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Below is the list of leaders of present day Uzbekistan since the establishment of Uzbek SSR in 1924.

Leaders of Uzbekistan (1924-1991)[edit]

Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (1924-1991)[edit]

First secretaries of the Communist Party[edit]

Presidents of the Republic of Uzbekistan (1991-Present)[edit]

The first column consecutively numbers the individuals who have served as president, while the second column consecutively numbers the Presidential terms or administrations.

I# A# Name Picture Took office Left office Political party
1st 1st Islam Karimov
Ислaм Каримов
Islam karimov cropped.jpg 24 March 1990 1 December 1991 Communist Party of the Soviet Union

People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party
2nd 1 December 1991 9 January 2000
3rd 9 January 2000 22 December 2007
4th 22 December 2007 Incumbent

Latest election[edit]

e • d Summary of the 23 December 2007 Uzbekistani presidential election results
Candidate Votes %
Islam Karimov (Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party) 13,008,357 90.76
Asliddin Rustamov (Uzbekistan People's Democratic Party) 468,064 3.27
Dilorom Toshmuhamedova (Justice Social Democratic Party) 434,111 3.03
Akmal Saidov (independent) 420,815 2.94
Valid votes 14,331,347 100.00
Invalid votes 434,097 2.94
Total votes (turnout 90.6%) 14,765,444

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