List of mayors of Paris

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Mayor of Paris
Maire de Paris
Grandes Armes de Paris.svg
Anne Hidalgo, février 2014.jpg
Anne Hidalgo

since 5 April 2014
Residence Hôtel de Ville
Appointer Popular election
(with the approvation of the City Council)
Term length 6 years
Inaugural holder Jean Sylvain Bailly
Formation 8 November 1807
Salary €8,650

Before the French Revolution, the municipality of Paris was headed by the provost of the merchants (French: prévôt des marchands). On 14 July 1789, at the end of the afternoon, following the storming of the Bastille, the provost of the merchants of Paris, Jacques de Flesselles, was shot by the crowd on the steps of Paris city hall. The next day, the first mayor of Paris (French: maire de Paris) was elected.

List of rulers of Paris (1263-present)[edit]

Provosts of the merchants (1263-1789)[edit]

Mayors of Paris (1789-1871; 1977-present)[edit]

From 1789 , the Mayor of Paris was chosen by the City council until his abolition in 1871, when it was abolished for the President of City Councils office. The office was restored another time briefly in 1848 and in 1870, when was suppressed. Since 1977, the Mayor's office was definitively restored, under provisions of new local administration law, and the Mayor of Paris is chosen by popular election every six years.

Mayor of Paris Took office Left office Party
1 Jean Sylvain Bailly, maire de Paris.jpg Jean Sylvain Bailly 15 July 1789 18 November 1791
2 Jérôme Pétion de Villeneuve.jpg Jérôme Pétion de Villeneuve 18 November 1791 1 December 1792
3 Grandes Armes de Paris.svg Nicolas Chambon 1 December 1792 14 February 1973
4 AduC 122 Pache (J.N., 1746-1823).JPG Jean-Nicolas Pache 14 February 1793 10 May 1794
5 Jean-BaptisteFleuriot-Lescot.jpg Jean-Baptiste Fleuriot-Lescot 10 May 1794 28 July 1794
(arrested and executed)
Office abolished (1794–1848)
6 Louis-Antoine Garnier-Pages.jpg Louis-Antoine Garnier-Pagès 24 February 1848 9 March 1848 Moderate Republican
7 Marrast, Armand.jpg Armand Marrast 9 March 1848 19 July 1848 Moderate Republican
Office abolished (1748–1870)
8 Etienne Arago.jpeg Étienne Arago 4 September 1870 15 November 1870 Progressive Republican
9 Julesferry.jpg Jules Ferry 15 November 1870 5 June 1871 Opportunist Republican
Office abolished (1871–1977)
10 Jacques Chirac1.jpg Jacques Chirac 20 March 1977 22 March 1995 Rally for the Republic
11 Jean Tiberi 2007 06 06.jpg Jean Tiberi 22 March 1995 25 March 2001 Rally for the Republic
12 Cohen-Solal Mutualite 2008 03 03 n9.jpg Bertrand Delanoë 25 March 2001 5 April 2014 Socialist Party
13 Anne Hidalgo, février 2014.jpg Anne Hidalgo 5 April 2014 Incumbent Socialist Party