had pointed a gun at the officers. One of the officers warned Rogers to put his weapon down, but when Rogers refused to do so, the officer who feared for his life shot his weapon at Rogers.[169]
2010-03-20 Washington, Steven (27) California (Los Angeles) Officers shot Washington early Saturday morning after he reached into his waistband for what they believed was a weapon. Washington died from a single gunshot wound to the head shortly after midnight. Although no weapon was found, officers said they feared for their lives because Washington did not respond to their commands and appeared to be reaching for his waistband.[170]
2010-03-19 DeShields, Kenneth (37) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) After Josey said he was an officer, DeShields tucked his own gun - a 9mm Smith & Wesson - into his waistband and ran. He had not gotten into the cash register and escaped with only some merchandise. Josey ran after, shouting, "Police, stop" and "Don't pull it out" when DeShields reached toward his waistband. DeShields' "aggressive movements" continued, according to the statement from prosecutors, and Josey fired six times.[171]
2010-03-15 Wall, Larry Edward Jr. (30) Georgia (Savannah-Chatham) A Savannah-Chatham police officer fatally shot a man who authorities say had stabbed the patrolman with a knife. The officer was taken to an area hospital with wounds described as not life-threatening; the suspect, identified as Larry Edward Wall Jr., 30, died at the scene.[172]
2010-03-14 Black, Gerald (51) Texas (Dallas) Officers fought with Gerald Black, who had allegedly broken into his ex-girlfriend's home, beat her and threatened her with a gun. According to police reports, the man grabbed one officer's weapon and another officer shot the man, who died at a local hospital. [173]
2010-03-12 Wallace, Reginald Dewayne (40) Tennessee (Memphis) A burglary suspect died after he was shot by a police officer who thought he had a weapon, Nashville police said. Officer Joe Shelton responded to a call about a home burglary and found the suspect fleeing the home. "Shelton saw him trying to go for something," he said. "He could see something was silver - not knowing what the suspect was about to do - fearing that the suspect was about to put him in imminent danger with some type weapon, Officer Shelton fired." Police said the man was unarmed, but he had a silver iPod that he allegedly stole from the home.[174]
2010-03-11 Shaw, Malcolm (43) Tennessee (Memphis) According to investigators, Bartlett police Det. Patrick Cici acted in self-defense when he shot Malcolm Shaw, 43. Bartlett police were serving a warrant at Shaw's home in North Memphis when he came from a back room of his home armed with a gun. Cici saw the gun fired once. Memphis police ruled the shooting as a justifiable homicide.,[175][176]
2010-03-10 Alexander, Gaylon (31) Texas (Dallas) A relative said Alexander was high on drugs and had been randomly firing a gun at an apartment complex. Alexander stopped on Dryden, opened the SUV's door and fired at officers, police said. Police fired back, fatally injuring him.[177]
2010-03-07 Okot, David (26) Maine (Portland) Shot after brandishing handgun. Police were responding to report of intoxicated man with handgun.[178]
2010-03-07 unnamed male Georgia (Redan) Shot after confronting officers with a knife. The man had broken into his own home using a brick at which point the babysitter called police. Officers twice attempted to subdue man with Taser.[179]
2010-03-06 Long, Lloyd (33) Ohio (Columbus) Franklin Township police responded to a call about a theft from the Kohl's department store at 4050 W. Broad St. Police saw a man run out of Kohl's and get into a car driven by a 26-year-old woman. Police pursued the car into Columbus, where it stopped in front of 1366 Birch Dr., a dead end on the South Side. An officer approached the car, and Long got out. Jim Gilbert, president of Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge No. 9, said the 6-foot-5-inch, 250-pound Long struck the officer and pulled out a gun. The officer fired in self-defense, Gilbert said.[180]
2010-03-05 Brooks, Alberta (40) Louisiana (Shreveport) Shreveport police say an officer shot and killed Alberta Brooks, 40, who attacked him with a screwdriver and was unaffected by a stun gun. Brooks' girlfriend had called early Friday to say he was causing problems and she wanted him out of their house. He says Brooks was gone when police arrived, but apparently forced the door open later.[181]
2010-03-03 Amaktoolik, Joseph (38) Alaska (Golovin) Upon arriving at a residence where Amaktoolik was believed to be, Amaktoolik confronted the trooper at the door brandishing a firearm. The trooper fired upon Amaktoolik. Amaktoolik was fatally wounded.[182]
2010-02-28 Ingram, Brent (39) Colorado (Grand Junction) Shot after charging at police with knife raised. Police were responding to report of domestic disturbance.[183]
2010-02-26 Rowe, Nathaniel (26) Oklahoma (Tulsa) During the course of the assault, Nathaniel Rowe attempted to take Officer Elliot's service weapon and was able to rip the OC Spray and its holder from Officer Elliot's duty belt and repeatedly attempted to rip his service weapon away from his duty belt, according to Tulsa police. Officer Still, fearing for his life and the lives of Officer Elliot and the domestic violence victim, shot the suspect.[184] "The man that kicked that door in - the shell was Nate; the mind wasn't," said Grace, an assault victim. "If those police officers had not been here, I wouldn't have been here to tell you this story."[185]
2010-02-26 Waits, Jed (30) Washington (Tacoma) Shot after shooting at deputy. Officers had pulled over Waits' vehicle as the prime suspect in a recent murder.[186]
2010-02-25 Hammond, Andy Jip (43) Arizona (Ash Fork) Hammond pulled a gun on employees at Stoneworld in Ash Fork, AZ and left in a 2 1/2 ton water truck. Responding Deputy Christopher L. Clouse located Hammond at a nearby gas station, where a brief physical confrontation ensued. Hammond pulled a .357 revolver and pointed it at Deputy Clouse, forcing the deputy to use lethal force. Hammond was dressed in full military fatigues and was wearing body armor. Several rifles and a grenade launcher were found in the water truck.
2010-02-23 Jones, Rashid Jihad (25) New Jersey (Vineland) The man authorities believe beat his grandmother to death inside their East Chestnut Avenue apartment Tuesday afternoon was shot and killed by two city police officers when he refused to drop a baseball bat as he approached them, Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae said.[187]
2010-02-23 Jones, Jessica (18) Missouri (Kansas City) The officers exited their vehicles, and Jones turned around and began to drive at the officers. The officers shot at Jones and killed her.[188]
2010-02-23 Greenwood, Shawn (29) New York (Ithaca) Shot by Sgt. Bryan Bangs while trying to escape from officers issuing a warrant. Officers, acting on a tip that Greenwood would be involved in an illegal drug transaction, tried to execute a search warrant. Greenwood attempted to flee with his vehicle and struck an officer. After refusing to stop and he continued to drive on towards the downed officer, lethal force was used.[189] On July 1, 2010, a grand jury released a report clearing Bangs of wrongdoing.[190] On July 11, 2010, Bangs' home was destroyed in a fire that was ruled to be arson; state police did not officially link the two incidents, although it is widely believed that the arson was retaliation for the shooting.[191] As of June 2013, no arrests have been made in the arson.
2010-02-20 Wheaton, Edward (39) Texas (Greenville) Wheaton said he wanted to go get something to drink. While driving his girlfriend's unregistered pickup truck on Interstate 30, investigators claim he was recklessly weaving in and out of traffic when they tried to pull him over. Instead, Wheaton took off. The chase escalated when, authorities say, he rammed two vehicles. That's when authorities opened fire, according to witnesses, shooting 30 to 40 bullets into the truck.[192]
2010-02-18 Bowman, Blake (18) Kansas (Kansas City) Bowman, who police considered a suspect in an armed carjacking from last week, was spotted near 46th Street and Sterling Avenue Thursday. Bowman ran into his mother's house. A two-hour standoff ensued, and finally ended with Bowman coming out of the house with a knife to his mother's throat. Bowman refused to drop the knife and a sniper fatally shot him.[193]
2010-02-17 Davis, Ryan Rashawn (20) Pennsylvavia (Pittsburgh) Officer Triolo encountered a man who matched the suspect's description—later identified as Mr. Davis—and police said he began assaulting her within seconds. She shot and killed Mr. Davis during the assault. She recovered his semi-automatic pistol at the scene, police said. An officer who arrived within minutes as her back-up said she was visibly injured, with blood on her face and a black eye.[194]
2010-02-13 Long, Perry (40) Tennessee (Kingsport) Perry Long, 40, was fatally shot Saturday during a domestic violence call. Police said Long pointed a handgun at Wayt, who then shot him. The woman had been beaten.[195]
2010-02-10 Sim, Sambo (42) Washington (Tacoma) Shot by police responding to a domestic violence call after Mr. Sim allegedly fired several rounds at police.[196]
2010-02-09 Adams, Tahir (21) New Jersey (Elizabeth) Police were called to the 800 block of Adams Avenue around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday for a report of men breaking into cars. When police officers arrived they encountered at least two suspects inside a stolen car. The preliminary investigation thus far indicates that the vehicle made several attempts to elude the police officers’ attempt to stop them and ignored several commands to turn the car off. The vehicle crashed into a responding police car and into other vehicles and mounted the sidewalk before suddenly accelerating in reverse in the direction of officers who were on foot, approaching the vehicle. At that point several weapons were discharged. One suspect, Tahir Adams DOB: 6/27/1987 of Irvington was pronounced dead at the scene.[197]
2010-02-08 Mitchell, Horace (24) Georgia (Stone Mountain) Shot after firing several times at police officers, injuring one. SWAT team responded to report of domestic violence that included one gunshot wound.[198][199][200]
2010-02-07 Kent Kramer (29) Michigan (Sandusky) Shot during verbal confrontation with officer Scott Mintz accusing Kent Kramer of reckless driving for having gotten his car stuck in ice and snow during a severe snow storm. Witnesses helped push Kent's car back onto the road reporting Kent to have been calm and appreciative just prior to the officer's arrival.[201]
2010-02-07 McNeil, Darnell (19) New Jersey (Newark) 19-year-old Darnell McNeil, of Somerset, denied entry to a Newark go-go bar, returned with a gun, firing into the lounge, critically injuring an off-duty Essex County Sheriff’s Officer who chased the youth down a city street, firing his service revolver and killing him, authorities said today.[202]
2010-01-29 Campbell, Aaron (25) Oregon (Portland) The 25-year-old was shot and killed after he emerged from a Northeast Portland apartment where officers had been called to perform a welfare check on a suicidal, armed man.[203]
2010-01-21 Wall, Timothy (46) New Jersey (Newark) Irvington police responded to a burglary at a local business, only to chase the burglar into Newark across rooftops and into a backyard. The suspect bit Officer Herne Lacoste, 38, and lunged for his gun; the officer shot him once in the shoulder, killing him. The victim was identified as Timothy Wall, 46.[204]
2010-01-20 Shavers, Jr., Maurice Evans (21) California (Oakland) The incident began when Shavers and Alphonso Mitchell, 40, burst into the drugstore and herded several employees into a back room at gunpoint. Shavers burst out of a rear emergency door and opened fire on both officers, who fired back. One of the CHP officers was shot in the chest by Shavers, who ran from the CHP officers and was then shot dead by Oakland police.[205]
2010-01-19 Humphries, Donald Michael (57) Washington (Sedro-Woolley) Shot while approaching officer and pulling out a .45 caliber handgun. Officer was attempting to pull over Humphries for erratic driving. After a chase, Humphries got out of his car and approached officer.[206]
2010-01-15 Kimbro, Louis (66) Tennessee (Memphis) Kimbro was shot to death when officers responded just before 9 p.m. to a call about an armed man with possible mental problems[207]
2010-01-15 McKinnon, Derek Georgia (Valdosta) Shot after refusing to drop weapon while holding a hostage. Police were monitoring a home for a murder suspect for whom warrants had been issued. The person fled the house to another and took a woman hostage.[208][209]
2010-01-13 Ellis, Kenneth, III (25) New Mexico (Albuquerque) Officer Bret Lampiris-Tremba shot and killed Ellis outside a 7-Eleven after Ellis refused to drop the gun he was holding to his head. Ellis had recently returned from Iraq and suffered from PTSD. Ellis' family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, and in March 2013, a judge ruled that the shooting violated his Fourth Amendment rights.[210][211]
2010-01-09 Anderson, Tremall Lavar (28) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Anderson (AKA Tremall Lavar Crandell) was driving a black coupe Saturday when he didn't stop for an officer who tried to pull him over. Anderson shot officer Kris Hunter at NE 23 and Martin Luther King Boulevard during the subsequent chase and was gunned down by officer Daniel Godsil when he got out of his car about two blocks away.[212]
2010-01-04 Wicks, Johnny Lee (66) Nevada (Las Vegas) Wicks opened fire with a shotgun in a Las Vegas federal building, killing a security guard and wounding a U.S. marshal. Wicks, 66, was killed in a gunbattle the marshals.[213]
2010-01-02 Davis, Raymond Thane (36) Montana (Hamilton) Officer Jessop stopped Davis for a traffic violation. Jessop got out of his car, approached Davis’ vehicle. Davis pulled a gun and fired at the officer, Officer Jessop returned fire and hit Davis. Davis sped away but crashed nearby. He was pronounced dead at the scene.[214]
2010-01-01 Eppard, Colby W. (18) Virginia (Albermarle) Eppard swiped a Greene County deputy's vehicle by smashing the window with a rock after the officer left the car locked but running. Police say that he died after firing multiple shots at law enforcement officers who surrounded the vehicle on Route 20 in Albemarle.[215]
2010-01-01 Cox, Denis Gene Colorado (Fort Collins) Shot with handgun in hand when moved to point gun at officers. Police had approached Cox as a suspect wanted by the FBI for suspicion of involvement in a kidnapping and assault.[216]

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