List of militaries by country

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This is a list of militaries by country, including the main branches and sub-branches. Note that some countries have no military.



Afghan Armed Forces


Albanian Armed Forces


Military of Algeria


Angolan Armed Forces

 Antigua and Barbuda[edit]

Royal Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force


Armed Forces of the Argentine Republic


Armed Forces of Armenia


Australian Defence Force


Austrian Armed Forces


Azerbaijani Armed Forces


 The Bahamas[edit]

Royal Bahamas Defence Force


Bahrain Defence Force


Bangladesh Armed Forces


Barbados Defence Force


Armed Forces of Belarus


Belgian Armed Forces


Belize Defence Force


Benin Armed Forces


Military of Bhutan


Military of Bolivia

 Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Botswana Defence Force


Brazilian Armed Forces


Royal Brunei Armed Forces


Military of Bulgaria

 Burkina Faso[edit]

Military of Burkina Faso

 Burma (Myanmar)[edit]



Military of Burundi



Royal Cambodian Armed Forces


Cameroonian Armed Forces


Canadian Forces

 Cape Verde[edit]

Military of Cape Verde

 Central African Republic[edit]

Central African Armed Forces


Military of Chad


Military of Chile

 People's Republic of China[edit]

People's Liberation Army


Military Forces of Colombia


Military of Comoros

 Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

Military of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

 Republic of the Congo[edit]

Armed Forces of the Republic of the Congo


Military of Croatia


Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces


Cypriot National Guard

 Czech Republic[edit]

Military of the Czech Republic



Danish Defence


Djibouti Armed Forces

 Dominican Republic[edit]

Military of the Dominican Republic


 East Timor[edit]

Timor Leste Defence Force


Military of Ecuador


Egyptian Armed Forces

 El Salvador[edit]

Armed Forces of El Salvador

 Equatorial Guinea[edit]

Military of Equatorial Guinea


Eritrean Defence Forces


Military of Estonia


Ethiopian National Defense Force



Republic of Fiji Military Forces


Finnish Defence Forces


French Armed Forces



Military of Gabon

 The Gambia[edit]

Military of the Gambia


Georgian Armed Forces




Ghana Armed Forces


Military of Greece


Military of Guatemala


Military of Guinea


Military of Guinea-Bissau


Guyana Defence Force



Military of Honduras


Hungarian Defence Force



Military of Iceland


Indian Armed Forces


Indonesian National Armed Forces


Iraqi Armed Forces


Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution

 Republic of Ireland[edit]

Defence Forces


Israel Defense Forces


Italian Armed Forces

 Ivory Coast[edit]

Military of Ivory Coast



Jamaica Defence Force


Japan Self-Defense Forces


Jordanian Armed Forces



Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Kenya Defence Forces

 North Korea[edit]

Korean People's Army

 South Korea[edit]

Republic of Korea Armed Forces


Military of Kuwait


Military of Kyrgyzstan



Lao People's Army


Military of Latvia


Lebanese Armed Forces


Armed Forces of Liberia


Libyan National Army


Lithuanian Armed Forces


Luxembourg Army


 Republic of Macedonia[edit]

Army of the Republic of Macedonia


Military of Madagascar


Malawian Defence Force


Malaysian Armed Forces


Military of Mali


Armed Forces of Malta


Military of Mauritania


Military of Mauritius


Mexican Armed Forces


Military of Moldova


Military of Monaco


Mongolian Armed Forces


Military of Montenegro


Royal Moroccan Armed Forces


Military of Mozambique



Namibia Defence Force


Armed forces of the Netherlands


Nepalese Armed Forces

 New Zealand[edit]

New Zealand Defence Force


Military of Nicaragua


Niger Armed Forces


Nigerian Armed Forces


Norwegian Armed Forces



Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces



Pakistan Armed Forces


Panamanian Public Forces

 Papua New Guinea[edit]

Papua New Guinea Defence Force


Military of Paraguay


Military of Peru


Armed Forces of the Philippines


Polish Armed Forces


Portuguese Armed Forces



Qatar Armed Forces



Romanian Armed Forces


Russian Armed Forces


Rwandan Defence Forces


 San Marino[edit]

Military of San Marino

 Saudi Arabia[edit]

Royal Saudi Arabian Armed Forces


Military of Senegal


Serbian Armed Forces

 Sierra Leone[edit]

Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces


Singapore Armed Forces


Military of Slovakia


Military of Slovenia


Military of Somalia

 South Africa[edit]

South African National Defence Force

 South Sudan[edit]

Sudan People's Liberation Army


Spanish Armed Forces

 Sri Lanka[edit]

Sri Lanka Armed Forces


Sudanese Armed Forces


Military of Suriname


Military of Swaziland


Swedish Armed Forces


Military of Switzerland


Syrian Armed Forces



Tanzania People's Defence Force


Royal Thai Armed Forces


Military of Tajikistan


Military of Togo


Tonga Defence Services

 Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force


Tunisian Armed Forces


Turkish Armed Forces


Military of Turkmenistan



Uganda People's Defence Force


Armed Forces of Ukraine

 United Arab Emirates[edit]

Union Defence Force

 United Kingdom[edit]

British Armed Forces

 United States[edit]

United States Armed Forces


Military of Uruguay


Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan



National Armed Forces of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


Vietnam People's Armed Forces



Military of Yemen



Zambian Defence Force


Zimbabwe Defence Forces

Militaries by Territory[edit]


Military of Abkhazia

 Republic of China (Taiwan)[edit]

Republic of China Armed Forces

 Republic of Kosovo[edit]

Kosovo Security Force

 Nagorno-Karabakh Republic[edit]

Military of Nagorno-Karabakh

 Northern Cyprus[edit]

Military of Northern Cyprus


Somaliland Armed Forces

 South Ossetia[edit]

Military of South Ossetia


Military of Transnistria

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