List of mayors of Providence, Rhode Island

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The following is a list of mayors of Providence, Rhode Island.

Originally the term for the mayor was one year, from June to June. In 1873, the term was lengthened to January, and then from January to January. In 1913, the term was lengthened to two years, and in January 1967 to four years.

Name Term Party
Samuel W. Bridgham June 1832–December 31, 1840 Whig
Thomas M. Burgess February 2, 1841–June 1852 Whig
Amos C. Barstow June 1852–June 1853 Whig
Walter R. Danforth June 1853–June 1854 Democrat
Edward P. Knowles June 1854–June 1855 Whig
James Y. Smith June 1855–June 1857 Republican
William M. Rodman June 1857–June 1859 Republican-American
Jabez C. Knight June 1859–June 1864 Republican
Thomas A. Doyle June 1864–June 1869 Republican
George L. Clarke June 1869–June 1870 Republican
Thomas A. Doyle June 1870–June 1881 Republican
William S. Hayward January 1881–January 1884 Republican
Thomas A. Doyle January 1884–June 9, 1886 Republican
Gilbert F. Robbins June 9, 1886–January 1889 Republican
Henry R. Barker January 1889–January 1891 Republican
Charles S. Smith January 1891–January 1892 Republican
William K. Potter January 1892–January 1894 Democrat
Frank F. Olney January 1894–January 1896 Republican
Edwin D. McGuinness January 1896–January 1898 Democrat
William C. Barker January 1898–January 1901 Democrat
D.L.D. Granger January 1901–January 1903 Democrat
Augustus S. Miller January 1903–September 26, 1905 Democrat
Elisha Dyer, Jr. January 1906–November 29, 1906 Republican
Patrick J. McCarthy January 1907–January 1909 Democratic
Henry Fletcher January 1909–January 1913 Republican
Joseph H. Gainer January 1913–January 1927 Democratic
James E. Dunne January 1927–January 1939 Democratic
John F. Collins January 1939–January 1941 Republican
Dennis J. Roberts January 1941–January 1951 Democratic
Walter H. Reynolds January 1951–January 1965 Democratic
Joseph A. Doorley, Jr. January 1965–January 1975 Democratic
Vincent A. Cianci, Jr. January 1975–April 25, 1984 Republican
Joseph R. Paolino, Jr. April 25, 1984–January 1991 Democratic
Vincent A. Cianci, Jr. January 1991–September 6, 2002 Independent
John J. Lombardi September 6, 2002–January 6, 2003 Democratic
David Cicilline January 6, 2003–January 3, 2011 Democratic
Angel Taveras January 3, 2011–present Democratic