List of mines in the Northwest Territories

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This is a list of mines in the Northwest Territories and includes both operating and closed mines. Mines that are in operation are in bold. The list does not include mines that were operating prior to 1999 in what is now Nunavut.

Mine Major commodities Associated town Region/locality Owner(s) Dates Comments Coordinates References
Beaulieu Gold Yellowknife North Slave Region
Burwash Gold Yellowknife North Slave Region 62°24′N 114°24′W / 62.400°N 114.400°W / 62.400; -114.400 (Burwash Mine)
Camlaren Gold
Cantung Tungsten Tungsten North American Tungsten 61°57′25″N 128°12′10″W / 61.95694°N 128.20278°W / 61.95694; -128.20278 (Cantung Mine) [1]
Colomac Gold 64°12′00″N 116°01′11″W / 64.20000°N 116.01972°W / 64.20000; -116.01972 (Colomac Mine)
Con Gold Yellowknife North Slave Region 62°26′20″N 114°22′18″W / 62.43889°N 114.37167°W / 62.43889; -114.37167 (Con Mine)
Diavik Diamonds Harry Winston Diamond Mines/Diavik Diamond MinesA 64°29′46″N 110°16′24″W / 64.49611°N 110.27333°W / 64.49611; -110.27333 (Diavik Diamond Mine) [2]
Discovery Gold 63°11′14″N 113°53′48″W / 63.18722°N 113.89667°W / 63.18722; -113.89667 (Discovery Mine)
Echo Bay Silver Echo Bay Great Bear Lake 66°3′18″N 118°0′0″W / 66.05500°N 118.00000°W / 66.05500; -118.00000 (Echo Bay Mine)
Ekati Diamonds Dominion Diamond Corporation/Charles E. Fipke & Stewart BlussonB 64°42′49″N 110°37′10″W / 64.71361°N 110.61944°W / 64.71361; -110.61944 (Ekati Diamond Mine) [3]
Eldorado Radium, Uranium Echo Bay Great Bear Lake 66°5′6″N 118°2′16″W / 66.08500°N 118.03778°W / 66.08500; -118.03778 (Eldorado Mine)
Gahcho Kue Diamonds Mountain Province Diamonds/De Beers Canada/Camphor VenturesC 63°26′05″N 109°12′02″W / 63.43472°N 109.20056°W / 63.43472; -109.20056 (Gahcho Kué Diamond Project, north site (main camp)) [4]
Giant Gold Yellowknife North Slave Region 62°29′59″N 114°21′31″W / 62.49972°N 114.35861°W / 62.49972; -114.35861 (Giant Mine)
Negus Gold Yellowknife North Slave Region
Outpost Island Gold, Tungsten Great Slave Lake 61°44′8″N 113°27′32″W / 61.73556°N 113.45889°W / 61.73556; -113.45889 (Outpost Island Mine)
Pine Point Lead, zinc Pine Point South Slave Region 60°52′13″N 114°27′21″W / 60.87028°N 114.45583°W / 60.87028; -114.45583 (Pine Point Mine)
Ptarmigan and Tom Gold Yellowknife North Slave Region
Rayrock Uranium Behchoko North Slave Region 63°26′38″N 116°33′3″W / 63.44389°N 116.55083°W / 63.44389; -116.55083 (Rayrock Mine)
Ruth Gold Yellowknife North Slave Region 62°27′44″N 112°34′23″W / 62.46222°N 112.57306°W / 62.46222; -112.57306 (Ruth Mine)
Salmita Gold
Snap Lake Diamonds De Beers Canada 63°36′20″N 110°52′00″W / 63.60556°N 110.86667°W / 63.60556; -110.86667 (Snap Lake Diamond Mine) [5]
Thompson-Lundmark Gold Yellowknife North Slave Region 62°36′43″N 113°28′26″W / 62.61194°N 113.47389°W / 62.61194; -113.47389 (Thompson-Lundmark Mine)
Tundra Gold 64°3′26″N 111°10′34″W / 64.05722°N 111.17611°W / 64.05722; -111.17611 (Tundra Mine)

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A.^ Harry Winston Diamond Mines owns 40% and Diavik Diamond Mines, which is 100% owned by the Rio Tinto Group, owns 60%.
B.^ BHP Billiton Diamonds owns 80% while Charles Fipke and Stewart Blusson each own 10%.
C.^ Mountain Province Diamonds owns 44%, De Beers Canada 51% and Camphor Ventures 4.9%