List of largest automotive companies by revenue

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This is a list of the world's largest automotive companies by revenue. The list is limited to companies with annual revenues of $100 billion or above.

Companies which are subsidiaries of automotive companies are excluded, for one to avoid double counting.

The availability and reliability of up to date information on private or state-owned companies is limited and varies from country to country, thus this list may be incomplete. This list is shown in U.S. dollars, but many of the companies on it prepare their accounts in other currencies. The value of their revenue in dollar terms may change substantially in a short period of time due to exchange rate fluctuations.


Ranking Company Revenue
(USD billions)
FY Headquarters Ref(s)
1 Volkswagen Group $270 2013 Germany Wolfsburg [1]
2 Toyota Motor Corporation $210 2013 Japan Toyota [2]
3 Daimler AG $162 2013 Germany Stuttgart [3]
4 General Motors Company, LLC $155 2013 United States Detroit [4]
5 Ford Motor Company $146 2013 United States Dearborn [5]
6 Nissan Motor Corporation $125 2013 Japan Yokohama [6]
7 Fiat S.p.A. $116 2013 Italy Turin [7]
8 Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) $106 2013 Germany Munich [8]