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This is a list of the longest-running television shows by category. The criterion for being the longest-running show is by the number of years the show has been on the air and NOT the number of episodes produced.

Category Show Name Country Duration No. of episodes
Award ceremony Academy Awards United States United States NBC: 1953–1960, 1971–1975, ABC: 1961–1970, 1976–present 87 Ceremonies
Animated Sazae-san Japan Japan Fuji Television: 1969–present 6917+
Anthology drama series Maalaala Mo Kaya Philippines Philippines ABS-CBN: 1991–present
Automotive Top Gear United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC Two: 1977–2001, 2002–present 515; 161+9 specials
Charity show Children in Need United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC: 1980–present 35
Children's show Blue Peter United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC: 1958–2012, CBBC: 2012–present 4,698 (as of 27 August 2012, now significantly more)
Comedy Radio Rochela Venezuela Venezuela RCTV: 1960–2010 2,652
Cooking show Hasta La Cocina Mexico Mexico 1960–present 11,232+[1]
Current affairs series Panorama United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC One: 1953–present
Educational Show Teleclub[2] Costa Rica Costa Rica 1963–present[3]
Espionage thriller Spooks United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC One, BBC Three: 2002–2011 86
Fantasy Wansapanataym Philippines Philippines ABS-CBN: 1997-2005; 2010–present 600+
Female ensemble The Liver Birds United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC1: 1969 - 1978, 1996 86
Finance show The Money Programme United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC Two: 1966-2010
Game show The Price Is Right United States United States NBC: 1956–1963, ABC: 1963–1965, CBS: 1972–present 7,302 as of 19 August 2010
Historical drama Zenigata Heiji Japan Japan 1952–present
History series Timewatch United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC Two: 1963–present
Medical drama Casualty United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC One: 1986–present 927(as of 6 December 2014)
Chart Music show Top of the Pops United Kingdom United Kingdom 1964-2006, returning 2015 2,219
Music talent show NHK Nodo Jiman Japan Japan NHK: 1953–present ~2,900 as of 2012[4]
Music video show Rage Australia Australia ABC1: 1987–present, ABC2: 2005-2009, Fly TV: 2001-2003
News show Meet the Press United States United States NBC: 1947–present 4,946+
Newscast Tagesschau Germany Germany Das Erste: 1952–present ~20,000 by late 2009
Noontime-variety show Eat Bulaga! Philippines Philippines RPN: 1979-1989; ABS-CBN: 1989-1995; GMA Network: 1995–present 10,750
Police drama Tatort Germany Germany Das Erste: 1970–present 867 as of 11 March 2013[5]
Police Procedural The Bill United Kingdom United Kingdom Talkback Thames: 1984–2010 2,400
Quiz Show It's Academic United States United States 1961-present[6]
Reality show COPS United States United States Fox: 1989–present 435+
Religious program Le Jour du Seigneur France France 1949–present
Rural documentary Country Calendar New Zealand New Zealand TV One: 1966–present
Science fiction series Doctor Who United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC One: 1963–1989, 1996, 2005–present[7] 813 as of 25 December 2014
Science show The Sky at Night United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC One: 1957–present 705+
Sitcom Last of the Summer Wine United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC One: 1973–2010 295
Soap opera Guiding Light United States United States 1952–2009 14,409+ (est. based on no. of weekdays, excluding public holidays)
Song Contest Sanremo Music Festival Italy Italy 1951–present
Sports show Hockey Night in Canada Canada Canada CBC: 1952–present
Sports variety Trans World Sport United Kingdom United Kingdom 1987–present
Tabloid newscast TV Patrol Philippines Philippines ABS-CBN: 1987–present
Talk / chat show The Tonight Show United States United States 1954–present ~10,680 as of March 9, 2012
Teen drama Grange Hill United Kingdom United Kingdom 1978–2008 605
Telenovela Mara Clara Philippines Philippines ABS-CBN: 1992–1997 1209
Travel show Holiday United Kingdom United Kingdom 1969–2007
TV feedback show Points of View United Kingdom United Kingdom 1961–present Unknown
Variety show Royal Variety Performance United Kingdom United Kingdom 1957–present 84
Western Gunsmoke United States United States 1955–1975 635

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