List of mayors of Sion, Switzerland

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Hôtel-de-Ville, Sion
Roger Bonvin (1907–1982) was mayor of Sion from 1955–1962 before becoming member of the Swiss Federal Council (1962–1973)

This is a list of mayors of the city of Sion, Valais, Switzerland. The executive of the city of Sion is its Conseil municipal or Conseil exécutif. Its presiding member is the Président de la Ville de Sion.

Mayor of Sion
Term Mayor Lifespan Party Notes
1899–1907 Joseph Ribordy (1857–1923)
1907–1910 Charles-Albert de Courten (1870–1947)
1911–1918 Alexis Graven (1867–1933)
1918–1920 Henri Leuzinger (1879–1956)
1920–1945 Joseph Kuntschen (1883–1954)
1945–1952 Adalbert Bacher (1892–1952)
1953–1955 Georges Maret
1955–1962 Roger Bonvin (1907–1982)
1962–1972 Emile Imesch
1972 Antoine Dubuis
1973–1984 Félix Carruzzo (1925–2011)
1985–1996 Gilbert Debons (born 1938)
1997–2008 François Mudry UDC/SVP
2009–present Marcel Maurer (born 1953) PLR/FDP