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The list of miscellaneous minor planet discoverers are astronomers that have discovered one or more minor planets, but have no other significant claims to fame. Many are amateur astronomers that have dedicated themselves to locating minor planets.

Mark Abraham[edit]

Asteroids discovered: 3
18873 Larryrobinson[1] November 13, 1999
18883 Domegge[1] December 31, 1999
20623 Davidyoung[1] October 10, 1999
  1. 1 with Gina Fedon

Mark Abraham formerly an American amateur astronomer, asteroid hunter, owner and principal operator of the EverStaR Observatory in Olathe, Kansas. Mark also has 4 additional asteroids rediscovery/discoveries not yet named awaiting further follow-up and confirmation work. Mark no longer owns or operates EverStaR Observatory and enjoys watching the stars the old fashion way.

Masakatsu Aoki[edit]

Asteroids discovered: 2
(16769) 1996 UN1 October 29, 1996
(58627) 1997 VG5 November 8, 1997
Supernovae discovered: 12
SN 1996an 1996-07-28
SN 1996aq 1996-08-17
SN 1996ca 1996-12-15
SN 1996cb 1996-12-16
SN 1997X 1997-02-02
SN 1997dd 1997-08-20
SN 1997dq 1997-11-03
SN 1997eg 1997-11-03
SN 1997ei 1997-12-24
SN 1999eu 1997-12-24
SN 2000db 2000-08-06[1]
SN 2000di 2000-08-23[2]

Masakatsu Aoki is a Japanese amateur astronomer whose main interest lies in supernovae. He operates from the Aoki Astronomical Observatory, IAU code 908. In the course of his search, he has discovered a couple of asteroids in addition to 12 supernovae.[citation needed]

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Hiroshi Araki[edit]

Asteroids discovered: 1
26887 Tokyogiants[1] October 14, 1994
100267 JAXA[2] October 14, 1994
1 with Isao Sato
2 with Isao Sato and M. Abe

Hiroshi Araki (荒木博志 Araki Hiroshi?) is a Japanese astronomer. He works at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan,[3] Mizusawa and was the Science Team sub-Leader of the MUSES-C mission.

He should not be confused with the artist of the same name (born 1956).

Adam Block[edit]

Asteroids discovered: 1
45298 Williamon January 5, 2000

Adam Block is an American astronomer who formerly worked at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO), where he was the lead observer in the Advanced Observing Program for the Kitt Peak Visitor Center.[4]

He is credited with the discovery of one asteroid.

Alfredo Caronia[edit]

Asteroids discovered: 4
25602 Ucaronia[1] January 2, 2000
27270 Guidottia January 2, 2000
42614 Ubaldina[2] March 2, 1998
100897 Piatra Neamt[2] May 5, 1998
  1. 1 with A. Boattini
  2. a b c with L. Tesi

Alfredo Caronia is an Italian astronomer who works at the Osservatorio Astronomico della Montagna Pistoiese (San Marcello Pistoiese Astronomical Observatory). He is credited with the discovery of three asteroids.

Alex Cruz[edit]

Asteroids discovered: 2
51415 Tovinder[1] March 15, 2001
77185 Cherryh[2] March 20, 2001
  1. ^ with L. Casady
  2. ^ with D. Wells

Alex Cruz is an American amateur astronomer. He is a member of the Fort Bend Astronomy Club (FBAC, Texas) asteroid team (the A-Team) since 2000.[5]

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