List of massacres in Germany

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The following is an incomplete list of massacres that have occurred in present-day Germany and its predecessors:

Name Date Location Deaths Description
Massacre of Verden 782 Verden, Lower Saxony 4,500 mass killing of Saxons by Frankish king Charlemagne during his campaign to conquer and Christianize their territory in today's Northern Germany
Celler Hasenjagd April 10, 1945 Celle, Germany 300 killing of KZ inmates by SS guards and Nazi officials in the last days of the Second World War
Massacre of Lippach April 22, 1945 Lippach, Germany 36 killing of German POWs by American troops in the last days of the Second World War.[1][2][3][4]
Dachau massacre April 29, 1945 near Dachau 35 killing of concentration camp German guards and returning SS Troops by liberation US troops in the last days of the Second World War
SS Cap Arcona May 3, 1945 near Lübeck 7,000-7,500 prisoners from Nazi concentration camps killed when the SS Cap Arcona was sunk in the last days of the Second World War by the Royal Air Force, incl. killing of survivors by SS.
Munich massacre September 5–6, 1972 Munich, West Germany 17 Palestinian terrorists killed Israeli athletes.
Duisburg massacre August 15, 2007 Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia 6 ongoing feud between Italian mobsters.
Erfurt massacre April 26, 2002 Erfurt 17 school shooting; 7 injured
Cologne school massacre June 11, 1964 Cologne 10 school massacre; 22 injured
Bremen school shooting June 20, 1913 Bremen, German Empire 5 school shooting; 21 injured
Winnenden school shooting March 11, 2009 Winnenden 16 9 injured


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