List of mayors of Portland, Oregon

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This is a list of mayors of the city of Portland, Oregon. Note: under Portland's system of government, members of the City Council (known as Commissioners) have many duties that are generally the domain of a mayor.

The current term for mayor of Portland is four years. Mayoral elections are held in May of US presidential election years (years divisible by four), during the Oregon primary election, with a runoff between the top two vote-getters held in November of the same year should no candidate garner a majority vote in the May election. The mayor-elect takes office the following January.

Portland mayors' portraits[edit]

The City of Portland mayor's office, in City Hall, contains a collection of mounted portraits of all the mayors to date. As of this writing[when?] only two mayors are missing from the collection: William H. Farrar (1862–1863) and Hamilton Boyd (1868–1869).

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