List of law enforcement agencies in Germany

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Law enforcement in Germany is conducted by federal, state and municipal law enforcement agencies.


  • Bundespolizei (Federal Police)
    • Bahnpolizei (Railway Police)
    • GSG 9 (counter-terrorism and special operations unit of the federal police)
  • Küstenwache (Coast Guard)
  • Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police Office)
  • Feldjäger (Military Police)
  • Zollkriminalamt (Customs Investigation Bureau)
  • Polizei beim Deutschen Bundestag (responsible for the protection of the premises of the Bundestag in Berlin. For reason of the independence of the legislative power from the executive, there exists a separate body who answers not to the Minister of the Interior, but to the President of the Bundestag.)


The Landespolizei are the state police forces:

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