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Material Testing

Materials (biomaterials as well as inorganic or organic materials) and devices (integrated circuits, LED, Solar cell etc.) need analysis to assess product quality, functioning, safety, reliability and toxicity. Effective materials testing covers verification of material characteristics for application trials, detection of defects, analysis of failures, improvement of new materials or conducting basic research on the theoretical strength of materials.[1]

List of International Organizations For Material Testing

The following are some global organizations which are involved in setting up of "testing standards" and active research for material analysis and reliability testing.

List of Global Research Laboratories for Material Testing

Following are some international laboratories working in the area of material testing.

Some online resources available for Material analysis

  • TRIM/SRIM simulations to calculate sputtering yield and deformation of a substrate bombarded by energetic ion [15]
  • Handbook of analytical methods for materials. [16]

A brief List of materials analysis methods and tools, describing fundamentals and applications, is available on Wikipedia.


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