List of members of the Flemish Parliament, 2014–19

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The seat division of the Parliament after the elections of 2014
The Parliament building in Brussels

This is a list of current Members of the Flemish Parliament, arranged alphabetically. The Flemish Parliament is in its 12th legislature, which started in June 2014 (after the Belgian regional elections of 2014) and will last until 2019. However, it is only the fifth legislature since the Members of the Flemish Parliament were first elected.

The government during this session is the Bourgeois Government, which consists of the three largest parties N-VA, CD&V and Open Vld.

May 2014 election results[edit]

e • d Summary of the 25 May 2014 Flemish Parliament election results
← 200920142019 →
Party Main ideology Leader(s) Votes  % +/– Seats +/–
New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) centre-right Flemish nationalism Bart De Wever 1,339,946 31.88 18.83 Increase 42 1
43 / 124
27 Increase
Christian Democratic & Flemish (CD&V) Christian democracy Wouter Beke 860,694 20.48 2.37 Decrease 26 1
27 / 124
4 Decrease
Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Open Vld) Liberalism Gwendolyn Rutten 594,469 14.15 0.85 Decrease 17 2
19 / 124
2 Decrease
Socialist Party – Differently (sp.a) Social democracy Bruno Tobback 587,903 13.99 1.28 Decrease 17 1
18 / 124
1 Decrease
Green (Groen) Green politics Wouter Van Besien 365,781 8.70 1.94 Increase 9 1
10 / 124
3 Increase
Flemish Interest (Vlaams Belang) far-right Flemish nationalism Gerolf Annemans 248,840 5.92 9.36 Decrease 6 0
6 / 124
15 Decrease
Union of Francophones (UF) Francophone minority politics Four co-chairmen 34,741 0.83 0.32 Decrease 1 0
1 / 124
0 Steady
Workers' Party+ (PVDA+) Socialism/Communism Peter Mertens 106,114 2.53 1.04 Increase 0 0
0 / 124
0 Steady
Libertarian, Direct, Democratic (LDD) Libertarianism Jean-Marie Dedecker N/A N/A N/A 0 0
0 / 124
8 Decrease
Others (parties and candidates that received less than 1% of the vote and no seats) 63,974 0 0
0 / 124
Valid votes 4,202,462 95.03
Blank and invalid votes 219,574 4.97
Totals 4,422,036 100.00 118 6
124 / 124
0 Steady
Electorate (eligible voters) and voter turnout 4,771,657 92.67

1) FLA = Flanders, BRU = Brussels (Capital Region), TOT = total



This is a list of the current members of the Bureau of the Flemish Parliament.


  Office MP Party
Speaker Jan Peumans N-VA
1st Deputy Speaker Peter Van Rompuy CD&V
2nd Deputy Speaker Wilfried Vandaele N-VA
3rd Deputy Speaker Bart Somers Open Vld
4th Deputy Speaker Caroline Gennez sp.a


  MP Party
Nadia Sminate N-VA
Sonja Claes CD&V
Kris Van Dijck N-VA

Floor leaders[edit]

This is a list of the current floor leaders (fractieleiders) of the recognised parliamentary groups (fracties). They form the Extended Bureau together with the members of the Bureau.

  Floor leader Group
Matthias Diependaele N-VA
Koen Van den Heuvel CD&V
Bart Tommelein Open Vld
John Crombez sp.a
Björn Rzoska Green
Chris Janssens Flemish Interest


  Representative Party Electoral district Notes
Celis, VeraVera Celis N-VA Antwerp replaced on 25 July 2014 Liesbeth Homans, who became Minister in the Flemish Government
Peumans, JanJan Peumans N-VA Limburg Speaker of the Flemish Parliament
Maertens, BertBert Maertens N-VA West Flanders replaced on 25 July 2014 Geert Bourgeois, who became Minister in the Flemish Government
Persyn, PeterPeter Persyn N-VA Flemish Brabant replaced on 25 July 2014 Ben Weyts, who became Minister in the Flemish Government
Diependaele, MatthiasMatthias Diependaele N-VA East Flanders
Vanlouwe, KarlKarl Vanlouwe N-VA Brussels-Capital Region
Soete, AnnAnn Soete N-VA West Flanders
Jans, LiesLies Jans N-VA Limburg
Sleurs, ElkeElke Sleurs N-VA East Flanders
Sminate, NadiaNadia Sminate N-VA Flemish Brabant
Van Dijck, KrisKris Van Dijck N-VA Antwerp
Gryffroy, AndriesAndries Gryffroy N-VA East Flanders
De Bruyn, PietPiet De Bruyn N-VA Flemish Brabant
Remen, GreteGrete Remen N-VA Limburg
De Ridder, AnnickAnnick De Ridder N-VA Antwerp
Vandaele, WilfriedWilfried Vandaele N-VA West Flanders
Parys, LorinLorin Parys N-VA Flemish Brabant
Ronse, AxelAxel Ronse N-VA West Flanders
Hendrickx, MarcMarc Hendrickx N-VA Antwerp
Meremans, MariusMarius Meremans N-VA East Flanders
Lantmeeters, JosJos Lantmeeters N-VA Limburg
Engelbosch, JelleJelle Engelbosch N-VA Limburg
Maes, LieveLieve Maes N-VA Flemish Brabant
Coudyser, CathyCathy Coudyser N-VA West Flanders
Van Miert, PaulPaul Van Miert N-VA Antwerp
Van Overmeire, KarimKarim Van Overmeire N-VA East Flanders
Anseeuw, BjörnBjörn Anseeuw N-VA West Flanders
Nevens, BartBart Nevens N-VA Flemish Brabant
De Meulemeester, IngeborgIngeborg De Meulemeester N-VA East Flanders
Van Werde, ManuelaManuela Van Werde N-VA Antwerp
Godderis-T'Jonck, DanielleDanielle Godderis-T'Jonck N-VA West Flanders
Vermeulen, SabineSabine Vermeulen N-VA East Flanders
Segers, WillyWilly Segers N-VA Flemish Brabant
Wynants, HermanHerman Wynants N-VA Antwerp
Van Eetvelde, MirandaMiranda Van Eetvelde N-VA East Flanders
Krekels, KathleenKathleen Krekels N-VA Antwerp
Daniëls, KoenKoen Daniëls N-VA East Flanders replaces Lieven Dehandschutter, who decided not to combine his function as Mayor of Sint-Niklaas with this function
Hofkens, JanJan Hofkens N-VA Antwerp replaced on 25 July 2014 Philippe Muyters, who became Minister in the Flemish Government
Wouters, PeterPeter Wouters N-VA Antwerp
Van Campenhout, LudoLudo Van Campenhout N-VA Antwerp
Joosen, SofieSofie Joosen N-VA Antwerp
Van Esbroeck, JanJan Van Esbroeck N-VA Antwerp
Van der Vloet, TineTine Van der Vloet N-VA Antwerp
Christiaens, AnAn Christiaens CD&V Limburg replaced on 25 July 2014 Jo Vandeurzen, who became Minister in the Flemish Government
Durnez, JanJan Durnez CD&V West Flanders replaced on 25 July 2014 Hilde Crevits, who became Minister in the Flemish Government
Van Rompuy, PeterPeter Van Rompuy CD&V Flemish Brabant
De Potter, JenneJenne De Potter CD&V East Flanders replaced on 25 July 2014 Joke Schauvliege, who became Minister in the Flemish Government
Peeters, KrisKris Peeters CD&V Antwerp
Poschet, JorisJoris Poschet CD&V Brussels-Capital Region replaced on 22 July 2014 Bianca Debaets, who became Secretary of State in the Brussels Government
Dochy, BartBart Dochy CD&V West Flanders
De Meyer, JosJos De Meyer CD&V East Flanders
Ceyssens, LodeLode Ceyssens CD&V Limburg
Brouwers, KarinKarin Brouwers CD&V Flemish Brabant
Rombouts, TinneTinne Rombouts CD&V Antwerp
Claes, SonjaSonja Claes CD&V Limburg
Doomst, MichelMichel Doomst CD&V Flemish Brabant
Fournier, MartineMartine Fournier CD&V West Flanders
Van den Heuvel, KoenKoen Van den Heuvel CD&V Antwerp
Franssen, CindyCindy Franssen CD&V East Flanders
Partyka, KatrienKatrien Partyka CD&V Flemish Brabant
Verstreken, JohanJohan Verstreken CD&V West Flanders
Jans, VeraVera Jans CD&V Limburg
Helsen, KathleenKathleen Helsen CD&V Antwerp
Bothuyne, RobrechtRobrecht Bothuyne CD&V East Flanders
Taeldeman, ValerieValerie Taeldeman CD&V East Flanders
Coppé, GrietGriet Coppé CD&V West Flanders
Bastiaens, CarolineCaroline Bastiaens CD&V Antwerp
Kennes, WardWard Kennes CD&V Antwerp
De Bethune, SabineSabine De Bethune CD&V West Flanders
de Kort, DirkDirk de Kort CD&V Antwerp
Tommelein, BartBart Tommelein Open Vld West Flanders
Brusseel, AnnAnn Brusseel Open Vld Brussels-Capital Region
Somers, BartBart Somers Open Vld Antwerp
Keulen, MarinoMarino Keulen Open Vld Limburg
De Clercq, MathiasMathias De Clercq Open Vld East Flanders
Rutten, GwendolynGwendolyn Rutten Open Vld Flemish Brabant
Bajart, LionelLionel Bajart Open Vld Brussels-Capital Region
Peeters, LydiaLydia Peeters Open Vld Limburg
Taelman, MartineMartine Taelman Open Vld Antwerp
Van Volcem, MercedesMercedes Van Volcem Open Vld West Flanders
Daems, RikRik Daems Open Vld Flemish Brabant
Saeys, FreyaFreya Saeys Open Vld East Flanders
De Gucht, Jean-JacquesJean-Jacques De Gucht Open Vld East Flanders
Schiltz, Willem-FrederikWillem-Frederik Schiltz Open Vld Antwerp
De Ro, JoJo De Ro Open Vld Flemish Brabant
Vanderjeugd, FrancescoFrancesco Vanderjeugd Open Vld West Flanders
De Meulemeester, MarnicMarnic De Meulemeester Open Vld East Flanders
De Vroe, GwennyGwenny De Vroe Open Vld Flemish Brabant
De Croo, HermanHerman De Croo Open Vld East Flanders
Crombez, JohnJohn Crombez sp.a West Flanders
Idrissi, YamilaYamila Idrissi sp.a Brussels-Capital Region
Tobback, BrunoBruno Tobback sp.a Flemish Brabant
Van den Bossche, FreyaFreya Van den Bossche sp.a East Flanders
Gennez, CarolineCaroline Gennez sp.a Antwerp
Lieten, IngridIngrid Lieten sp.a Limburg
De Loor, KurtKurt De Loor sp.a East Flanders
Beenders, RobRob Beenders sp.a Limburg
Bertels, JanJan Bertels sp.a Antwerp
Hostekint, MichèleMichèle Hostekint sp.a West FLanders
Segers, KatiaKatia Segers sp.a Flemish Brabant
Van Malderen, BartBart Van Malderen sp.a East Flanders
Landuyt, RenaatRenaat Landuyt sp.a West FLanders
Robeyns, ElsEls Robeyns sp.a Limburg
Kherbache, YasmineYasmine Kherbache sp.a Antwerp
Soens, TineTine Soens sp.a West FLanders
Turan, GülerGüler Turan sp.a Antwerp
Vandenbroucke, JorisJoris Vandenbroucke sp.a East Flanders replaces Daniël Termont, who decided not to combine his function as Mayor of Ghent with this function
Annouri, ImadeImade Annouri Groen Antwerp
Caron, BartBart Caron Groen West Flanders
Danen, JohanJohan Danen Groen Limburg
Meuleman, ElisabethElisabeth Meuleman Groen East Flanders
Moerenhout, AnAn Moerenhout Groen Flemish Brabant
Pira, IngridIngrid Pira Groen Antwerp
Rzoska, BjörnBjörn Rzoska Groen East Flanders
Sanctorum, HermesHermes Sanctorum Groen Flemish Brabant
Van Besien, WouterWouter Van Besien Groen Antwerp
Van den Brandt, ElkeElke Van den Brandt Groen Brussels Capital Region
Bonte, BarbaraBarbara Bonte Vlaams Belang East Flanders
D'Haeseleer, GuyGuy D'Haeseleer Vlaams Belang East Flanders
Janssens, ChrisChris Janssens Vlaams Belang Limburg
Sintobin, StefaanStefaan Sintobin Vlaams Belang West Flanders
Van Dermeersch, AnkeAnke Van Dermeersch Vlaams Belang Antwerp
Van Grieken, TomTom Van Grieken Vlaams Belang Antwerp
Van Eyken, ChristianChristian Van Eyken UF Flemish Brabant