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The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in modern Syria (numbers may be approximate):

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
1947 Aleppo pogrom December 1947 Aleppo 75 Half the city's Jewish population fled
Jisr al-Shughour massacre (1980) March 9, 1980 Jisr al-Shughour 150-200
Aleppo Artillery School massacre 16 June 1979 Aleppo 32-83
Siege of Aleppo (1980) 1980 Aleppo more than 2000 multiple massacres over a period of time
1981 Hama massacre April 1981 Hama 400 members of the male population rounded up and executed
1982 Hama massacre February 1982 Hama 10,000-40,000
Tadmor Prison massacre June 27, 1980 Palmyra 500-1,000
Siege of Hama July 31–August 4, 2012 Hama 100-200 Syrian government forces reportedly killed up to 200 civilians in an assault on the city of Hama.[1]
Ram al-Enz and Ghajariyeh massacre 27 February 2012 Ram al-Enz and Ghajariyeh near Homs 68 Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that 68 bodies were found between the villages of Ram al-Enz and Ghajariyeh. Syrian activists blamed pro-government militia.[2][3]
Karm al-Zeitoun massacre 9 March 2012 Karm al-Zeitoun, Homs 47 Syrian Army reportedly massacred 47 people after entering Karm al-Zeitoun.[4]
Taftanaz massacre 5 April 2012 Taftanaz, Idlib Governorate 62 Syrian Army reportedly carried out a massacre by rounding up and executing people following the Battle of Taftanaz.[5][6]
Houla massacre May 25, 2012 Houla 108 49 children among the dead. AT first UN believed deaths result of Syrian Army Shelling.[7] However after eye witness accounts published by German paper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claimed it was rebel sectarian violence,[8] UNHRC concluded that there was insufficient evidence to determine who had committed the massacre.[9]
Al-Buwaida al-Sharqiya massacre May 31, 2012 Al-Buwaida al-Sharqiya 13
Al-Qubair massacre June 6, 2012 Al-Qubair, in Maarzaf 80-100 Victims were stabbed and shot.[10]
Daret Azzeh massacre June 22, 2012 Darat Azzah in Aleppo 25 Rebels claim to have killed 25 men who they accused of being a part of the Shabbiha.[11][12]
Darayya massacre 20–25 August 2012 Darayya, Rif Dimashq 320[13]–500[14] Many people were killed in a five-day Army assault on the town, which was rebel-held.[15] According to the opposition, Human Rights Watch and some local residents the killings were committed by the Syrian military and Shabiha militiamen.[16] According to the government and some local residents they were committed by rebel forces.[17]
Maarrat Al-Nu'man massacre October 8–October 13, 2012 Maarrat al-Nu'man 65 During the Battle of Maarrat Al-Nu'man, the Syrian Army reportedly executed 65 people,[18] including 50 defecting soldiers.[19]
Aqrab massacre 11 December 2012 Aqrab, Hama Governorate 125 (Includes wounded) Alawite villagers attacked by Syrian rebels, with 10 confirmed killed.[20]
Basatin al-Hasawiya massacre 15 January 2013 Homs 106 Syrian government troops stormed the village of Basatin al-Hasawiya on the outskirts of Homs city reportedly killing 106 civilians.[21]
Queiq River massacre 29 January–14 March 2013 Queiq River, Aleppo 147–230 Between 29 January and 14 March 2013, opposition activists claimed that they found about 230 bodies on the banks and in the Queiq river in Aleppo. They accused government forces of being the ones who executed the men since the bodies came down the river from the direction of government-held areas of the city. Human Rights Watch was able to identify at least 147 victims, all male and aged between 11 and 64.[22]
Battle of Jdaidet al-Fadl 16–21 April 2013 Rif Dimashq hundreds Syrian Army was accused by the opposition of carrying out a massacre. SOHR claimed that 250 people were killed since the start of the battle, with them being able to document, by name, 127 of the dead, including 27 rebels. Another opposition claim put the death toll at 450.[23][24][25] One activist source claimed he counted 98 bodies in the town's streets and 86 in makeshift clinics who were summarily executed. Another activist stated they documented 85 people who were executed, including 28 who were killed in a makeshift hospital.[26]
Bayda and Baniyas massacres 2–3 May 2013 Bayda and Baniyas, Tartus Governorate 128–450 Assault by Alawite militias against the local Sunni population.[27][28]
Hatla massacre 11 June 2013 Hatla, Deir el-Zour 30 Shiite villagers killed by Syrian rebels.
Khan al-Assal massacre July 22, 2013 Khan al-Assal, Aleppo, Syria 51 Rebels execute 51 POWs.
August 2013 Ghouta chemical attack August 21, 2013 Al-Ghouta, Damascus, Syria 281[29]–1,729 [30] Rebels claimed government forces struck Jobar, Zamalka, 'Ain Tirma, and Hazzah in the Eastern Ghouta region with chemical weapons, while the Syrian government claimed it was a rebel False Flag operation.
Sadad massacre October 21–28, 2013 Sadad 46 During the Battle of Sadad, rebels reportedly committed a massacre.[31] The bodies of 46 civilians were discovered in Sadad after the rebels pulled back. The opposition activist group the SOHR called it a massacre.[32][33]
Al-Fattah massacre December 6, 2013 Al-Fattah, Al-Nabk District 40 During the Battle of Qalamoun, government forces reportedly committed a massacre of 40 civilians in the government-held Al-Fattah district of An-Nabk.[34][35][36]
Adra massacre December 6, 2013 Adra, Syria 32 - 80 This was the killing of at least 32 civilians in the industrial town of Adra, Syria. Government claims that at least 80 were killed.[37] It was conducted by the al-Nusra Front and Jaysh al-Islam, a subgroup of the Islamic Front.[38][39]

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