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First page of the autoggraph of Mozart's Great Mass in C minor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791), composed over 600 works, many acknowledged as pinnacles of operatic, symphonic, concertante and chamber music. He also composed several masses, most of them as a church musician in Salzburg. Some of them are termed Missa brevis (short mass), rendering the prescribed text in short time, others are termed Missa solemnis (solemn or festive mass). Some are termed "Missa brevis et solemnis", because they are short but use festive instruments such as trumpets. All nicknames such as Sparrow Mass were added later.

Mozart composed the Great Mass in C minor, in Vienna between 1782 and 1783, but left it uncompleted. It is formally a Missa solemnis because Gloria and Credo are divided in several movements. Mozart did not name it but began with the heading "Kyrie" on the first page. In 1791, he composed a Requiem mass which was unfinished when he died and was completed by his pupil Franz Xaver Süßmayr.


Setting Year of composition Köchel no. Title Key Notes
No.  1 1768 K. 49 (47d) Missa brevis G major
No.  2 1769 K. 65 (61a) Missa brevis D minor
No.  3 1769 K. 66 Missa solemnis
C major
No.  4 1768 K. 139 (47a) Missa solemnis
"Waisenhausmesse" ("Orphanage Mass")
C minor
No.  5 1773 K. 140 (235d, Anh. C 1.12) Missa brevis[1] G major
No.  6 1774 K. 192 (186f) Missa brevis F major
No.  7 1773 K. 167 Missa solemnis
Missa in honorem Sanctissimae Trinitatis
C major
No.  9 1774 K. 194 (186h) Missa brevis D major
No. 10 1775–1776 K. 220 (196b) Missa brevis
"Spatzenmesse" (Sparrow Mass)
C major also: Missa brevis et solemnis
No. 11 1776 K. 257 "Credo Mass" C major Missa brevis et solemnis
No. 12 1775 K. 258 Missa brevis
C major formerly misidentified as "Spaur"[2]
No. 13 1775 or 1776 K. 259 Missa brevis
("Organ Solo Mass")
C major
No. 14 1776 K. 262 (246a) Missa longa C major
No. 15 1777 K. 275 (272b) Missa brevis B-flat major
No. 16 1779 K. 317 Missa brevis
"Krönungsmesse" (Coronation Mass)
C major
No. 17 1780 K. 337 Missa solemnis C major
No. 18 1782–1783 K. 427 (417a) Great Mass in C minor C minor incomplete Missa solemnis
No. 19 1791 K. 626 Requiem D minor completed by Franz Xaver Süssmayr
Note: Additionally, Mozart wrote a Kyrie in F major, K. 33, in Paris on June 12, 1766;[1] and a Kyrie in D minor, K. 341 (368a) from November 1780 to March 1781, possibly in Munich.[1]


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