List of mayors of Vancouver

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Thirty-nine persons have held the office of mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, since 1886.

Dates Mayor Political Affiliation
1886–1887 M.A. MacLean Independent
1888–1891 David Oppenheimer Independent
1892–1893 Frederick Cope Independent
1894 R. A. Anderson Independent
1895–1896 Henry Collins Independent
1897 William Templeton Independent
1898–1900 James F. Garden Independent
1901 Thomas Owen Townley Independent
1902–1903 Thomas Fletcher Neelands Independent
1904 Dr. William J. McGuigan Independent
1905–1906 Frederick Buscombe Independent
1907–1908 Alexander Bethune Independent
1909 Charles S. Douglas Independent
1910–1911 Louis Denison Taylor Independent
1912 James Findlay Independent
1913–1914 Truman Smith Baxter Independent
1915 Louis Denison Taylor Independent
1915–1917 Malcolm Peter McBeath Independent
1918–1921 Robert Henry Otley Gale Independent
1922–1923 Charles Edward Tisdall Independent
1924 William Reid Owen Independent
1925–1928 Louis Denison Taylor Independent
1929–1930 William Harold Malkin Independent
1931–1934 Louis Denison Taylor Independent
1935–1936 Gerald Grattan McGeer Independent
1937–1938 George Clark Miller Independent
1939–1940 James Lyle Telford Independent
1941–1946 Jack (Jonathan Webster) Cornett Non-partisan Association
1947 Gerald Gratton McGeer Non-partisan Association
1947–1948 Charles Jones Non-partisan Association
1948 George Clark Miller (acting) Non-partisan Association
1949–1950 Charles Edwin Thompson Non-partisan Association
1951–1958 Frederick Hume Non-partisan Association
1959–1962 A. Thomas Alsbury Independent
1963–1966 William Rathie Non-partisan Association
1967–1972 Tom Campbell Independent, later Non-partisan Association
1972–1976 Art Phillips TEAM
1976–1980 Jack Volrich TEAM, later Independent
1980–1986 Michael Harcourt Independent
1986–1993 Gordon Campbell Non-partisan Association
1993–2002 Philip Owen Non-partisan Association
2002–2005 Larry Campbell Coalition of Progressive Electors, later Vision Vancouver
2005–2008 Sam Sullivan Non-partisan Association
2008–present Gregor Robertson Vision Vancouver

List of mayors who held higher office[edit]

Two former mayors, Mike Harcourt and Gordon Campbell, went on to become Premier of British Columbia.

George Clark Miller, Sam Sullivan, Art Phillips and James Garden became a provincial MLA after being mayor.

Larry Campbell became a Senator after being mayor.

Gregor Robertson, Charles Douglas, James Lyle Telford, Jonathan Webster Cornett and Charles Edward Tisdall were a provincial MLA prior to becoming mayor.

Jonathan Webster Cornett was reeve of South Vancouver before being Vancouver mayor.

Gerry McGeer was a MLA and cabinet minister before being mayor and became a federal MP and Senator after.

Fictional Mayors[edit]

Dominic Da Vinci, was a fictional mayor of Vancouver played by Nicholas Campbell and was based on real life mayor Larry Campbell.