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Since the Forbes 400 has been published annually since 1982, List of members of the Forbes 400 can refer to the list published in any of those years. The combined net worth of the 2013 class of the 400 richest Americans is $2 trillion, up from $1.7 trillion a year ago. The average net worth of a Forbes 400 member is $4.2 billion, up from $3.8 billion. [1]

Forbes 400 (2013)[edit]

The following list is the ranking of America's wealthiest billionaires.[2]

Icon Description
Steady Has not changed from the list from 2012.
Increase Has increased from the list from 2012.
Decrease Has decreased from the list from 2012.
# Name Net worth (USD) Sources of wealth
1Steady Bill Gates $72 billion Increase Microsoft, Cascade Investments LLC
2Steady Warren Buffett $58.5 billion Increase Berkshire Hathaway
3Steady Larry Ellison $41 billion Steady Oracle Corporation
4Steady Charles Koch $36 billion Increase Koch Industries, inherited
4Increase David H. Koch $36 billion Increase Koch Industries, inherited
6Steady Christy Walton $35.4 billion Increase Wal-Mart, inherited
7Steady Jim Walton $33.8 billion Increase Wal-Mart, inherited
8Steady Alice Walton $33.5 billion Increase Wal-Mart, inherited
9Steady S. Robson Walton $33.3 billion Increase Wal-Mart, inherited
10Steady Michael Bloomberg $31 billion Increase Bloomberg LP
11Increase Sheldon Adelson $28.5 billion Increase Las Vegas Sands
12Decrease Jeff Bezos $27.2 billion Increase
13Steady Larry Page $24.9 billion Increase Google
14Steady Sergey Brin $24.6 billion Increase Google
15Increase Forrest Mars, Jr. $20.5 billion Increase Mars, Inc., inherited

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