List of lakes of Rwanda

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The main lakes within, or bordered by, Rwanda are as follows:


A topographic map of Rwanda showing some of the lakes. Lake Muhazi is apparently too narrow to show up on this map.
  • Lake Muhazi (also called Mohasi), about twenty kilometres east of Kigali: a long narrow lake running roughly east-west and extending north and south into a number of tributary valleys
  • Lake Rweru (also called Rugwero) in the south-east - most of this lake lies in Burundi
  • Lake Bulera (also called Burera) in the north of the country high in the mountains (1862 metres above sea level)
  • Lake Mugesera, about thirty kilometres south-east of Kigali and about 15km north of Lake Rweru; this narrow lake consists of five east-west bays joined at the western side

There are a number of smaller, very shallow lakes between Mugasera and Rweru; the region is very flat and swampy.