List of members of the Chamber of Representatives of Belgium, 2014–19

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This is a list of members of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives during the 54th legislature (2014-2019), arranged alphabetically.

Election results (25 May 2014)[edit]

e • d Summary of the 25 May 2014 Belgian Chamber of Representatives election results
← 201020142019 →
Party Leader(s) Votes  % +/– E.c. % Seats +/–
New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) Bart De Wever 1,366,414 20.26 2.86 Increase 32.22
33 / 150
6 Increase
Socialist Party (PS) Elio Di Rupo 787,165 11.67 2.05 Decrease 31.43
23 / 150
3 Decrease
Christian Democratic & Flemish (CD&V) Wouter Beke 783,060 11.61 0.77 Increase 18.47
18 / 150
1 Increase
Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Open Vld) Gwendolyn Rutten 659,582 9.78 1.17 Increase 15.55
14 / 150
1 Increase
Reformist Movement (MR) Charles Michel 650,290 9.64 0.31 Increase 25.96
20 / 150
2 Increase
Socialist Party–Differently (sp.a) Bruno Tobback 595,486 8.83 0.36 Decrease 14.04
13 / 150
0 Steady
Green (Groen) Wouter Van Besien 358,947 5.32 0.94 Increase 8.46
6 / 150
1 Increase
Humanist Democratic Centre (cdH) Benoît Lutgen 336,281 4.99 0.59 Decrease 13.43
9 / 150
0 Steady
Workers' Party (PTB–GO!/PVDA+)

Peter Mertens
2.17 Increase
2 / 150

Increase 2

Flemish Interest (Vlaams Belang) Gerolf Annemans 247,746 3.67 4.07 Decrease 5.84
3 / 150
9 Decrease
Ecolo Olivier Deleuze & Emily Hoyos 222,551 3.30 1.50 Decrease 8.89
6 / 150
2 Decrease
Francophone Democratic Federalists (FDF) Olivier Maingain 121,403 1.80 new 4.85
2 / 150
2 Increase
People's Party (Parti Populaire) Mischaël Modrikamen 102,599 1.51 0.24 Increase 4.10
1 / 150
0 Steady
Libertarian, Direct, Democratic (LDD) Jean-Marie Dedecker 28,414 0.42 1.88 Decrease 0.67
0 / 150
1 Decrease
Others (parties that received less than 1% of the overall vote) 233,805 3.47
0 / 150
0 Steady
Valid votes 6,745,059 94.24
Blank and invalid votes 412,439 5.76
Totals 7,157,498 100.00
150 / 150
0 Steady
Electorate and voter turnout 8,001,278 89.45 0.23 Increase
Source: Federal Portal − Chamber Elections 2014
1) E.c. = electoral college (Dutch- and French-speaking)



Office Senator Party
President André Flahaut PS
1st Vicepresident Ben Weyts N-VA
2nd Vicepresident Corinne De Permentier MR
3rd Vicepresident Sonja Becq CD&V
4th Vicepresident Siegfried Bracke N-VA
5th Vicepresident André Frédéric PS
1st Secretary Dirk Van der Maelen sp.a
2nd Secretary Patrick Dewael Open Vld
3rd Secretary Annick Van Den Ende-Chapellier cdH
4th Secretary Filip De Man VB

College of Quaestors[edit]

Office Senator Party
1st Quaestor Sarah Smeyers N-VA
2nd Quaestor Colette Burgeon PS
3rd Quaestor Olivier Maingain FDF
4th Quaestor Gerald Kindermans CD&V

Floor leaders[edit]

Office Senator Party
N-VA Floor leader Jan Jambon N-VA
PS Floor leader André Giet PS

List of current Representatives[edit]

Name Fraction Electoral district Language group
Almaci, MeyremMeyrem Almaci Groen Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Annemans, GerolfGerolf Annemans Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Bacquelaine, DanielDaniel Bacquelaine MR Liège French-speaking
Balcaen, RonnyRonny Balcaen Ecolo Hainaut French-speaking
Becq, SonjaSonja Becq CD&V Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch-speaking
Beuselinck, ManuManu Beuselinck N-VA West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Blanchaert, PhilippePhilippe Blanchaert PS Hainaut French-speaking
Bogaert, HendrikHendrik Bogaert CD&V West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Bonte, HansHans Bonte sp.a Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch-speaking
Boulet, JulietteJuliette Boulet Ecolo Hainaut French-speaking
Bracke, SiegfriedSiegfried Bracke N-VA East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Brems, EvaEva Brems Groen Leuven Dutch-speaking
Brotcorne, ChristianChristian Brotcorne cdH Hainaut French-speaking
Burgeon, ColetteColette Burgeon PS Hainaut French-speaking
Calvo, KristofKristof Calvo Groen Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Cerexhe, BenoîtBenoît Cerexhe cdH Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
Chastel, OlivierOlivier Chastel MR Hainaut French-speaking
Clarinval, DavidDavid Clarinval MR Namur French-speaking
Clerfayt, BernardBernard Clerfayt FDF Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
Coëme, GuyGuy Coëme PS Liège French-speaking
Colen, AlexandraAlexandra Colen Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Collard, PhilippePhilippe Collard MR Luxembourg French-speaking
Courard, PhilippePhilippe Courard PS Luxembourg French-speaking
Daerden, MichelMichel Daerden PS Liège French-speaking
Damien, ThieryThiery Damien FDF Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
De Block, MaggieMaggie De Block Open VLD Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch-speaking
De Bont, RitaRita De Bont Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch-speaking
de Bue, ValérieValérie de Bue MR Walloon Brabant French-speaking
De Clerck, StefaanStefaan De Clerck CD&V West Flanders Dutch-speaking
De Clercq, MathiasMathias De Clercq Open VLD East Flanders Dutch-speaking
De Crem, PieterPieter De Crem CD&V East Flanders Dutch-speaking
De Croo, HermanHerman De Croo Open VLD East Flanders Dutch-speaking
de Donnea, François-XavierFrançois-Xavier de Donnea MR Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
De Man, FilipFilip De Man Vlaams Belang Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch-speaking
De Meulemeester, IngeborgIngeborg De Meulemeester N-VA East Flanders Dutch-speaking
De Permentier, CorinneCorinne De Permentier MR Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
De Ridder, MinnekeMinneke De Ridder N-VA Antwerp Dutch-speaking
De Vriendt, WouterWouter De Vriendt Groen West Flanders Dutch-speaking
De Wit, SophieSophie De Wit N-VA Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Dedecker, Jean-MarieJean-Marie Dedecker LDD West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Dedecker, PeterPeter Dedecker N-VA East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Degroote, KoenraadKoenraad Degroote N-VA West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Deleuze, OlivierOlivier Deleuze Ecolo Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
Delizée, Jean-MarcJean-Marc Delizée PS Namur French-speaking
Demir, ZuhalZuhal Demir N-VA Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Demol, ElsEls Demol N-VA Leuven Dutch-speaking
Demotte, RudyRudy Demotte PS Hainaut French-speaking
Déom, ValérieValérie Déom PS Namur French-speaking
Detiège, MayaMaya Detiège sp.a Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Devin, LaurentLaurent Devin PS Hainaut French-speaking
Devries, CarlCarl Devries CD&V Leuven Dutch-speaking
Dewael, PatrickPatrick Dewael Open VLD Limburg Dutch-speaking
Di Rupo, ElioElio Di Rupo PS Hainaut French-speaking
Dierick, LeenLeen Dierick CD&V East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Ducarme, DenisDenis Ducarme MR Hainaut French-speaking
Dufrane, AntonyAntony Dufrane PS Hainaut French-speaking
Dumery, DaphnéDaphné Dumery N-VA West Flanders Dutch-speaking
D'haeseleer, GuyGuy D'haeseleer Vlaams Belang East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Fernandez-Fernandez, JulieJulie Fernandez-Fernandez PS Liège French-speaking
Flahaut, AndréAndré Flahaut PS Walloon Brabant French-speaking
Fonck, CatherineCatherine Fonck cdH Hainaut French-speaking
Francken, TheoTheo Francken N-VA Leuven Dutch-speaking
Frédéric, AndréAndré Frédéric PS Liège French-speaking
Galant, JacquelineJacqueline Galant MR Hainaut French-speaking
Gennez, CarolineCaroline Gennez sp.a Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Genot, ZoéZoé Genot Ecolo Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
Gerkens, MurielMuriel Gerkens Ecolo Liège French-speaking
Gilkinet, GeorgesGeorges Gilkinet Ecolo Namur French-speaking
Goffin, PhilippePhilippe Goffin MR Liège French-speaking
Goyvaerts, HagenHagen Goyvaerts Vlaams Belang Leuven Dutch-speaking
Grosemans, KarolienKarolien Grosemans N-VA Limburg Dutch-speaking
Jadin, KattrinKattrin Jadin MR Liège French-speaking
Jadot, EricEric Jadot Ecolo Liège French-speaking
Jambon, JanJan Jambon N-VA Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Janssens, PatrickPatrick Janssens sp.a Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Kindermans, GeraldGerald Kindermans CD&V Limburg Dutch-speaking
Kir, EmirEmir Kir PS Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
Kitir, MeryameMeryame Kitir sp.a Limburg Dutch-speaking
Lahaye Battheu, SabineSabine Lahaye Battheu Open VLD West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Landuyt, RenaatRenaat Landuyt sp.a West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Lanjri, NahimaNahima Lanjri CD&V Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Lambert, Marie-ClaireMarie-Claire Lambert PS Liège French-speaking
Laruelle, SabineSabine Laruelle MR Namur French-speaking
Lenzini, MauroMauro Lenzini PS Liège French-speaking
Leterme, YvesYves Leterme CD&V West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Logghe, PeterPeter Logghe Vlaams Belang West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Louis, LaurentLaurent Louis Parti Populaire Walloon Brabant French-speaking
Lutgen, BenoîtBenoît Lutgen cdH Luxembourg French-speaking
Luykx, PeterPeter Luykx N-VA Limburg Dutch-speaking
Maertens, BertBert Maertens N-VA West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Maingain, OlivierOlivier Maingain FDF Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
Marghem, Marie-ChristineMarie-Christine Marghem MR Hainaut French-speaking
Mathot, AlainAlain Mathot PS Liège French-speaking
Mayeur, YvanYvan Mayeur PS Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
Michel, CharlesCharles Michel MR Walloon Brabant French-speaking
Milquet, JoëlleJoëlle Milquet cdH Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
Moriau, PatrickPatrick Moriau PS Hainaut French-speaking
Muylle, NathalieNathalie Muylle CD&V West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Onkelinx, LauretteLaurette Onkelinx PS Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
Ozen, OzlemOzlem Ozen PS Hainaut French-speaking
Pas, BarbaraBarbara Pas Vlaams Belang East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Picqué, CharlesCharles Picqué PS Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French-speaking
Poncelet, IsabelleIsabelle Poncelet cdH Luxembourg French-speaking
Ponthier, AnnickAnnick Ponthier Vlaams Belang Limburg Dutch-speaking
Prévot, MaximeMaxime Prévot cdH Namur French-speaking
Reynders, DidierDidier Reynders MR Liège French-speaking
Rutten, GwendolynGwendolyn Rutten Open VLD Leuven Dutch-speaking
Schiltz, Willem-FrederikWillem-Frederik Schiltz Open VLD Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Schoofs, BertBert Schoofs Vlaams Belang Limburg Dutch-speaking
Seminara, FrancoFranco Seminara PS Hainaut French-speaking
Simonet, Marie-DominiqueMarie-Dominique Simonet cdH Liège French-speaking
Smeyers, SarahSarah Smeyers N-VA East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Sminate, NadiaNadia Sminate N-VA Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch-speaking
Snoy, ThérèseThérèse Snoy Ecolo Walloon Brabant French-speaking
Somers, BartBart Somers Open VLD Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Somers, IneIne Somers Open VLD East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Temmerman, KarinKarin Temmerman sp.a East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Terwingen, RafRaf Terwingen CD&V Limburg Dutch-speaking
Thiebaut, EricEric Thiebaut PS Hainaut French-speaking
Tobback, BrunoBruno Tobback sp.a Leuven Dutch-speaking
Turtelboom, AnnemieAnnemie Turtelboom Open VLD Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Tuybens, BrunoBruno Tuybens sp.a East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Uyttersprot, KarelKarel Uyttersprot N-VA East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Valkeniers, BrunoBruno Valkeniers Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Van den Bergh, JefJef Van den Bergh CD&V Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Van der Auwera, LiesbethLiesbeth Van der Auwera CD&V Limburg Dutch-speaking
Van der Maelen, DirkDirk Van der Maelen sp.a East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Van Eetvelde, MirandaMiranda Van Eetvelde N-VA East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Van Esbroeck, JanJan Van Esbroeck N-VA Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Van Hecke, StefaanStefaan Van Hecke Groen East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Van Moer, ReinildeReinilde Van Moer N-VA Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Van Noppen, FlorFlor Van Noppen N-VA Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Van Quickenborne, VincentVincent Van Quickenborne Open VLD West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Van Tittelboom-Van Cauter, CarinaCarina Van Tittelboom-Van Cauter Open VLD East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Van Vaerenbergh, KristienKristien Van Vaerenbergh N-VA Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch-speaking
Vanackere, StevenSteven Vanackere CD&V Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch-speaking
Vandeput, StevenSteven Vandeput N-VA Limburg Dutch-speaking
Vanhengel, GuyGuy Vanhengel Open VLD Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch-speaking
Vanheste, AnnAnn Vanheste sp.a West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Vanlerberghe, MyriamMyriam Vanlerberghe sp.a West Flanders Dutch-speaking
Vanvelthoven, PeterPeter Vanvelthoven sp.a Limburg Dutch-speaking
Vercamer, StefaanStefaan Vercamer CD&V East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Verherstraeten, ServaisServais Verherstraeten CD&V Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Vervotte, IngeInge Vervotte CD&V Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Veys, TanguyTanguy Veys Vlaams Belang East Flanders Dutch-speaking
Vienne, ChristianeChristiane Vienne PS Hainaut French-speaking
Wathelet, Jr., MelchiorMelchior Wathelet, Jr. cdH Liège French-speaking
Weyts, BenBen Weyts N-VA Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch-speaking
Wollants, BertBert Wollants N-VA Antwerp Dutch-speaking
Wouters, VeerleVeerle Wouters N-VA Limburg Dutch-speaking

By electoral district[edit]

Dutch- and French-speaking[edit]

Brussels Capital Region (15)[edit]

Representative Party
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List of representatives who chose not to sit[edit]

List of representatives who resigned[edit]