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This list of microfluidics related companies gives an overview of companies providing microfluidics products or solutions.[1][2]

List by Alphabet[edit]

Company Name products and services country
Abbott Laboratories USA
Australian National Fabrication Facility Biofabrication, Characterisation, Device Fabrication, Packaging and Testing, Material Synthesis and Macro Fabrication, Micro and Nano Fabrication, Optics and Photonics Australia
Advanced Liquid Logic Digital Microfluidics USA
Agilent Technologies Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, HPLC-Chip/MS system USA
ALine, Inc. Polymer-based Custom Microfluidics & MicroCuvettes for Single use applications USA
Applied Biosystems TaqMan® OpenArray® Genotyping USA
ArrayJet inkjet microarrayer United Kingdom
Avalance Biotech AB Free-standing localized super fusion tool, for cell and surface studies Sweden
Bartels Mikrotechnik Engineering Services Active Microfluidics and Micro Pumps Germany
Biacore USA
Biophysical Tools Flow-control systems, Microfluidics Software, Magnetic Microfluidics, Microfluidics Microscopes, Consulting/Expertises Germany
BiFlow Systems GmbH Disposable microfluidic chips with integrated micropumps for R&D Germany
Bio-Rad USA
BioTrove mid-density OpenArray® Real-Time PCR System USA
EvolveMol Advanced Cell Sorters USA
Caliper Life Sciences LabChip Systems USA
Cellix Ireland
Cepheid USA
Cherry Biotech Temperature control systems for biological research and live cell imaging France
CorSolutions microfluidic pumps, flow sensors, connectors, fluidic interconnect stations and system solutions USA
Digilab nanotechnology meeting 3D-printing USA
Dionex USA
Dolomite microfluidic chips, pumps, valves, connectors and system solutions United Kingdom
eDAQ Microchip Electrophoresis Kit with C4D (capacitively-coupled contactless conductivity detection), High Voltage Sequencer Australia
Eksigent Technologies USA
ELVEFLOW Flow control systems for researchers in microfluidic France
ELVESYS R&D in microfluidic for promising markets France
Emerald Biosystems Protein Crystallization Screening USA
Espira rapid and inexpensive microfluidics-based tools for clinical and environmental applications USA
febit Germany
FlowJEM Customized polymer microfluidic devices Canada
Fluidigm Microfluidic-based chips and instrumentation for biological research USA
Fluigent Microfluidic flow control pumps and accessories for flow rate & electrical monitoring and controls France
Fluimetrics Microfluidic assay automation for clinical diagnostics and laboratory research USA
Fluxion Biosciences USA
Gradientech Microfluidic assays for of cell migration studies Sweden
Gyros Sweden
HandyLab Inc. USA
Helicos Bioscience Corporation USA
Hewlett-Packard inkjet, HP Laboratories USA
Incept BioSystems USA
IntegenX USA
Invitrogen USA
iX-factory GmbH micro and nano technology - MEMS Foundry Service, Design / Project Work, Prototyping and Batch Production - in glass and silicon Germany
KLEARIA Glass microfluidic chips for flow chemical synthesis or analytical chemistry France
LabSmith USA
Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication Biochemical, Characterisation, Etching, Lithography, Microscopy, Packaging, PDMS, Polymer Electronics, Screening and Integration, Thin Films Australia
Microdrop Technologies GmbH Germany
Microflexis thin and flexible microfluidic chips Germany
Microfluidic ChipShop GmbH Germany
Microfluidics Corp. USA
Micromolding Solutions Inc. Microfluidic solutions Canada
Micronano Tools Online shop: Standard and customized microfluidic chips Canada
Micronics USA
Micronit Microfluidics The Netherlands
MicruX Texhnologies Spain
MiniFAB (Aust) Pty Ltd Contract Product Development & Manufacturing for polymer microfluidic diagnostic cartridges & micro-engineered devices Australia
Monogram Biosciences USA
Nano Terra USA
Nanobiosym USA
Nanogen USA
Nanomix in vitro diagnostics USA
NetBio USA
PharmaFluidics Chemical Engineering-Based Microfluidics Solutions Belgium
Phasiks USA
Pyrosequencing AB Germany
RainDance Technologies USA
Rheonix Microfluidic solutions for automated molecular diagnostic assays USA
Roche 454 Switzerland
SCIENION AG Piezo electric ultra-low volume dispensing, surface modifications and microarray manufacturing Germany
SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry Singapore
Solar Biotechnology Solarbiotec- Miniature In-vitro Diagnostic Devices (IVD) and Point of Care (POC) Systems Turkey
Sony DADC BioSciences OEM development, mass manufacture and supply of polymer-based smart consumables to the in-vitro diagnostics, Life Sciences and medical technology industries Austria
SpinX Technologies Switzerland
Surface Logix USA
Tecan Switzerland
thinXXS develops and produces disposable microfluidic devices from plastics Germany
Trianja Technologies microfluidic chips, micro and nano structured surfaces, connectors and system solutions USA
Translume, Inc. Fabricate standard and custom fused silica glass microfluidic chips and flow cells USA
uFluidix Lab-on-a-chip manufacturer: COC, PDMS, PMMA, COP Canada
Wasatch Microfluidics high throughput label free analysis platforms for biomolecular interaction analysis USA
Wave 80 Biosciences Molecular diagnostics products for infectious disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, and other human health conditions USA
z-microsystems - one stop shop the materials most commonly used, as well as 2-component material - develops and produces disposable microfluidic devices from plastics or Molecular diagnostics products for infectious disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, and other human health conditions Austria


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