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This list of fictional locations in Tugs includes places, towns and other locations created for the British children's television series Tugs.

Bigg City Port[edit]

Bigg City Port, or just simply Bigg City, is the main setting and has appeared in a majority of the series. It is one of the largest ports in the world where a large majority of it is water with many small canals and channels. Here is where the many characters work and do their jobs which they perform.

The canals[edit]

The canals was a small part of the dock lands where many businesses as well bridges were located. In the episode "High Tide", Zebedee and Zak thought to take a shortcut through there to beat the Star Tugs to the steel works contract with their towering loads however with the tide at a high level, hit one of the bridges causing it to collapse with Top Hat able to help in saving the train from falling into the water.[1]

The estuary[edit]

The estuary is a coastal area just outside Bigg City Port which heads out into the ocean. Lillie Lightship is positioned here to help warn all incoming boats and vessels of the area that they do not collide and sink. Hercules is sometimes found here waiting for ships to help dock or chatting with Lillie. Izzy Gomez is generally found here by the mouth of the harbor either sleeping or waiting for someone to give him a tow.[2] In "Reggata", a rogue tramsteamer at fast speed collided with Lillie, both severely damaging her and sinking itself into the ocean.

Lucky's Yard[edit]

Lucky's Yard was where all the boats and vessels came to be repaired. It was located far across the bay from the Star Tugs and Z-Stacks Piers and also was where Sally Seaplane stayed. It first appeared in the episode "Sunshine".

Municipal Waste Co.[edit]

The Municipal Waste Co. is where Bigg City Port's waste is taken to be dumped. Here both Lord Stinker and Jack the Grappler can be found. Warrior is usually in charge of doing jobs for the Municipal Waste Co. which he's seen pulling Lord Stinker from there.

Peter Island[edit]

Peter Island is a small island located in the middle of Bigg City Port's harbour. Here a quarantine station is located which ships are taken if they need to be quarantined. Although not appearing in the television series, it is featured on the TUGS board game.

Scrap Yard[edit]

The scrap yards is where all old ships and vessels are taken to be scrapped as well where Burke and Blair work. In the annual story "Mistaken Identity", O.J. was accidentally taken here after being mistaken for an old ship that Zip and Zug had found but was later saved by Big Mac.[3]

Star Tugs Pier[edit]

The Star Tugs Pier is where the Star Tugs dock and receive their orders from Captain Star. All the star tugs except for Hercules are generally found here when not doing a job. Captain Star is always seen here.

Z-Stacks Pier[edit]

The Z-Stacks Pier is where the Z-Stacks dock and receive their orders from Captain Star. All the Z-Stacks are generally found here when not doing a job as well as their boss Captain Zero.


Outside Bigg City Port, the tug boats sometimes have jobs that are located upriver from the main area. Up here various towns are found along the way as well logging and sawmill camps where at times both Star Tugs and Z-Stacks have to help each other to bring the wood back to the big city.[4] Sunshine before working for the Star Tugs used to work upriver.[5]

Breaker's Yard[edit]

The Breaker's Yard was first mentioned in "Trapped" where Zug was intending to take an old rusted trampsteamer to be scrapped which was located past Mittsville.[6]


Mittsville is a small town which first appears in the episode "Trapped". Between here and the logging and sawmill camps was where Zorran pushed an old trampsteamer along the river and swung it around so it hit the banks and blocked anyone from travelling further up the river.[7]


Uptown is a small town located further upriver past the logging and sawmill camps. It first appeared in the episode "Upriver" where some logs were rushing down the stream threatening the town.[8] Here the Star Fleet helped to protect the quayside by lining along on a slant diverting the logs to a warehouse that was due for demolition, destroying it and protecting the town.[9]


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