List of mayors of Halifax, Nova Scotia

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History of Halifax, Nova Scotia
Halifax Town Clock.jpg
Town of Halifax (1749–1842)
City of Halifax (1842–1996)
Halifax (amalgamated) (1996–present)
Citadel Hill built 1749
Dartmouth Massacre 1751
Headquarters established for Royal Navy's North American Station 1758
Sambro Lighthouse built 1759
Burying the Hatchet ceremony 1761
Naval battle off Halifax 1782
Prince Edward arrives 1794
Halifax Impressment Riot 1805
Capture of USS Chesapeake 1813
CSS Tallahassee Escape 1861
Departing Halifax for Northwest Rebellion 1885
Local Council of Women established 1894
Departing Halifax for the Boer War 1899
Dingle Tower created 1912
Halifax Explosion 1917
Halifax VE-Day Riot 1945
Bedford Magazine Explosion 1945
First Amalgamation 1969
Second Amalgamation 1996
Africville Apology 2010

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This is a list of mayors of the city Halifax, Nova Scotia. The City of Halifax is a former municipality in Nova Scotia which was amalgamated with the City of Dartmouth Town of Bedford and Halifax County to form the Halifax Regional Municipality in 1996.

This is a list of mayors for the City of Halifax from 1841 until amalgamation. Prior to the formation of the city's elected government in 1841 the administration of the municipality was left in the hands of a selected group of men. The first mayor was elected to council and chosen for this position by his peers in council.

Prior 1850 the Mayor was elected amongst the elected councillors. The first Mayor elected directly by citizens was William Caldwell. The Mayor continues to act as a Councillor-at-Large and has a direct vote on all council decisions.

19th Century[edit]

20th Century[edit]

Post-Amalgamation Mayors[edit]

As of 1996, the City of Halifax and all its municipalities were amalgamated into a single Halifax Regional Municipality. The mayors of the unified municipality have been:


  • (¹) W.R. Fitzgerald presided over municipal amalgamation which saw the City of Halifax combined with the City of Dartmouth, Town of Bedford and Halifax County. Fitzgerald subsequently ran for election as mayor of the Halifax Regional Municipality and won, becoming the last mayor of the City of Halifax and the first mayor of HRM.

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