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This is a complete list of existing public and private lighthouses on the Oregon Coast, in order from north to south. Not all of them are currently used for navigation.

Name Location Status Description Image
Tillamook Rock Light Cannon Beach/Seaside
45°56′15″N 124°01′08″W / 45.9375°N 124.019°W / 45.9375; -124.019 (Tillamook Rock Light)
Deactivated in 1957 Lit in 1881,[1] operated until 1957; known as "Terrible Tillie" due to erratic weather conditions and the dangerous commute for keepers and suppliers.[2] Listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1981.[3] USCG Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.jpg
Cape Meares Light Oceanside/Tillamook
45°29′11.6″N 123°58′42.2″W / 45.486556°N 123.978389°W / 45.486556; -123.978389 (Cape Meares Light)
Deactivated Lit from 1890 to 1963, listed on NRHP in 1993 Cape Meares Lighthouse.jpg
Yaquina Head Light Newport
44°40′36.4″N 124°4′45.9″W / 44.676778°N 124.079417°W / 44.676778; -124.079417 (Yaquina Head Light)
Active[4] Located on a headland just north of Newport, lit in 1873, automated in 1966,[4] listed on NRHP in 1993,[5] tallest lighthouse in Oregon at 93 feet (28 m)[6] Yaquina Head Lighthouse - Oregon.jpg
Yaquina Bay Light Newport
44°37′27″N 124°03′46″W / 44.62415°N 124.06290°W / 44.62415; -124.06290 (Yaquina Bay Light)
Active since 1996 (previously active from 1871 to 1874)[7] Located at Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site south of Yaquina Head Light, deactivated in 1874 due to the new Yaquina Head Light, added to NRHP in 1970,[8] re-lit in 1996 using a lens provided by lighthouse historian James A. Gibbs[9] Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon.jpg
Cleft of the Rock Light Yachats
44°17′26″N 124°06′39″W / 44.290479°N 124.110773°W / 44.290479; -124.110773 (Cleft of the Rock Light)
Active[10] Private aid to navigation, wooden lighthouse about a mile south of Yachats built by James A. Gibbs in 1976, closed to the public[10][11] Cleft of the Rock Lighthouse.jpg
Heceta Head Light Florence
44°08′15″N 124°07′40″W / 44.13737°N 124.127835°W / 44.13737; -124.127835 (Heceta Head Light)
Active[7] Lit in 1894, the brightest light on the Oregon Coast, 56 feet (17 m) high, visible 21 miles (34 km) out to sea, named for Spanish explorer Bruno de Heceta, automated in 1963, added to NRHP in 1978, now part of a state park[12][13] Heceta Head Light - Oregon Coast.jpg
Umpqua River Light Winchester Bay
43°39′44″N 124°11′55″W / 43.662291°N 124.198476°W / 43.662291; -124.198476 (Umpqua River Light)
Umpqua River lighthouse.jpg
Cape Arago Light Coos Bay
43°20′28″N 124°22′32″W / 43.34123°N 124.37543°W / 43.34123; -124.37543 (Cape Arago Light)
Deactivated Added to NRHP list in 1993. Cape Arago Light.jpg
Coquille River Light Bandon
43°07′26″N 124°25′27″W / 43.123911°N 124.424222°W / 43.123911; -124.424222 (Coquille River Light)
Deactivated Added to NRHP list in 1974. Coquille River Light July 2009.jpg
Cape Blanco Light Port Orford
42°50′12″N 124°33′48″W / 42.8365897°N 124.5633023°W / 42.8365897; -124.5633023 (Cape Blanco Light)
PortOrfordORTrip 002 CapeBlancoLighthouse.jpg
Port of Brookings Light[14]
(Pelican Bay Light)
42°02′30″N 124°15′46″W / 42.04175°N 124.26279°W / 42.04175; -124.26279 (Port of Brookings Light)

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