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This is a selected list of massively multiplayer online role-playing games. MMORPGs are large multi-user games that take place in perpetual online worlds with hundreds or thousands of other players. In most MMORPGs each player controls an avatar that interacts with other players, completes tasks to gain experience, and acquires items.

Business models[edit]

MMORPGs today use a wide range of business models, from completely free of charge (no strings attached) or advertise funded to various kinds of payment plans. This list uses the following terms.

  • Free-to-play (F2P) means that there is no cost to purchase the software and there is no subscription charge or added payments needed to access game content. Variably applies to traditionally bought and forever available games.
  • Freemium means that the majority of game content is available for free but players can pay for extra content or added perks.
  • Pay-to-play is an addendum to Freemium where the games mechanics or balance heavily favors players who purchase content.

List of notable MMORPGs[edit]

Title Status Graphics Setting Subscription Model Initial Release Date Server Close Date Notes
4th Coming, The 2D (isometric) Fantasy Free-to-play (on most servers) 1999
9Dragons 3D Historical fantasy (China), martial arts Free-to-play 2007
Ace Online 3D Science fiction Free-to-play 2006
Aces High 3D World War II combat theater Pay-to-play 2000
AdventureQuest Worlds 2D Medieval fantasy Freemium 2003 Browser-based
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2008
Age of Wulin 3D Martial Arts, Wuxia (fantasy) Freemium 2013
Aion: The Tower of Eternity 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2008
AIKA Online 3D Medieval fantasy Free-to-play 2009
Alganon 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2009
Allods Online 3D Fantasy Freemium 2010
Anarchy Online 3D Science fiction Freemium 2001
Angel Love Online 2D Fantasy 2006 Downloadable client (Windows only)
ArcheAge 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2013 Next-generation MMORPG - Open-sandbox player built world - Action/Aim combat
Ashen Empires 2D (isometric) Fantasy Freemium 2002 Housing, Guilds, 3 Expansions, Downloadable client (Windows only)
Asheron's Call 3D Fantasy Pay-to-play 1999 Has player housing
Asheron's Call 2 3D Fantasy 2002 December 2005
Atlantica Online 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2008 Turn-based strategy
Aura Kingdom 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2014
Battlestar Galactica Online 3D Science fiction Free-to-play 2011 Browser-based, Battlestar Galactica license
Black Desert Final beta phase 3D Medieval fantasy Next-generation MMORPG - Active, open world - Action/Aim combat - Next-generation graphics
Blade & Soul 3D Fantasy, martial arts Freemium (Korea, China) Pay-to-play (Japan) 2012 Action/Aim combat
Cabal Online 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2005
Champions Online 3D Superheroes Freemium 2009
City of Heroes 3D Superheroes Freemium 2004 November 30th, 2012 Formerly pay-to-play
City of Villains 3D Superheroes Freemium 2005 November 30th, 2012
Clan Lord 2D Fantasy Free to play; pay for a registered account. 1998 Downloadable client (Windows, Mac). Primarily for Macintoch
Club Penguin 2D Cartoon, kids Freemium 2005 Browser-based.
Crowns of Power 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2008
Dark Age of Camelot 3D Mythology (Arthurian) Pay-to-play 2001
Dark Ages 2D Mythology (Celtic) Pay for account; free to play. 1999
Darkeden 2D Horror 1997
Darkfall Unholy Wars 3D Medieval fantasy Pay-to-play 2013
Dead Frontier 3D Horror Free-to-play 2008 Pay for extras, Browser based game
DC Universe Online 3D Superheroes Freemium 2011 DC Comics license
Defiance 3D Science fiction, Post-apocalyptic Free-to-play 2013 Tie-in to Defiance (TV series), formerly pay-to-play
Digimon Masters 3D Fantasy Freemium 2011
Dofus 2D (isometric) Fantasy Pay-to-play 2004 Downloadable client (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Tactical combat
Dragon Nest 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2010
Dragon Oath 3D Mythology (Chinese) Free-to-play 2007 Based on the novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils by Jin Yong
Dragon Quest X 3D Fantasy Pay-to-play 2012 Multiplatform: Wii, Wii U
Dragonica also known as Dragon Saga 3D (side-scrolling) Fantasy Free-to-play 2010 Anime/manga-style hack and slash
Dungeons & Dragons Online 3D Fantasy Freemium 2006 D&D 3.5 Edition ruleset
Dynasty Warriors Online 3D Historical fantasy (China), martial arts Free-to-play 2006 Hack and slash
Earth and Beyond 3D Science fiction Pay-to-play 2002 September 22nd, 2004 Space vehicle piloting, trading, leveling
The Elder Scrolls Online 3D Medieval fantasy Pay-to-play 2014 Action/Aim combat
Elite: Dangerous Closed beta 3D Science fiction 2014 Space / trading / combat simulator
Emil Chronicle Online 3D Fantasy 2005
Empire & State 2D Science fiction Free-to-play 2011 Browser-Based political strategy MMORPG
Empire of Sports 3D Modern sports Free-to-play 2008 Sports-based
Elsword 2.5D Fantasy Free-to-play 2007
Entropia Universe 3D Science fiction Free-to-play 2003
Eternal Lands 3D Fantasy Free-to-play (playing as some races requires payment) 2003 Downloadable client (Windows, Mac, Linux)
EVE Online 3D Science fiction Pay-to-play 2003 Space vehicle piloting, trading, and business management
EverQuest 3D Fantasy Freemium 1999 Formerly pay-to-play
EverQuest II 3D Fantasy Freemium 2004 Sequel to Everquest
EverQuest Next Under development 3D Fantasy Next-generation MMORPG - Active, open world, Multiplatform: PC, PlayStation 4
Fantage 2D Fantasy Freemium 2008
Face of Mankind 3D Science fiction Freemium 2009
Fallen Earth 3D Post-apocalyptic Freemium 2009
Fantasy Westward Journey 2D Fantasy (Chinese) Inspired by Journey to the West
Fiesta Online 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2007
Final Fantasy XI 3D Fantasy Pay-to-play 2002 Multiplatform: PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 3D Fantasy Pay-to-play 2013 Relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV. Multiplatform: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Firefall Open beta 3D Science fiction Free-to-play 2011 First-person/third-person shooter
Flyff 3D Fantasy Freemium 2005
Fragoria 3D Fantasy Freemium 2011 Browser-based
Furcadia 2D Fantasy 1996
Gekkeiju Online 3D Medieval fantasy 2003
GodsWar Online 3D Mythology (Greek) Free-to-play 2009
Granado Espada (Sword of the New World) 3D Historical fantasy (Age of Exploration) 2007
Grand Chase 2D Fantasy Free-to-play 2003 Client download required
Guild Wars 3D Fantasy Free-to-play with Purchase of the Game 2005
Guild Wars 2 3D Fantasy Free-to-play with purchase of the game 2012 Action/Aim combat, sequel to Guild Wars
Helbreath 2D (sprite-based) Fantasy Free-to-play 1999
Hello Kitty Online 3D Cartoon Free-to-play 2009 Client download required.
Hero Online 3D Mythology (Chinese) Free-to-play 2006
Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted 3D Fantasy Free-to-play / Pay-to-play 2003 Name changed from Horizons
Illyriad 2D Fantasy Free-to-play 2011
Jade Dynasty 3D Fantasy, martial arts Freemium 2008 Latest expansion in 2013
Kal Online 3D Fantasy 2004
Knight Online 3D Fantasy 2004
LaTale 2D (side-scrolling) Fantasy 2006
The Legend of Ares 3D Fantasy May 2009
The Legend of Mir 2 2D (sprite-based) Fantasy 2001
The Legend of Mir 3 2D (sprite-based) Fantasy 2004 Sequel to Legend of Mir 2
Lineage 2D (sprite-based) Fantasy 1998
Lineage II 3D Fantasy Freemium (Pay-to-play until 2011 launch of GoD) 2003 Sequel to Lineage
Lineage III Under development 3D Fantasy Sequel to Lineage II
Little Space Heroes 2D Kids Freemium 2011
The Lord of the Rings Online 3D Fantasy Freemium 2007
Love 3D Fantasy 2010 Builder
Lunia: Record of Lunia War 3D Fantasy 2008 Action-adventure
Mabinogi 3D Fantasy, mythology (Welsh) Free-to-play 2004
Magical Land 2D (sprite-based) Fantasy (Chinese)
MapleStory 2D (side-scrolling) Fantasy Free-to-play 2003
Matrix Online 3D Science fiction 2005 July 31, 2009
Meridian 59 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 1995 Formerly pay-to-play
Metin 2 3D Fantasy 2004
Minions of Mirth 3D Fantasy 2005
Mortal Online 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2010 Formerly pay-to-play
Multi Theft Auto 3D Requires Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2006 Wide variety of gaming types. Roleplay, Deathmatch, Sandbox, etc.
MU Online 3D Medieval fantasy 2003
Mythos 3D Fantasy
Myst Online 3D Ancient Fantasy 2007 Open source
Neocron 3D Cyberpunk 2002 FPS-style gameplay, second installment by fanbase
Neverwinter 3D Fantasy 2013
Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds 2D (sprite-based; overhead) Mythology (Korean) 1996
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Under development 3D Fantasy Spiritual successor to the original Everquest
Pardus 2D Science fiction Free-to-play 2004 Browser-based, space war and trading game
Parallel Kingdom 3D Fantasy Freemium 2008
Perfect World 3D Fantasy Freemium 2005 Latest expansion in 2013
Perpetuum[1][2] 3D Science fiction Freemium with purchase of game 2010 Persistent sandbox MMORPG. Formerly pay-to-play, switched to Freemium with purchase of game on 2014-04-02 (former subscribers who had paid for at least 3 months of subscription time receive game for free).[3]
Phantasy Star Online 2 3D Science Fiction Freemium 2012
Phoenix Dynasty Online 2D Fantasy Free-to-play 2007 December 8, 2010 (2010-12-08)
Pirates of the Burning Sea 3D Historical (maritime) Free-to-play 2008
PlaneShift 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2000 Open source
Priston Tale 3D Fantasy 2001
Poptropica 2D (adventure) Cartoon, kids Free-to-play 2007 Browser-based, no downloadable client required
Puppet Guardian 2D (isometric; adventure) Fantasy Free-to-play 2007
Ragnarok Online 2D/3D[4] Fantasy, mythology (Norse/mixed) Freemium/Pay-to-play (Depending on the server) 2002
Ragnarok Online 2 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2012 Sequel to Ragnarok Online
Ran Online 3D Campus fantasy 2004
Realm of the Mad God 2D Fantasy Free-to-play 2011 Browser-based
The Realm Online 2D (sprite-based) Fantasy 1996
Regnum Online 3D Medieval fantasy 2007
Requiem: Memento Mori 3D Dark fantasy 2008
RF Online 3D Science fiction 2006
Rift 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2011 Formerly pay-to-play
Roblox 3D Abstract Freemium 2006 Block-building game
Rohan: Blood Feud 3D Fantasy 2008
ROSE Online 3D Fantasy 2005
Runes of Magic 3D Medieval fantasy Freemium 2009
RuneScape 3D Medieval fantasy Freemium with microtransactions[5] 2001 Browser-based, Java and HTML 5. Free and membership optional membership will unlock more skills and quests, and access to Old School Runescape, and allow players access to Runescape Classic if it's unlocked for them.
Rusty Hearts 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2011 Hack and slash
Ryzom 3D Science fiction Free undefinite trial (can level up to 125), Pay-to-play (to level 250) 2004 Open source
Salem 3D Historical (17th century) fantasy Free-to-play 2012 Crafting-based
Sangokushi Online 3D Mythology (Chinese) 2008 Part of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series by Koei
The Secret World 3D Modern Freemium with purchase of game 2012 Formerly pay-to-play
Seal Online 3D Fantasy 2003
Scions of Fate or Yulgang 2D (sprite-based) Fantasy Free-to-play 2005
Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2007
Sho Online 3D Historical fantasy (China) Free-to-play 2008
Shot-Online 3D Sports (golf) 2004
Silkroad Online 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2005
Soul of the Ultimate Nation 3D Fantasy 2007
Spiral Knights 3D Fantasy Freemium 2009 Java
Star Trek Online 3D Science fiction Freemium 2010 Switched to "free-to-play" in January 2012
Star Wars Galaxies 3D Science fiction Pay-to-Play 2003 December 2011 The first Star Wars MMORPG used a "sandbox" approach with a totally player-driven economy
Star Wars: The Old Republic 3D Science fiction Freemium 2011 Spiritual sequel of 2003's Game of the year Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, formerly pay-to-play
StarQuest Online 3D Science fiction 2007 Downloadable client (Windows)
Stellar Dawn Development paused 3D Science fiction Development started back in 2006 as Mechscape, which was scrapped in 2009. In 2010 Stellar Dawn was announced, though in March of 2012 the development was paused so the developer, Jagex, could focus on their other games.
A Tale in the Desert 3D Mythology (Egyptian) Pay-to-play 2003 Non-combat-oriented RPG
Tales of Pirates 3D Fantasy 2007
Tantra Online 3D Mythology (Hindu)
TERA: Rising 3D Fantasy Free to Play 2011 True Action combat
Terra 3D Science fiction 1996 Armored battle
Tibia 2D (sprite-based; overhead) Fantasy 1997 Downloadable client (Windows, Linux).
Toontown Online 3D Fantasy Freemium June 2, 2003 September 19, 2013 First MMORPG for children
Twelve Sky 3D Fantasy Free-to-play 2007
Twelve Sky 2 3D Fantasy Free-to-play
Ultima Online 2D Medieval fantasy 1997
Uncharted Waters Online 3D Historical (maritime) 2005
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes 3D Fantasy 2007 2014 The servers were shut down on July 31st, 2014
Vindictus 3D Fantasy (Celtic) Free-to-play 2010 Action/Aim combat
Voyage Century Online 3D Historical (maritime) 2006
Vendetta Online 3D Science fiction Pay-to-play 2004 Space vehicle piloting and twitch-based interface
Wakfu 2D (isometric) Fantasy Freemium 2012 Downloadable client (Windows, Mac, Linux). Tactical combat.
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning 3D Fantasy Freemium 2008 2013
WildStar 3D Fantasy, Science fiction Pay-to-play 2014 Action/Aim combat (telegraphed)
With Your Destiny (Supreme Destiny) 3D Fantasy 2003
Wizard101 3D Fantasy, kids Freemium 2008 Wizard game with cards, kid-safe chat
WonderKing Online 2D (side-scrolling) Fantasy Free-to-play 2006
Wonderland Online 2D (special) Fantasy Free-to-play 2008, March Anime/Manga based
World of the Living Dead: Resurrection 2D Survival Strategy Free-to-play 2014 Map-Based Survival Game with PvP, Factions, Customisation, Upgrades & Crafting
World of Warcraft 3D Medieval fantasy Pay-to-play
2004 Free-to-play until level 20
Wurm Online 3D Medieval fantasy Freemium 2006 Sandbox game with hundreds of skills, multiple kingdoms, and a deep crafting system.
Yulgang (Scions of Fate) 3D Fantasy
Zhengtu 2D Mythology (Chinese)
Zu Online 3D Mythology (Chinese) 2007

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