List of land vehicles of the U.S. Armed Forces

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Land vehicles by type and current level of use.

Light Tanks[edit]

Medium tanks[edit]

Heavy tanks[edit]

Main Battle Tanks[edit]

  • Experimental (Active)


Armored cars[edit]

Armored personnel carriers[edit]

Landing Vehicles, Tracked[edit]

    • LVT(1) (G-156)
    • LVT(2) (G-167)
    • LVT(A)(1) (G-214) (Armored with 37mm gun)
    • LVT(A)(2) (G-168) (Armored)
    • LVT(A)(4) (Armored with 75mm howitzer)
    • LVT(A)(5) (Armored with 75mm howitzer)
    • LVTP5
    • LVTH6 (with 105mm howitzer)
    • LVTR1 (recovery vehicle)
    • LVTE1 (engineer vehicle)
    • LVTP7 (later AAV7)

Dedicated Anti-Armor Vehicles[edit]

Specialist Armored Vehicles[edit]

Cargo carriers[edit]

Self-Propelled Guns and Artillery[edit]

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)[edit]

Specialized vehicles[edit]

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