List of loudspeaker manufacturers

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—This is a list of notable loudspeaker-system manufacturers.

United States

Manufacturer Headquarters country
Acapella Audio Arts Germany
ADAM Audio Germany
ADRaudio Slovenia
Advance Acoustic France
Advent United States
Alesis United States
Altec Lansing China and United States
Amphion Loudspeakers Finland
Apertura France
Audison Italy
Audiovox United States
AVI Sound International Canada
Bang & Olufsen Denmark
Beats Electronics Culver City, California, USA
Behringer China and Germany
Blaupunkt Germany
Bose USA
Boston Acoustics USA
Bowers & Wilkins UK
Bravox Brazil
Cabasse France
Celestion China and United Kingdom
Cerwin-Vega China and Malaysia
Clair Brothers United Stat
Community Professional Loudspeakers United States
Creative Singapore
d&b Audiotechnik Germany
DALI Denmark
Denon Japan
Duntech Australia
Dynaudio Denmark
Eastern Acoustic Works United States
Edifier Canada and China
Electro-Voice United States
Electrocompaniet Norway
Focal-JMLab France
Forsman Norway
Fostex Japan
Funktion-One United Kingdom
Gale United Kingdom
Genelec Finland
Hartke Systems United States
Harman Kardon United States
Hertz Italy
HSU Research United States
Infinity United States
JBL United States
Jensen United States
JL Audio United States
JVC Japan
KEF China and United Kingdom
Kenwood Japan
Kharma International Netherlands
KLH United States
Klipsch United States
Krell Industries United States
KRK United States
Kustom United States
Kvart&Bolge[1] United States
L-Acoustics France
Legacy Audio United States
Linn United Kingdom
Lipinski Sound United States
Logitech United States
Mackie United States
Magnepan United States
Marten Sweden
Martin Audio United Kingdom
MartinLogan United State
McIntosh Laboratory United States
MCS (United Speakers Systems, McIntosh Laboratory) United States
Meyer Sound United States
Mission China and United Kingdom
Mitek/MTX United States
Naim United Kingdom
NHT Loudspeakers United States
Onkyo Japan
OTONE Audio United Kingdom
Panasonic Japan
Paradigm Electronics Canada
Peavey Electronics USA
ΦPHI Hi-Fi Innovation South Africa
Philips Netherlands
Pioneer Japan
PMC speakers United Kingdom
Polk Audio United States
Proac United Kingdom
PSB Speakers Canada
QLN Sweden
QSC Audio Products United States
Quad Electroacoustics United Kingdom
Radio Shack United States
Rega Research United Kingdom
Renkus-Heinz United States
Rogers International United Kingdom brand (China manufacturing)
Selenium Brazil
Shermann Audio United Kingdom
Snell United States
Song Audio Canada
Sonodyne India
Sony Japan
Stage Accompany Netherlands
Technical Audio Devices Laboratories (TAD) United States
Tannoy United Kingdom
Teledyne United States
Teufel Germany
Theophany New Zealand
Thiel Audio United States
TOA Corp. Japan
Totem Acoustic Canada
Usher Audio Taiwan
Vandersteen United States
Velodyne Acoustics United States
Veritone Minimum Phase Speakers United States
Wharfedale China and United Kingdom
Whatmough Australia
Wilson Audio United States
Wilson Benesch United Kingdom
Yamaha Japan
Yorkville Sound Canada
ZR Speaker Lab Slovenia
Zu Audio United States

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