List of members of the European Parliament, 2009–14

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Members of the
European Parliament
1952–58 (List)
1958–79 (List)
1979–84 (List, Election)
1984–89 (List, Election)
1989–94 (List, Election)
1994–99 (List, Election)
1999–2004 (List, Election)
2004–09 (List, Election)
2009–14 (List, Election)
2014–19 (List, Election)

This is a List of Members of the European Parliament serving in the seventh term (2009–2014). It is sorted by an English perception of surname treating all variations of de/di/do, van/von, Ó, and so forth as part of the collation key, even if this is not the normal practice in a member's own country.

List of seat winners[edit]


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