List of largest residences in Oman

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This is a list of single-family residences located in Oman which has living space in excess of 20,000 square feet (1,900 m2).

Name City Area Coordinates Features
al Alam Royal Palace Mutrah 1.4kmX1.4 km 23°36′52.86″N 58°35′43.90″E / 23.6146833°N 58.5955278°E / 23.6146833; 58.5955278 Contains two Helipads, Super Yacht Berth and several ultra Luxurious residences.
Bait Barka Barka 3kmX4km 23°42′28.19″N 58°05′37.37″E / 23.7078306°N 58.0937139°E / 23.7078306; 58.0937139 Sultans' Retreat contains six Helipads, Super Yacht Berth and ultra Luxurious residences, massive garage and splendid infinity pools in lush landscape gardens.
Hisn Al Shomoukh Manah 4kmX4km 22°45′18.22″N 57°33′44.50″E / 22.7550611°N 57.5623611°E / 22.7550611; 57.5623611 Recently built Royal Camp with 4 Helipads. Currently most of the royal delegates are routed to here. Satellite images assures heavy construction for further expansion.
Royal Court Seeb 2kmX3km 23°40′15.40″N 58°10′16.40″E / 23.6709444°N 58.1712222°E / 23.6709444; 58.1712222 The most heavily guarded zone in Oman, this splendid palace contains its own private Landing strip or airport. There's a large stable containing the royal equestrian facilities.
Hisn Salalah Salalah 2kmX1.8 km 16°59′54.90″N 54°05′38.04″E / 16.9985833°N 54.0939000°E / 16.9985833; 54.0939000 Sultan's birthplace. This waterfront palace has 4 Helipads. It received Aga Khan's Award of Architecture for its extensive usage of Traditional Islamic arches and embroidery motifs. It contains two mosques and many villas.
Sohar Palace Sohar 2kmX3km 24°19′11.06″N 56°46′19.22″E / 24.3197389°N 56.7720056°E / 24.3197389; 56.7720056 Sultans Farm in Sohar. Its going through extensive renovation and expansion. Contains camel, cow, goat and horse farms. Several Green houses for vegetable production.
Qasr Mamoora Salalah 2kmX2km 17°03′36.25″N 54°13′54.43″E / 17.0600694°N 54.2317861°E / 17.0600694; 54.2317861 Its by far the most private palace with its own double runway landing strip, three Helipads as well as two private flyovers connected to his private Razat farm.
Razat Farm Salalah 3kmX3km 17°02′15.40″N 54°12′35.76″E / 17.0376111°N 54.2099333°E / 17.0376111; 54.2099333 Private farm that supplies him with fresh dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Contains one Helipad

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