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A list of maps of Jamaica in chronological order.


Sortable table
K#[1] Date Title Carto-
1 1528 Map of Jamaica Benedetto Bordone A very simple map of Jamaica from Bordone's Isolario (The Book of Islands), printed in Venice in 1528. Jamaica 1528.png
2 1562 Isloa Cuba Nova Girolamo Ruscelli Fragment showing Jamaica from an early map of Cuba in Ruscelli's Atlas, probably the 1562 edition, published in Italy.[2] Jamaica 1562 (Girolamo Ruscelli).png
4 1572 Jamaica Tomaso Porcacchi Early map of Jamaica (and part of Cuba) engraved by Girolamo Porro for Porcacchi's book L'Isole piu Famose del Mondo, first published in Venice in 1572.[3] Jamaica 1572 (Tomaso Porcacchi).jpg
8 1631 Map of the Caribbean Gerardus Mercator(?) Fragment showing Jamaica from map of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Hispaniola and S Margarita Island (off the coast of Venezuela) in the first Cloppenburgh edition of the large-format Mercator-Hondius Atlas Minor, published in Amsterdam, 1630.[4] Jamaica 1631 (Mercator-Hondius).png
13 1671 Novissima et Accura-tissima Jamaicae Descriptio John Ogilby Engraved by F Lamb, includes a table showing plantations, precincts and settlements on the island.[5] Jamaica1671ogilby.jpg
17 1671 A new and exact map of the isle of Jamaica Richard Bloome Map Jamaica 1671.jpg
22 1676 Jamaica and Barbados John Speed Top half of a hand tinted map of Jamaica and Barbados printed by Thomas Basset and Richard Chiswell, London, England. On the reverse there is a description of the two islands.[6] Jamaica 1676 (John Speed).jpg
26 1680 Jamaica Nicolaes Visscher II Jamaica 1680 (Nicolaum Visscher).jpg
1683 de Cuba et de Iamaica Alain Manesson Mallet An extract showing Jamaica from an engraving in Mallet's Description de L'Univers published by Thierry, Paris, 1683.[7] Jamaica 1683 (Allain Mallet).png
1684 A New and Exact Mapp of the Island of Jamaica Charles Bochart and Humphrey Knollis[8]
24 1688 Insula Jamaica Robert Morden
49 1710 Neiuwe Kaart van het Eyland Jamaica Hermann Moll
1711 Jamaica
1715 A New Map of the English Empire in the Ocean of America
or West Indies
John Senex
1717 A New Map of the Island of Jamaica Herman Moll
54 1720 The island of Jamaica divided into its principal parishes... Herman Moll
1728 The Island of Jamaica Herman Moll
1730 Dominia Anglorum præcipuis in Insulis Americæ Homann's Heirs
65 1744 A New and Accurate Map of the Island of Jamaica Emanuel Bowen
64 1746 La Jamaique Sieur le Rouge
66 1753 Carte de l'Isle de Jamaique Jacques-Nicolas Bellin
71 1755 A new map of Jamaica ... from actual surveys made ... from the year 1730 to 1749[8] Patrick Browne
1757 A Correct Map of Jamaica Georg Dionysius Ehret
77 1758 Carte de l'Isle de Jamaique Jacques-Nicolas Bellin
76 1758 Carte Particularie De L’ Isle De La Jamaique Jacques-Nicolas Bellin
1760 A Correct Map of Jamaica
83 1762 A Correct Map of the Island of Jamaica John Gibson
89 1765 A New Map of the Island of Jamaica Thomas Kitchin
101 1775 Jamaica Thomas Jeffreys
104 1779 La Giammaica Antonio Zatta
105 1780 Carte de l'Isle de la Jamaique Rigobert Bonne
131 1794 A Map of the Island of Jamaica Bryan Edwards
141 1805 Charte von Jamaica Jean Baptiste Marie George Bory
de Saint Vincent
1812 Isle de la Jamaique Arrowsmith
145 1814 Jamaica John Thomson
150 1822
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Jamaica
Carrey & Lea
151 1823 Jamaica Fielding Lucas
152 1825 Jamaique J A Buchon
1835 The British Island in the West Indies Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
1836 Jamaica J & C Walker
1850 Tourist Map of the Isand of Jamaica Edward Vincent D'Invilliers
1851 Jamaica J Rapkin / J Tallis
1854 Jamaica Harvey Newcomb
1859 Map of Haiti and Jamaica Edward Weller
1860 Island of Jamaica Fullarton
1880 General Chart of the Island of Jamaica John Purdy
1882 Outline Map of Jamaica Dangerfield
1892 Cuba and Jamaica D Appleton & Co
1903 Jamaica Dodd, Mead and Company
1908 Jamaica Earthquake Vaughn Cornish
1910 Jamaica Cram


The 1:50,000 series[edit]

Between the early 1950s and the late 1970s the UK Directorate of Overseas Surveys published several editions of a series of maps of Jamaica at the scale of 1:50,000. The following table summarises the known publication dates.

Sheet First Edition Second Edition Third Edition
Sheet A 1959
Sheet B 1958
Sheet C 1959 (reprinted 1973)
Sheet D 1959 (reprinted 1974)
Sheet E 1958 (reprinted 1974)
Sheet F 1958 (reprinted 1974)
Sheet G 1973
Sheet H 1973 (reprinted 1974)
Sheet K 1970 (reprinted 1974)
Sheet L 1954 1966 (reprinted 1973)
Sheet M 1967 (reprinted 1973)
Sheet N 1967 (reprinted 1971)
Index to the 1:50,000 maps of Jamaica published by the UK Directorate of Overseas Surveys from the early 1950s on.


Sortable table
K#[1] Date Title Cartographer Description
1967 Jamaica Road Map Esso
1972 Jamaica Road Map Texaco


Town plans[edit]


Sortable table
Date Title Carto-
1891-06 Kingston and environs War Office A lithograph published by Edward Stanford for the Intelligence Division of the War Office. It was based on earlier maps and Admiralty charts, updated with the observations of five army officers. The illustration shows an extract depicting Kingston Harbour.[9] Kingston Harbour (cropped).png

Montego Bay[edit]

Petrol company road maps
  • Esso, 1967, on reverse
  • Texaco, 1972, on reverse

Spanish Town[edit]

Petrol company road maps
  • Esso, 1967, on reverse
  • Texaco, 1972, on reverse


Petrol company road maps
  • Esso, 1967, on reverse
  • Texaco, 1972, on reverse

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