List of mayors of Stockholm

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This is a list of municipal commissioners for finance of Stockholm (finansborgarråd). In English, the title is often translated as Mayor of Stockholm, because the municipal commissioner for finance has become the top politician of Stockholm municipality since the Stockholm municipal reform 1940.[1]

The office of municipal commissioner for finance was set up in 1920, replacing an older mayor's office. While the mayor (borgmästare) before 1920 was appointed by the government, the municipal commissioner for finance is elected by the Stockholm city council. After a reform in 1940, the municipal commissioner for finance is always representing the ruling political majority coalition in the city. From 1994 the municipal commissioner for finance is also chairman of the municipal council (kommunstyrelsen), a title often called mayor in English.

Mayors from 1920 till now[edit]

Name Term Political Party
  Carl Juhlin-Dannfelt 1920–1926 The Rightist Party
  Gustaf Söderlund 1926–1931 The Rightist Party
  Knut G. Ewerlöf 1931–1936 The Rightist Party
  Halvar Sundberg 1936–1940 The Rightist Party
  Zeth Höglund 1940–1950 Social Democrats
  John Bergvall 1950–1954 Social Democrats
  Erik Huss 1954–1958 Liberal People's Party
  Hjalmar Mehr 1958–1966 Social Democrats
  Per-Olof Hansson 1966–1970 Liberal People's Party
  Albert Aronsson 1971–1973 Social Democrats
  John-Olof Persson 1973–1976 Social Democrats
  Ulf Adelsohn 1976–1979 Moderate Party
  John-Olof Persson 1979–1986 Social Democrats
  Sture Palmgren 1986–1988 Social Democrats
  Mats Hulth 1988–1991 Social Democrats
  Carl Cederschiöld 1991–1994 Moderate Party
  Mats Hulth 1994–1998 Social Democrats
  Carl Cederschiöld 1998–2002 Moderate Party
  Annika Billström 2002–2006 Social Democrats
  Kristina Axén Olin 2006–2008 Moderate Party
  Sten Nordin 2008–2014 Moderate Party
  Karin Wanngård 2014- Social Democrats