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This list covers optical lens designs grouped by tasks or overall type. The field of Optical lens designing has many variables including the function the lens or group of lenses have to perform, the limits of optical glass because of the index of refraction and dispersion properties, and design constraints including realistic lens element center and edge thicknesses, minimum and maximum air-spaces between lenses, maximum constraints on entrance and exit angles, and even cost. Some lenses listed are overall types with sub-designs (as noted).

Simple lens designs[edit]

Simple lenses are lenses consisting of a single element. Lenses in this section may overlap with lens designs in other sections, for example the Wollaston landscape lens is a single element and also a camera lens design.

Basic types

Achromatic lens designs[edit]

There are many compound designs of achromatic lenses, designed to reduce color-related distortion (Chromatic aberration):

Camera lens designs[edit]

Camera lenses come in a wide variety because of the need for different (and even variable) focal lengths that can cover a large image plane without distortion.

Eyepiece designs[edit]

An eyepiece, a type of (usually a compound) lens that attaches to optical devices such as telescopes and microscopes, comes in many designs: