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This is a list of notable loudspeaker-system manufacturers.

Manufacturer Headquarters country Manufacturing country
A2T France
Abys Acoustic France
Acapella Audio Arts Germany
Acoustic Development International China and United States
Acoustic Energy United Kingdom
Acoustic Technologies Australia
Acoustic Transducer Company United Kingdom
Acoustics of Finland Finland
ADAM Audio Germany
Adamson Systems Engineering Canada
ADRaudio Slovenia
Advance Acoustic France
Advent United States
Alcons Audio Netherlands
Alesis United States
Altec Lansing China and United States
Amphion Loudspeakers Finland
Aperion Audio United States
Apertura France
APG France
Arnscott Electronics Canada
Ars Aures Audio Italy Italy
Artcoustic Loudspeakers Denmark
Arteluthe Canada Canada
Arvus Loudspeakers New Zealand
ASA France
Ascend Acoustics United States
Ascendo GmbH Germany
Ascension Australia Australia
ASK Industries Italy
ASW-Loudspeaker Germany
Atlantis Acoustique France France
Atlas Sound United States
Atohm France
AUDAX France
AUDES Estonia
AUDIAZ Germany
Audison Italy
Audio Artistry United States
Audio One Denmark
Audio Physic Germany
Audio Performance Sweden
AudioPipe United States
AudioPro Sweden
Audiotop Italy
Audiovector Denmark
Audiovox United States
Audivation Norway
AuraSound China
Aurelia Loudspeakers Finland
Aurum Cantus China
AV123 United States
Avalon Acoustics United States
Avantgarde Acoustic Germany
AVI Sound International Canada
AVI/Speaker Techniques United Kingdom
Axiom Audio Canada
B&C Speakers Italy
Bach Loudspeakers Netherlands
Bag End Loudspeakers United States
Bang & Olufsen Denmark
Barefoot Sound United States
BC Acoustique France
Beauhorn United Kingdom
Behringer China and Germany
Belisle Acoustic Canada
Beyma Spain
Better Music Builder China and United States
BG Radia United States
Birch Acoustics United States
BIZSÓK Loudspeaker Manufactory Hungary
Blacka Acoustics United Kingdom
Blaupunkt Germany
Blumenstein Audio United States United States
BMB Korea
BMS Germany
Bolzano Villetri Italy
Bose United States
Boston Acoustics USA
Bowers & Wilkins UK
Bravox Brazil
Bruno Henry Acoustique France
Bryston Canada
Burmester Germany
Cabasse France
Cadence Audio India
Camber Audio Canada
Canton Elektronik Germany Germany
Care Orchestra Italy
Celestion China and United Kingdom
Cerwin-Vega China and Malaysia
Challenge Electronics United States
Chario Italy
Chorus Finland
Ciare Italy
CJC China and Korea
Clair Brothers United States
Coda Audio Germany
Community Professional Loudspeakers United States
Creative Singapore
Crown Philippines
Crystal Acoustics Greece China
Cyramyx United Kingdom
Contrast Audio Ukraine
d&b Audiotechnik Germany
Dai-ichi Philippines
DALI Denmark
Danley Sound Labs United States
Dare Pro Audio United Kingdom
D.A.S. Audio Spain
Dahlquist Loudspeaker United States
Davis Acoustics France
Dayton Loudspeaker United States
dB Technologies Italy
DB Sound Products LLC United States
Definitive Audio United States
Definitive Technology United States
Denon Japan
Designe United Kingdom
Diapason Italy
Divatech France
DLS Sweden
Duevel Germany
Duntech Australia
Duran Audio Netherlands
Dynacord Germany
Dynaudio Denmark
Dynavoice Sweden
Eastern Acoustic Works United States
Ecler Spain
Edifier Canada and China
Egglestonworks United States
Eighteen Sound Italy
Elac Germany
Electro-Voice United States
Electrocompaniet Norway
Elipson France
Eltax Denmark
EM Acoustics United Kingdom
Emerald Physics United States
Eminence United States
Emotiva Audio United States
Empire Italy
Energy Speaker Systems Canada
Epos Acoustics United Kingdom
er acoustics France
EuroTec International Plc United Kingdom
Event Electronics United States
Eventus Audio Italy
Everest France
Faital S.p.A. Italy
FaitalPRO Italy
Fane Acoustics United Kingdom
Farassoo Acron Iran
FBT Italy
FeONIC United Kingdom
Fertin Acoustics France
Floating Systems Belgium
Fluance Canada
Focal-JMLab France
Forsman Norway
Fohhn Audio Germany
Foremost Audio Malaysia
Forvoice Finland
Fostex Japan
Funktion-One United Kingdom
Gallo Acoustics United States
Gale United Kingdom
Gamut Denmark
Genelec Finland
Genesis United States
German Physiks Germany
Gershman Acoustics Canada
Giussani Research Italy
Göbel Audio Germany
Goldenear United States
Gradient Finland
Harbeth United Kingdom
Hartke Systems United States
Hartley Loudspeakers United States
Harman Kardon United States
Harrin Kaiutin Finland
Hear More Technology United Kingdom
Hemp Acoustics Canada
Hertz Italy
Highland France
Hill United Kingdom
Hiquphon Denmark
HIVI - Swan Speakers United States
HK Audio Germany
Honeywell AV China
Hoparlor Sanayi Turkey
HRA - High Resolution Audio United Kingdom
HSU Research United States
Huff United States
HUMAN Speakers United States
Hybrid Audio Technologies United States
Image New Zealand
Indiana Line Italy
Infinity United States
isophon Germany
Jamo Denmark
Jarmo Audio Canada
JAS Audio Hong Kong
JBL United States
Jean-Marie Reynaud France
Jensen United States
JL Audio United States
JLA France
Jmb acoustique France
JPW United Kingdom
JVC Japan
K-Array Italy
Kea Audio New Zealand
KEF China and United Kingdom
Kelinac France
Kenwood Japan
Kharma International Netherlands
Kirsch Audio Germany
Klangwerks Switzerland
KLH United States
Klinger Favre France
Klipsch United States China
Krix Australia
Koda China
Krell Industries United States
KRK United States
KS Digital Germany
KSPEAK Audio Canada
Kustom United States
L-Acoustics France
Lavoce Italiana Italy / China
Lange Loudspeakers Ltd. Switzerland
Lansche Audio Germany
Lautsprecher Produktions GmbH Germany
Legacy Audio United States
Legend Acoustics Australia
Leon Speakers United States
Link Audio Belgium
Linn United States
Lipinski Sound United States
Lithos Acoustics India
Living Voice United Kingdom
Logitech United States
Logic Systems Pro Audio United Kingdom
Lowell Manufacturing Company United States
Lowther United Kingdom
Mackie United States
Magnat Germany
Magnepan United States
Majorcom France
Manger MSW Germany
Marten Sweden
Martin Audio United Kingdom
Martin Speakers United States
MartinLogan United States
Master Audio Spain
MBL Germany
McCauley Sound United States
McIntosh Laboratory United States
McLaren Sound Systems United States
Meyer Sound United States
Microlab Electronics China
Midgard Audio Norway
Minneapolis Speaker Co United States
Mirage United States
Mission China and United Kingdom
Mitek/MTX United States
Mitchell & Todd United Kingdom
Momentum-Audio Canada
Monitor Audio China and United Kingdom
MonitorUnlimited Loudspeakers Sweden
Mordaunt-Short United Kingdom
Morel Israel
Mosquito France
Mulidine France
Naim United Kingdom
NCA Laboratories United States
Newform Research United States
NEXO France
NEXT Portugal
NHT Loudspeakers United States
Noise Control Audio France and United Kingdom
Norge Audio India
nOrh Thailand
Nu Acoustics United States
Nubert Germany
Oberton Bulgaria
OE-One Switzerland
OHM United Kingdom
Ohm Acoustics United States
Onkyo Japan
ONIX China
Opera Italy
Ophidian Audio United Kingdom
Opus United Kingdom
OR-Loudspeakers Finland
ORCA France
Orpheus Australia
Outline Italy
Oxford United States
Panasonic Japan
Paradigm Canada
PAS United States
Peak Bay Unknown
Peavey Electronics USA
Peerless (Tymphany) China
Penaudio Finland
Phase Technology USA
PHD Italy
ΦPHI Hi-Fi Innovation South Africa
Philips Netherlands
Piega SA Switzerland
Pierre-Etienne Léon France
Pinnacle Speakers United States
Pioneer Japan
PK Sound Canada
PMC speakers United Kingdom
Podium Sound United Kingdom
Polk Audio United States
Power Sound United States
Pro-Linear Electronics Canada and China
Proac United Kingdom
Proel Italy
Premium Sound solutions (PSS) Belgium
Proson Sweden
PSB Speakers Canada
Pyle Audio
Pyramid Audio United States
Q Acoustics United Kingdom
QLN Sweden
QSC Audio Products United States
Quad Electroacoustics United Kingdom
Quadral Germany
Qube Italy
Quest Engineering Australia
Radio Shack United States
RCF Italy
Rega Research United Kingdom
REL Acoustics United Kingdom and United States
Renkus-Heinz United States
Revel United States
Revolver Audio United Kingdom
Richter Australia
RJ Design Italy
Rogers International United Kingdom brand (China manufacturing)
Rogue Wave Audio Canada
Rois Acoustics Greece Greece
Roister Greece Germany and Romania
Ruark United Kingdom
S&P-Audio Spain
Salk Sound United States
Scandyna Podspeakers Denmark
SEAS Norway
Selenium Brazil
Servodrive United States
SES Audio Design Finland
Shermann Audio United Kingdom
Siberian Audio Concept Estonia
SICA Italy
Sinclair Audio Canada
Snell United States
Sonance United States
Song Audio Canada
SonicGear Singapore
Sonicweld United States
Sonique Audio Australia
Sonodyne India
Sonolux Finland
Sonus Faber Italy
Sony Japan
Sound Corporation Italy
Sound Precision Sweden
Sound Projects Netherlands
Soundtube United States
SP Acoustics United Kingdom
Speakerlab United States
Spendor United Kingdom
Stage Accompany Netherlands
Streem Canada
StudioLAB Canada
surrounTec Germany
System Audio (SA) Denmark
System Fidelity Slovenia
Technical Audio Devices Laboratories (TAD) United States
Tang Band Taiwan
Tangent Audio Denmark
Tanin Thailand
Tannoy United Kingdom
TC loudspeakers Australia
Technomad United States
Teledyne United States
Teresonic United States
Teufel Germany
Theophany New Zealand
Thiel Audio United States
Tidal Germany
TOA Corp. Japan
Tonsil Poland
Tosca Loudspeakers France
Totem Acoustic Canada
Tound Italy
Traction Sound United Kingdom
Triad United States
Triangle Electroacoustique France
TruAudio United States
TUAC Tunisia
Turbosound United Kingdom
Tymphany (Peerless) China
Unison Research Italy
US Enclosure Company United States
Usher Taiwan
VAF Research Australia
Vandersteen United States
VEF Radiotehnika RRR Latvia
Velodyne Acoustics United States
Veritone Minimum Phase Speakers United States
Verity Audio Canada
Vienna Acoustics Austria
Vivid Audio South Africa
Void Acoustics United Kingdom
Volt Loudspeakers United Kingdom
Von Schweikert Audio United States
VUE Audiotechnik Germany and United States
Weber Speakers United States
Weckstrom Speakers Finland
WGS Speakers United States
Wharfedale China and United Kingdom
Whatmough Australia
Wilson Audio United States
Wilson Benesch United Kingdom
WLM Austria
XAVIAN Czech Republic
XTZ Sweden
Yamaha Japan
Yorkville Sound Canada
ZR Speaker Lab Slovenia

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