List of American and Canadian football leagues

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This is a list of current and defunct leagues of American football and Canadian football.

Leagues in North America[edit]

Current leagues in North America[edit]

Professional outdoor leagues:

Originally American Professional Football Conference, American Professional Football Association (1920–1921)

Professional arena/indoor leagues:

The Arena Football League2 league continued playing in 2009. Arena Football 1 merged with Af2 in 2010 and has been called the AFL since.
Somewhat of a relaunch of the American Indoor Football Association.

Semi-professional leagues:

Formed from Interprovincial Rugby Football Union and Western Interprovincial Football Union.

Collegiate and amateur leagues:

Women's leagues:

Originally known as the Lingerie Football League from 2009 to 2013.

Historical leagues in North America[edit]

Major outdoor leagues:

Minor outdoor leagues

  • 1: Two teams now in NFL
  • 2: Agreed to merger with the NFL in 1966, with merger completed in 1970
  • 3: American Association suspended operations for duration of U.S. involvement in World War II; in 1946 the AA was renamed American Football League
  • 4: Known as the American Professional Football Association in 1938; renamed American Football League in 1939; dissolution after 1939 season caused by formation of 1940–1941 AFL major league
  • 5: Merged with PCPFL in 1945
  • 6: Informal association of teams

Indoor leagues

Women's leagues

Leagues outside of North America[edit]

Current American Football minor and semi professional leagues outside of North America[edit]

Central and South America:




Defunct American football minor leagues around the world[edit]

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